Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Muscle Control Journey

      Well where do I start? First to introduce myself I am Lewis Lindsey Jr. Well from the time I was young I had always admired the strength in others be it physical or mental. Throughout my life me along with my brother Jarell have always seen examples of both from different folks. One of the main ones my father Lewis Sr who was 5’6 and served in Vietnam had always shown signs of strength. 

     Lifting up my  mom who at the time was heavier and on top of that losing her ability to walk due to MS he was holding a dead weight but he made it look easy. In terms of their mental strength my father held on strong throughout the years even after having his Strokes and Heart Attacks he still maintained his sense of humor and will power until the end of his life in 2005. I remember this story my mom use to tell me at the time. She would talk about this story all the time where the ambulance was trying to pick up my mom who at this point is losing her ability to walk so their lifting dead weight.  

     My father wasn't a big guy by looks but while these pretty big guys were struggling to lift my mom up together he was able to do it singlehandedly.  I can believe that as I've seen him on the regular do things like this and that became my motivation to want to be able to gain that strength mentally and physically. So by the age of 10 I was already lifting my mom up who at the time was dead weight and around the high 200 range. My brother in law was also another man of great strength doing many feats of strength himself both in the mental and physical department. So I had those influences early in life. I also without realizing it was introduced to isometrics by my brother in law as he would have me sometimes do wall sits and push up holds then but years later when I would see my younger brother again I would be reintroduced to it like he was.  

    I would look up the likes of Bruce Lee one of my favorite fighters and philosophers and saw how he also incorporated isometrics in his daily routine from reading his books. My Jarell also shared with me 7 Seconds to a Perfect Body by Paul O Brien(now legally Batman O Brien) and got more into isometrics. I was definitely seeing that I was getting stronger but didn't have control of the strength which was pretty scary for people(laughing) so I had to first learn to control it. So then one day with my brother I learned about Maxick and Muscle Control. I learned the need to control my muscle well my body through the mind and I learned to not so much tense the muscles but rather to relax them.  

   I believe I started muscle control since April to now July 28, 2013. My muscles feel less tense and more rubbery and I notice I have a little more control of my muscles and though I haven’t yet gotten complete control I can see I’m on the pathway there and I look forward to continuing this journey and want to share that with others would want to get into Isometrics and Muscle Control. I have great respect for the likes of Benjamin Bergman, Batman O Brien and other modern strongmen who continue to keep this legendary culture alive and being willing to teach others. I can say my journey isn’t over and I only have more to grow and I indeed will.  

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