Monday, September 2, 2013

Giving & Receiving Love

           We all strive to find what we love to do. Most of the time we end up doing things we end up hating like a certain job, a marriage that isn't going anywhere or being in business that just doesn't work for you. What you love is what makes you more successful. Doing what you love and making it effortless creates abundance of love in other aspects. Giving love whether it’s friendship, a relationship, comforting or just making someone’s day develops that energy of also receiving love.

            Being a loving person in just about any way without being egotistical or a kiss ass is showing how magnetic you can be when you step up to the plate and show your soft side, funny side or whatever. There are people out there that are very loving but don’t know how to use it because there’s a difference between being a loving person and having an agenda for your personal gain. Learn to love those that may not always deserve it no matter how much there’s tension and closed-minded individuals.

            To practice receiving love effortlessly is to be open to give it and letting the universe flow with your energy. It’s not easy and not everyone is going to love but with the right attitude things can change dramatically and for the better. I have much to learn from this as I’m being more open to a positive attitude, I may fall off the wagon every now and then but that’s what makes us human. “Why do we fall? So we can pick ourselves back up” is a great way to look at things. Learn to love and pick those who have fallen back up because sometimes it’s good to have an extra hand when you need it the most.

            To be honest, for those that never met me, I’m an affectionate and compassionate person, I do hug those I care for and I like holding hands and softly kissing the girl I’m in a relationship with but enough of being mushy yet my point is, some people come off as very intimidating and look tough and nothing but a dark and gloomy side to them but that’s where your assumptions can be very vulnerable as you never know who can be such a loving person. Affection and compassion give off energy to those around you and it’s fairly simple to balance out from being too much or too little, just takes practice.

            In the fitness world, there are a lot of egotistical people who never help those who want to achieve something great. I’m very fortunate to have the people who helped me in my life and I want to give that back by helping others achieve their dreams in the best way I can. See my point? If you see someone in the gym and they’re having trouble using an exercise, help them, ask them to show you how you can do it right. We all want love in our lives whether it’s a relationship, family, friends, business or even when you exercise around certain people. Be a great human being, help out, give tips or if you are in a relationship, comfort those whom you’re with and love them for who they are. It’s only a matter of time before something really awesome happens in your life when you least expect it, even for a split second or maybe a whole hour but it’s there and it’s yours when it’s right. 

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