Friday, September 6, 2013

Train To Be Effortless

           Too many people try so hard to make things easier in their lives. They work hard for their family, they push themselves to the brink of exhaustion in their exercises to build their body and they just shove so much stuff it becomes more of a chore and a punishment than an effortless series of tasks. It’s not a shame to work hard for what you want but there are ways to tweak things and use your mind to channel your attitude towards certain things.

            One of the greatest quotes in my opinion is from Yoda “Do or do not. There is no try.” You either do something or you don’t it’s that simple. However, you can focus your mind to make things seem effortless by relaxing a bit more and letting things flow and letting the universe take it’s course. This does not mean stop doing what you’re doing and letting things just happen for you, it takes effort but it doesn't have to be so dramatic and emotionally and physically exhausting. Let me give you an example…When Luke was using the force to pull the X-Wing out of the Swamp, in his mind the damn thing was heavy as hell and with all his might he couldn't even get it out of the water. Exhausted and breathing heavily, he sat down and Yoda looks at him with such disappointment. Luke gets frustrated and walks away thinking that even an old dwarf like Yoda couldn't pull that chunk of metal out of the water. Yoda makes it look effortless and not only gets it out of the water but even makes the damn thing fly back onto shore.

            We all have to pull our own X-Wing out of the water in our lives and sometimes it can be extremely difficult. When you learn to channel your mind and believe with action that everything will flow the way it should, things will become effortless for you and even our metaphorical X-Wing will fly out of the water and we’ll carry it in our mind towards shore without any effort at all. Like the late Bruce Lee once said “Be like water”, you’ll flow with power and effortless strength in any endeavor you do and it all starts in the mind and once you learn how to use it, everything will come together.

            A lot of things can be challenging and we sometimes can’t stand it because it can be so freaking hard your head might explode but what if we can shift things around. When an obstacle comes across us, how about we make the challenge a little interesting; have a little fun with it. You’d be surprised how things can seem less of a challenge if you don’t struggle with it so much. It could be just about anything and you can conquer your challenges with fierce vitality and strength that nothing can stand in your way, you’ll find a way to beat it and do it with a smile on your face. Love the challenge because if you don’t it’ll walk all over you, you don’t have to enjoy it or look forward to it but when it comes knocking you’ll love it but also beat it’s ass to a bloody pulp. Learn to shift your mind and see what happens, you never know until you do it, not try it but do it.

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