Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Philosophy Of Rocking Out

           Have you ever been to a concert where your energy became so strong and adrenaline is pumping through your veins and you feel like a million bucks? It’s things like that, that should make you feel when you training. Your body is in a state where nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goal. It’s the rush of picking up a heavy object, doing a bodyweight exercise most people can’t do and you can’t help but wanting more. Most people don’t put any life into their exercise because after all, it’s just an exercise. If you’re in a beginner stage that’s one thing and you’re progressing through stages but even in the beginning, use what you have and believe you will get better.

            Some people like to use certain types of music to get them going. You don’t really need music to jump start your energy but if you choose to use music as an inspiration then do so. Some like pop, mix, metal, classical, hard rock and even worldly types but all have one common agenda and that’s to fire you up. Personally I’d prefer metal and not death metal but like heavy and rhythmic because of the solos and the sound that just hits you like Zeus’ lightning bolt. Music is exciting and it helps you ease the process. However, in order to achieve workout bliss, learn to use your mind as your music because music can also be a distraction and throw off your breathing patterns or your thinking when you’re creating a workout. The more mindful you are, the greater you will achieve.

            Most drag out a workout because the look at it as a punishment and feel miserable and don’t have a sense of happiness towards it. Believe it or not, you can have the time of your life when you train. Think about it, being able to do what you want to do, being happy, pushing through plateaus and living in the moment instead of just feeling like some drill sergeant is walking all over you and telling you you’re no good. Picture as if you’re at that kick ass concert and your favorite band is playing one of your favorites, you’d rock the hell out of that song wouldn't you? It’s the same thing as exercise; make it come alive with power, adrenaline and vitality.

            I recently went to see Black Sabbath while I was vacationing in California, Mountain View to be exact. Went with my best friend and his cousin, I’ll tell you first hand it was the experience of a life-time and most likely will never see that band again and they had the original three members; Ozzy, Geezer Butler & Tony Iommi. I head banged my heart out that night and it was something I’ll never forget. Ozzy was funny as hell but his voice in the lyrics during the songs was just as powerful as if I time traveled back to the 70’s in their heyday revolutionizing Rock Music. Tony’s solos were incredible, even in his mid 60’s he still can dominate that axe better then most of the best today. The point I’m making here is that like a solo riff on a guitar and that feel of Goosebumps hitting your body is a lot like that one moment in your training where everything just feels awesome and you get shivers when something just clicks inside you.

            Make your training as if you’re going to live it and feel more powerful within then ever possible. Build that foundation where you’re going to feel awesome, your body is flowing with strength and vitality and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop it because it’s your time and your moment to shine, just like a concert you’re having a blast and having the best time of your life because you never know when you’ll have that feeling again. Rock out guys and have fun.

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