Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bringing Gama Back To Glory

Even as a small boy growing up in the Punjab in India,  Ghulam Muhammad was destined to be a great athlete and at the age of ten won contests that displayed grueling exercise tasks including squats, club/mace swinging and wrestling and was last standing out of 400 wrestlers in one of these contests. Nicknamed Gama, he trained in the Sand Pits of a wrestling ring and just took over everyone around him becoming a feared wrestler on the mat not just in practice but in competition. By the time he reached his 20's he was the most feared wrestler in his country and continued to be throughout the globe as he took on all comers and oulasted them all never losing one match in his entire career. Even the top champions in America at the time wouldn't dare challenge him, even guys like George Hackenshmidt wouldn't take him on.

His conditioning was second to none and had routines that would make a world-class champion walk away. He swam, wrestled, swung the mace and clubs, did push-ups, squats and some bridging thrown in there that would go beyond the limit of most men even at Gama's size at 5'7 260 lbs. As heavy as he was, he moved like a little man and had the strength of a siberian tiger (slight exaggeration) but also his routines sound a bit over-exaggerated yet he trained harder then almost anyone before or since his time.

As his legend grew, the exercises he once used started to fade in the mainstream and only very few outside of the middle east ever trained on them. This all changed when a little known catch wrestler named Karl Gotch started teaching these very same exercises to his athletes in Japan and places around the USA and became a big deal. Taking on an athlete named Matt Furey, Gotch had put him to the test time and time again and Furey kept coming back for more. Because of Gotch's influence, this upincoming businessman of fitness put out a series of courses on these same exercises minus the clubs and the mace. Putting three exercises together called the Royal Court which consists of the Hindu Push-up, Hindu Squat & The Back Bridge.

In one course he made, naming it after the legendary Indian wrestler himself, Furey brought variations of the three main exercises and took them to a level beyond his own imagination. He then added some supplemental exercises like Hill Sprints & The Power Wheel as an added bonus along with a plethora of things to use in your arsenal like stretching and Isometrics. Gama Fitness became a cornerstone for what Bodyweight Exercises can accomplish for you.

One key element that Gama posessed was the ability to throw opponents as big or bigger then him as if it was childs play and that one element came into being Isometrics. This system of training teaches you how to build strength and speed without ever moving a muscle yet still burn fat and build functional strength that's off the charts. Unlike other exercise systems, Isometrics helps you find the weak spots in your body and strengthens them to increase not only your physical power but more importatly your internal power.

This course to me is one of Physical Culture's greatest creations and it gives you a prespective on how to use your bodyweight in ways that's beyond tradition in the modern era. It was one of the first courses that got me started and taught me how to be my own trainer and give me the chance to change my body and my overall strength. It truely is Bodyweight Training at it's best.

Another key element is what Karl Gotch refers to as "the most important in physical conditioning" is the Bridge. You will find that it takes more then just getting into position and holding, it takes skill, keen awareness and flexibility to fal into the bridge from standing. Practicing this takes on a whole new meaning to the words "holy s*it." Never have you seen stuff like this before and if you want to take it to a whole other level which in my estimation is the peak of Bridging Training is Here and you will learn things that will amaze your friends and your athleticism. You don't have to be a wrestler or gymnast to do this stuff.

There will never be a course like this again because it gives you tools for lifelong health, fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance. Want to learn the old secrets of the indian wrestlers from yesteryear and for centturies before, get your ass over there and grab it asap.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Becoming A Stronger Man

When you look at super-heavyweight athletes, almost 99.9% of the time you wouldn't think that they have the same amount of strength as they do with endurance because lets face it, when you think of endurance body wise, you look at much smaller guys that can go for long periods of time, you think of ironmen, triathletes, marathon runners and even Olympic decathletes. However there is just that one of a kind athlete that has the rare respect and reputation for being a strength athlete as well as having the endurance to back it up. That one of a kind athlete is super strongman Bud Jeffries. I believe without question he is only man on the planet that can squat 1000 pounds from the bottom position and also have 3000 rep marathons with a kettlebell. At 5'11 and nearly 275, he is without a doubt one of the very top guys if not at the top of superhuman heavyweights that can do both at the same time. There are great trainers out there that can teach you either strength or endurance but never has there been a man that can teach both and be a big man to boot.

In one of his epic masterpieces Twisted Conditioning he teaches the best ways to shape up for strength an endurance at the same time which in some cases has never been written on paper before and it brings out the best for one who wants to have the strength of a gorilla and the endurance of an Ironman. In one way to look at it in order to train at both levels at the same time takes creative thinking and the way certain things play out in order to culminate together into one colossal program. Most people train for strength and very little on endurance, however the same can be said by those who train for endurance but never take up strength training, now there are no excuses why you can't train both.

One of the greatest bodybuilders of all-time John Grimek had a body that looked like it was carved out of granite and sculpted into this beautiful and awe dropping masterpiece but he was one of the very few that had the strength to back it up. He was also an Olympic weightlifter at a time when you either had to be a bodybuilder or a weightlifter and he was both and was one of the very best in the art of Muscle Control. He was probably in my estimation one of the last of his kind to be strong and looked the part at the same time. Once steroids started itching their way in the the lat 60's early 70's, that natural and wholesome tradition of becoming strong and shapely started to fade. Yes many guys busted their ass in both the bodybuilding world and the strength world but after guys like Grimek, Pearl and Park it just lost its natural state and became a steroid-infested industry.

There are an extreme few drug-free bodybuilders, lifters and overall athletes that keep that natural, hard work and iron will power from becoming a dead art and my boy Bud is right up there with them along with some awesome individuals who share the same goal. Drug-Free for those playing the home game means all natural and no steroids or P.E.Ds (Performance Enhancing Drugs) and there are orginizations out there that support that concept especially in Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Football, Baseball ect. but doesn't have the respect it deserves.

In another epic course by Bud called Massive Functional Muscle, he teaches you that you never should choose to do this or that, you can either be a bodybuilder or a functional athlete, you either do high reps for endurance or low reps for strength. In reality you can do all the things you can think of and do it without the need of steroids just like the old-time strongmen of yesteryear. Look to guys like Sandow, Hackenshmidt, Arco, Maxick, Sig Klien and others of the early generations of strength. Screw the modern establishment and learn what you want to be and turn yourself into the athlete you dreamed of when you were small and fragil and wanting to be a giant among men and have the strength and power of a grizzly bear.

Do you want the body of a greek god and have the strength of a bull? Do you want to be able to run for miles and lift the heaviest of weights? Do you want to have the ability to train using push-ups and sit-ups while swinging a heavy kettlebell in the same workout? The only thing from stopping you doing all these things is you. There is no excuse to what your potential may be and you have nothing standing in your way.

Your imagination is the key that unlocks all your potential. You have the power to make it happen just need someone who can lead you on that path and very few can do it as awesome as the southern stud Bud Jeffries can. Never settle for less then what you want to do and on't let anyone stand in your way of becoming the strongest person in and out that you can be.

Monday, February 27, 2012

When Wrestling Was Fun To Watch

I grew up a 90's kid, watched the saturday morning cartoons, obsessed with The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, there was Keenan and Kel and at night it was Jeapordy, Wheel Of Fortune, Seinfeld and great tv shows of the time but nothing got me more hooked and more tuned in then Professional Wrestling. The very first event I watched on TV that I can remember was Wrestlemania 12 and it was the coolest thing I saw. I saw a 7 foot deadman piledrive a bad ass giant, saw a ringmaster with a million dollar belt, I witnessed a grown man in gold kiss a scottish wrestler on the lips but the one match that caught my eye and the one I still will say to this day was the greatest match in the history of televised events was the Iron Man one hour marathon between the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels vs. Bret The Hitman Hart for the WWE Championship. That was the match that started my journey into the history of the sport and gave me the chance to learn about the very best in the sport from its early days in the sticks to the epic era of television.

When I began watching the Monday Night Wars between Raw and Nitro, it was the most fun I ever had as a fan watching these awesome athletes of all shapes and sizes doing the things that they did best. Unlike a lot of fans I wasn't very much interested in what the character was but what happened in the ring that put most of my attention to. Watching these guys jump off the ropes, doing suplexes, power slams, cage matches, 6 man tags and the incredible physiques they had. Yes I was a fan of the NWO and Degeneration X but none of that mattered unless they wrestled in the ring.

I went to a few house shows at the Cow Palace in San Francisco and the old San Jose Arena before it was changed to the HP Pavillion and was at 2 big PPVs and a Smackdown show and it was the most epic time of my life as a fan of the old WWE and WCW. Because of this I became obsessed of what wrestling really was and studied the old school days of the sport going back as far as ancient egypt to presidents and kings being wrestlers to the PT Barnum era of the ACT shows to the epic battles of Frank Gotch and George Hackenshmidt to Ed Strangler Lewis being the transition from real wrestling becoming a profitable industry of characters to Television where Lou Thesz was the talk of the globe. I was also obsessed with how the wrestlers trained and what they did to become stars other then becoming a character.

Even during the early days of television wrestlers with an amature background broke into the business and brought their styles to a whole other level. I will still say to this day from the clips of matches I saw of the early TV era that the best amature wrestlers that made an impact on Pro Wrestling were Lou Thesz, Verne Gagne, Gene Kiniski, The Briscos, Dory Funk jr., Karl Gotch and Billy Robinson. There were guys just as good but none had an impact like those mistros of the mat.

I can never imagine the training wrestlers went through to break into the wrestling business. I mean sh*t the easy part was training in the ring and building a charcter but to put all that infront of hundreds of thousands of people was just brutal. I've seen clips of guys aching and begging for their lives for the torture to stop. I've heard stories of Hulk Hogan training from Hiro Matsuda, Eddy Sharkey who trained guys like Road Warriors, Bob Backlund and Jesse "The Body" Ventura who took these guys to limits that you can't imagine unless you were there and don't get me started on guys like Walter "Killer" Kowalski who was a conditioning machine who taught the art of the business to future WWE Hall Of Famer Paul Levesque aka Triple H.

I've been through torture workouts myself in my later years after being a teenager but never have I or ever want to be put through that kind of training but that also put me on my quest for being in condition and strong. Conditioning is your greatest friend and nobody put that concept better then the late Karl Gotch. It doesn't matter whether you're in wrestling or in other sports, you can have the techniques down to a science but if your condition is poor you might as well get out the door.

I wish there were matches that were just as good if not better then the matches going on today in WWE's PG era which I have no idea what that concept is nor do I care. There are some great wrestlers today like Rey Mysterio, NCAA standout Jack Swagger, College champion Dolph Ziggler but the one guy that really brought his amature status to the ring and brought a whole new meaning to the words Wrestler and even going back to the place where he first gained fame in the Olympics is Kurt Angle. This guy in my opinion is our generation's Dan Gable and he took wrestling in ways that will never be duplicated as far as wrestling goes not rassling. There are a few guys that are good to watch these days but it doesn't live up to the era of my teenage years where you had guys like the Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and quite possibly one of the funniest cats in the business as well as one of the greatest performers Chris Jericho.

They don't make wrestlers like them anymore and the very few guys that are good to watch every now and then like Randy Orton, John Cena, Kofi Kingston and CM Punk just had me lost interest as a fan of that part of the business and rather watch the guys from my generation to the day days of Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, The Road Warriors, Bob Backlund and believe it or not Macho Man Randy Savage. Nowadays I watch real wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, Matt Huges, The Shamrocks, Tito Ortiz, Josh Barnett, Randy Couture and the great Japanese wrestlers.

Although I have lost interest in the few years of WWE wrestling, WWE gave me the chance to learn and love wrestlers of the past and transition from the loud characters and chair swinging lunitics to the kick ass submission style and scientific version of wrestling. Its all how you tend to look at things. Whether you're a fan of wrestling ingeneral or not its really how you love to watch your heroes and watch the great evolvement that unfolds whether its cool or not and find the best to watch and learn for yourself.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Historical Physical Culture

I believe that the real golden age of physical culture started with the industrial revolution and its first major superstar was Eugene Sandow. He was the Arnold Schwarzenegger of his day. He had strength beyond belief, can wrestle with the best of them and had one of the most powerful physiques of his generation next to the Russian lion himself George Hackenshmidt. During this time on till about the early 60's, the strongmen were the rockstars of their day. In the vaudeville era where theaters flourished with acts of all shapes and sizes ranging from acrobatics, magic, comedy and others but usually the Strongman got it's biggest applause of what they were capable of doing. Sure there were guys who faked lifts and certain stunts but the legit men and women put on a show that can still be talked about to this day.

One of the coolest things that these men did was challenge the audience to their special lifts and put up prize money to whoever can lift and handle it as good or better but safe to say, far too many tried and failed. One of the strongest men of all-time The Mighty Atom, had men of all shapes and sizes come up and try to bend one of his signature spikes and only a handful ever did it and one of them became his one and only student and he was dubbed the nickname, Slim The Hammerman. Atom and others just captivated audiences all over the world showcasing their unbelieveable strength. Some carried horses across the stage, some lifted elephants off the ground, others lifted weights from odd angles and even others would hold a weight in one arm and have a totally different type of apparatus in the other (e.g Barbell and kettlebell, look up Arthur Saxon).

Some still talk to this day about the great impact the old-timers gave and encouraged us to become strong, vibrant and powerful. Some old-timers however have been forgotten and were only mentioned by those who had seen them or read about. I don't believe for a second that those who had been forgotten were that at all, they were just lost in history until one learned how to find them again and there are a few who have done just that. Learning fitness and strength is really learning about our own history as there's information out there that are as good or better today then any modern method of the last 40-50 years. There really are secrets of how the old-timers trained for the things they've done and some of that info is lost in history but now you can find some of that lost treasure here.

I am a firm believer in old school bodybuilding and whether using weights or bodyweight alone, the old school ways are far better then the crap that's used today. Sure some modern methods are good but that's an extreme few. Bodybuilding today is bigger then life and it has its share of ups and downs and almost none of the men and women of today have a damn clue of what true bodybuilding is. In the old days (long before steroids) guys trained to get strong and used natural methods to put on muscle in ways that can never be reached today. If I had to choose between Ronnie Coleman and John Grimek i'd pick the latter. Unlike Coleman, Grimek had a physique that's still unmatched to this day and had the wicked strength to go with it. Sure Coleman is a strong mofo and can move weight as good as anyone but Grimek can actually move his body better. The point is, guys like Otto Arco, Maxick, Grimek and even Reg Park for that matter are the real deal of what it takes to get strong and powerful. Are they even close to the guys of today, hell f*cking no but its also vise versa, guys today interms of health, real strength, power and vibrancy are no where near guys like them.

Reg Park was really one of the first men of his era that showed he can have a powerful physique and the strength to back it up. He was the first bodybuilder to bench press 500 lbs. That was unheard of at that time and the bench press itself was itching its way to becoming a synonum for what someone's strength is. I believe that Park and Bill Pearl were the last of the all-natural bodybuilders that had real world-class strength to back up their physique. They can lift, they can pose, they did it all without ever needing steroids or PED's. They ate good, they trained hard and were actually healthy. Reg Park was the man that got the great Schwarzenegger himself on the track to becoming the most famous bodybuilder of all-time.

In all fairness you don't need steroids to become strong and powerful. The physique stars of the early era didn't need them cause they weren't around then and still don't really need them for that purpose. Media has really to blame whats wrong with how one looks. If you want to be a bodybuilder today, you need steroids, if you want to get ahead in sports, you do steroids, you want a quick fix, you take steroids its all real bullsh*t. Yes genetics play factors but that doesn't give you an excuse to build the body you want naturally. Usually these days if one looks a very muscular guy there's at least 2 things on his mind, "He must be on roids" or "he was born to be that big." I don't always believe either one of those things. Look at guys like Maxick, Charles Atlas an others, if you saw them before they got strong you would've thought they were swizzle sticks just waiting to get their ass kicked and never had a chance in hell of having a phenomenal physique. Maxick was a sick child and didn't have much to look forward to as he was tol he was too weak, too frail to do the simplest activities yet he became one of the first 3 men in history to officially lift more then double bodyweight in the overhead press and had the some of the very best muscle control that no one was close to duplicating. Charles Atlas was a 97 lb weak teenager who would be the target for mos of the bullies in his neighborhood and once had a girlfriend who left him for s tronger guy yet managed to put on nearly 100 lbs of muscle in a few short years and was crowned the most perfectly developed man twice.

Never assume that one is strong because you think they were born that way. In my opinion, the old school methods of physical culture are far better for you health wise compared to the crap used today. Learn your history and find that it doesn't take a whole lot to learn how to be strong. Work hard, create goals, imagine yourself being strong and muscular eat good and use basic principles. Its easy to learn now as it was back then. Let me ask you this, if you didn't have your chrome and fern gyms, your little bity weights and your machines, how would you be able to turn your body into from a weak state to a muscular state? You'd be surprised on what you can find.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All The Reasons To Make Your Conditioning Twisted

One of the golden rules in the quest of strength and conditioning is to learn how you can adapt and improve of what you can with things you have and what things you don't. No workout should ever be the same. Things change and evolve overtime as you get stronger and more conditioned. This can help you learn to focus more on what you want as you don't need to do the same things over and over again. Yet what if you had a manual that gave you options for things you can use and things you don't have and have a kick ass workout?

Some people say its not possible to do strength and endurance workouts at the same time because it either has to be one or the other. But what if you could and you can. How would that go? What would you have to do? In Bud Jeffries' Twisted Conditioning Programs you can do all of that without losing your strength or your endurance, they'll just keep growing.

Combining the best of the best elements into a series of workouts that are endless. Do you like bodyweight training, strongman lifts, kettlebells, rocks, barrels, logs, steel bending...Why not all those things and more. Finding what you want to do and build the greatest of strength doing it. Having a variety of choices makes for a never boring type of workout and finding the best at what works for you and you alone. Putting together a program isn't easy but with the right focus and goal of what you want to do, you'll find a way to do and my boy Bud will help you every step of the way, I should know, he gave me a number of tips himself personally. Even if you don't have all those tools, you can still learn to use your own bodyweight in a variety of ways that can help transfer over to other possibilities. For me as an example, about 90% of my training is pure bodyweight training and yet have managed to pick up a 400 lb deadlift without touching nearly a single barbell for over 2 years.

Its all about what you want. What's the image in your mind, becoming a bodybuilder, a strongman, a MMA fighter, sports athlete, just having a body that will turn heads? You can have anything you desire with the right mindset and the will to bust your ass to get what you dream of. Become the best for yourself and transform yourself into the person you want to be. All I can say is on that, don't change who you really are from the inside, however, if you work with the right program for you, things will change in your life and will for the better.

One of the secrets of the old-time strongmen to becoming strong is thinking that you are strong and you will be strong. I can imagine myself back in my early teens when I was flabby, weak and ridiculed for being a heavy kid and all I wanted to be was to be strong, be respected and be larger then myself. I started lifting weights and got stronger in some cases and started having a somewhat muscular body, then I had my accident and had to learn things all over again. I began imagining myself being far stronger then when I was younger and decided to not use the mainstream courses on bodybuilding and strength training. I got stronger to the point where when I did lift weights, the numbers were higher and I can bring up weight however I wanted. Like I said its all about how you want to be strong and what you can do to get there.

An old-time wrestler/strongman George Hackenshmidt wrote that if you wanted to become stronger then you have to combine different elements in order to achieve the strength you wish to achieve. You can lift weights and still do bodyweight exercises, you can still do kettlebells while practicing gymnastics. What's to stop you from achieving what you want. That's the basis of what the Twisted Conditioning courses are is to help you find the best combinations to the goals you want to reach or better surpass. There shouldn't be an excuse where you can't swing kettlebells and do 500 squats in the same workout, there's no reason why you shouldn't want to pick up a partial 600lb deadlift and smash a tire with a sledgehammer in the same workout as well.

Never believe you can't build strength an endurance at the same time, anything's possible with the right focus and the will to believe that yes you can do this and never in any doubt that anyone else is afraid to go for the gold, you're shooting for the platinum. It's finding what you want and proving to yourself you can get there.

If you want to learn this method and others from Bud himself, go the Superhuman Workshop he's co-hosting with Physical Culture's Rennissance man Logan Christopher and possibly a special guest.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Super Human Training Workshop # 2


Do you want to master the kettlebell and transform your body into Iron?

Do you want to learn just what makes you tick and how with this knowledge you can double your training progress?

Do you want to discover the lost secrets of the oldtime strongmen and how they used isometrics to do feats still untouched or broken?

Well, you have the opportunity to learn all of the above and more hand’s on in March.

World renown strongman Bud Jeffries, known for squatting 1000 lbs. from the bottom of the rack as well as 3000+ kettlebell swing workouts, has teamed up with Logan Christopher, a guy who pulls firetrucks by his hair, to deliver the Super Human Training Workshop.

And this is the second year. Bigger and better then before.
From March 23rd through the 25th in Tallahassee, Florida they’ll deliver ALL their training information to you in a live, hands on, do the drills and get the skills format.

Super Human Training Workshop # 2

If you’re anywhere near the area this is a no brainer. And even if you’re not it’s worth flying out for. People are already signed up
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Super Human Training Workshop # 2

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don't miss it.

Ben Bergman

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Super Human Training Workshop # 2

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Power Of Your Will

In one of the recent superhero films The Green Lantern, it shows the power of how one little ring can channel the will and power of the person or alien that wears it. I'm here to tell you that with practical and focused training, you can learn to harness your own powers without the need of a little ring. Sure you won't be able to fly or use tools that came out of your own thought but with the right focus, you can channel your will and surge out levels of strength and speed you never thought you had.

To channel your energy and harness your power, you must first focus your mind and create the image that you want. Imagine in your mind, you're strong, powerful, got blazing speed, the sound of your power you're using. These are the tools you need if you want to harness that strength that's within you.

In your mind, you have an accomplished goal, now make it happen with the power that's inside you. Learn to use the power of your CoreForce Energy. See it as if it's right in front of you and nothing can bend or break that sight and the only it can is if you let it.

You are strong, cunning and vibrant then anything else around you. See it, feel it, live it, your power is your own and the more you shoot that power the stronger you get. In your mind you see your power burning through houses, mega buildings, the mountains, shoot out to the sea, beyond the horizon and burn through the atmosphere. That power is burning through a hole in the moon and shoots past the stars through the planets and beyond the galaxy.

Your power is your unstoppable force. When giant forces collide they say it's the irresistible force meeting the immovable object, you are one and the same and there's nothing that can break that power. Use this power to tackle the obstacles in your training and take it to a level that only the average human can dream of. Learn to grip that power and never let go.

Learn how to harness your power and find your own style of how to use it. It's no ones power but yours and yours alone. Use the will of your mind to create what you want and turn it into the thing that people never see to believe and become the very thing you dared to dream about and learn everything that you can. Use it wisely as it can bite you in the ass if you're not careful. It takes effort to harness this power so never settle for the easy way. The easy part is actually learning to harness it. The hard part is keeping consistent.

Mastery takes practice, it doesn't happen overnight as you may believe but believe in yourself and your power will run much smoother. Practice it, feel it and get the surging power of your own will. The green lanter's ring isn't on your finger, it's inside of you and you have the ability to harness it however you see fit.

What Are You Prepared To Do?

What a burning question that is. You know who's famous for saying that many times in one movie? It was the original James Bond himself Sean Connery who said it to Elliot Ness played by legendary actor Kevin Costner in the epic movie The Untouchables. This is one of my favorite quotes of all-time and it can be applied to anything but in this case its applying to strength.

It's a question we don't often ask ourselves when we want to become strong or fit. I think it's because we never really find what we need to do to become what we dream about and making it a reality. I have thought of this question many times throughout my physical culture career and always wondered what I can do to be better, stronger and more enduring then for a man my size. Sometimes I get scared about what I do, I even sometimes get shocked out of my wits when I surpass a goal or scared s*itless when there's something that is just out of my reach.

The one thing I'm always prepared for is the most important aspect of any strength or fitness program and that's never settle for less then what you want to do. However being scared at times can be a good thing because you're learning what you can do to overcome that fear and take your training by the horns.

Being a wild man also has its benefits as you are learning to channel your energy to what lies ahead but always be prepared to take things for what they are. Going through a hard fought workout is like wrestling your own life and whether you win or you lose, never settle for less then what you had put into it. You are more powerful then I can ever tell you and being prepared for that challenge is never an easy one so here's my question for you, are you willing to hit hard and make something of yourself or are you going to be so scared of your own goals that you'll chicken out? the question remains, what are you prepared to do?

What's stopping you from building the body of your dreams? You already have a dream of being strong and powerful so what are you going to do to make that a reality. What I'am going to tell you is if you want to become something beyond what you dream about you have to learn to sweat, take a chance and put effort into everything you do. Whether you're into bodyweight exercises or lifting weights or working with odd type tools, your mind must bring the power into your body and focus on what matters to you the most. I'm going to ask you again, what are you prepared to do?

Becoming An Outlaw In Strength Training

We are very different in what we do but at times we try imitate or even try to duplicate our teachers' lessons and in the case of developing strength we tend to follow someone else's program and see how it can work for us. That's fine if you want to do that but the real principle of strength training is to find what makes it different and how you can make it unique that it could even surpass your own assumptions and make you stronger then the next guy. That's one of the beauties of being an outlaw in the world strength, you do it differently then the establishment.

Your first rule of becoming strong is to not only want it but take it by the horns and hold on for dear life. Learn the exercises you want to master. Work them into the ground and take them as your own. You have the ability to take what's yours in your own program and making it work for you and one of your important priorities as a trainee is to make it work for you in ways it shouldn't work for others.

Most gyms or fitness magazines have programs that are too easy, too hard and even there are one's that flat out scare the living s*it out of most people. If there's anything I learned from my days to reading that crap and hitting the iron to making my own programs today is that if you want to be different then you need to be more different then they are. When you build your own program and making it a challenge not only for yourself but make it so others don't ever want to touch it and run away like a scaredy cat.

Another way to look at being an outlaw in the world of strength is that you master your own program to the point where if others saw you, to them it looks like you're putting yourself through hell, fire and brimstone but to you it's another day in paradise. You are more then just a gym rat going through the same ordeal again and again. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You are the man/woman when it comes to your own style of training.

A good friend of mine named Bud Jeffries is by far one of the strongest men to walk on the planet. He is one of those men of superhuman strength that just blows anyone out of the water and all because he decided to be different then the mainstream chrone and fern type gyms and put himself through the toughest and most enduring workouts you can ever imagine. He is his own best personal trainer and constantly finds what can make him stronger, be more durable and how he can withstand the toughest and heaviest of weights imaginable while also creating endurance workouts that'll make marathon runners and Ironmen for the hills. That's what makes him so special and unique that no matter what he teaches its still going to be him at the top of that mountain.

There are some good looking gyms out there and if you want to be apart of the celery sticks, pumped up roid posers and little milkshakes that taste like crap then by all means go do it but if you want to be different and say f*ck you to those that don't know a lift or a bodyweight exercise from their ass to their elbows then join the few who want real-world strength, never ending endurance, real animalistic power and have the greatest tools to use and turn yourself into the unique and different strongman that resides inside you and has that animalistic rage of becoming stronger, faster and more powerful without the need of steroids or over-priced supplements or doing those damn messed up looking aerobics crap.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who Says You Can't Do It?

A lot of people try to get strong and fit not because they believe in themselves but what others think of them. Believing what others say will make you a second rate wanna-be instead of being a first rate individual. "You're weak because someone said you are", "you're pitiful because you can't do a simple push-up", you can't be flexible and be big at the same time", "you will never be stronger then that guy" and my personal favorite, "bodyweight exercise won't make you big and all you're doing is endurance." What's so wrong with this picture? You are a person who has a strong individual waiting to shoot out and take on the world but first you must let aside those negative things people say and turn them into your strengths by going after what you want for yourself but not for them.

You have no excuse for what you want to achieve. What you want is waiting for you to take and take with a vengeance. You are more powerful then you think you are. That's right, I'm not giving you a hard time, not telling you how weak or pathetic you are, you aren't any of those things. If you want something bad enough you make it happen. No one can do it for you and those who say bad things about you want you to not achieve it because they have no will power themselves but you do my friend.

I'm telling you this right here, right now you are responsible for your own goals. If you want to succeed and become strong and mighty then you got to take it with a grain of salt, I can care less if you want to lift weights, do bodyweight exercise, use odd objects or cool looking tools the important thing here is that I believe you can do it and if you want it bad enough then go out and get it. Build the body of your dreams, in your mind you have a V-Shape back, powerful muscular arms, thoroughbred legs, tendons like steel cords, the neck of a lion and well rounded mighty shoulders but you have to make them a reality. It takes patience, time, hard work and will power to get what you want but if you work on the right things, everything will pay off in the end.

One of the key secrets to achieving your goals and achievements is to keep them to yourself. There are people out there that don't want to see you succeed and tell you its impossible or you're putting too much on yourself and something like this won't happen for you. That's a lot of bull because you have more power in you then they'll ever now and never let your dreams die. You are one powerful person no matter what someone says, good or bad. You have the ability to create something that's beyond yourself. Train for yourself an don't let anyone tell you different.

There are people out there however like me who believe in you and what you want to accomplish. These are the people to connect with and share with them what you would like to do but the golden rule is no matter how much advice you are given, you alone need to buil your own style of training and make it your own. Learn to become your ultimate teacher. You are the one who's making the choice.

Never settle for less then what you want to do. You are responsible for your own actions and you have no excuses for what you want to achieve. Don't let others take you down when you have more power getting back up. Its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. You need to train for yourself and don't let anyone tell you any different because you can do it and you will do it. You're the boss. Now get out there and make something happen for you. Become a giant among men whether you're short or tall, you can tower over anything if you put your mind to it.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lost Secrets Of The Old-Timers

In the Golden Era of Physical Culture you had mail-order musclemen teach the best ways to train and become strong and vibrant. Even bodybuilders of that era of 1900-1960 ran, swam, lifted weights, wrestled, boxed and performed feats of strength that would blow any one's mind out of the water. They taught you the most simple exercises whether it was bodyweight or weight lifting and the more basic the better results you made. Presses, Pulls, Grip Work and Squats were the mainstay and used Barbells, Dumbbells, Odd Objects, Push-ups, Pull-ups, Free Squats, Hand Balancing and Gymnastics.

This was before Steroids became a hit and wasn't used as much as it is today. Back then they relied more on guts, good food, hard work and old fashioned muscle building. Machines weren't big at this time and even today they're as useless as a fart in church. Record lifts in this time period are still unmatched in today's modern era of weights and strength. They didn't take supplements to "help" them get stronger, they used Progressive Resistance Training and did the best they could of their natural abilities. Today, you can't break a record in sports without having suspicion of someone using something to give them that edge and it's a damn shame.

Modern trainers can learn a thing or two of the old-timers in their programs. Back then, you didn't have the Internet, you didn't have hip hop abs or the biggest loser, hell not even P90X and yet those guys were far stronger and more importantly far healthier then the overly cautious and paranoid fitness nuts of today. Back then the average age capacity was 45-60 and a lot of them surpassed that, some lived to be 90 and one old-timer lived to be 104 and didn't die of natural causes. This is where one needs to learn what the important key is. Be happy with what you do and develop challenges. Yes our age capacity has risen in the last 50 years but a lot of it has come with a price. On another note more athletes today are dying younger then the athletes of yesteryear and its mostly due to drugs, drinking, steroids, very low or very high food intake that isn't safe and even fame has gotten through to their heads to the point where they'll do anything to stay at the top.

Courses and Programs back then (the good ones from top notch strength advocates) were much simpler and easier to understand unlike today where you have programs that actually can injure you and put you in the hospital. Basic programs build superior results period. All of this specialization isolated crap today doesn't make you any stronger then a plastic door, you go through it and it rips apart just like that. A lot of programs today don't make much sense when if you move inch the wrong way, your exercise is shot to hell or you have to do this many reps or that many sets to determine if you're strong or weak. It's never common sense anymore and people end up quitting as fast as they started.

In my personal opinion using steroids for personal gain is just about the dumbest thing you can do to yourself. Steroids using injections and pills to gain an edge is just stupid. There's controversy as to how steroids are used either in sports or in medicine. In sports they're used to recover quicker, run faster, jump higher, gain enormous amount of strength, build more stamina and create over the top levels of testosterone . In medicine its to help patients with low levels of testosterone, help skin tone and help their immunity system. No matter how you slice it, there's side effects with artificial steroid use with the creams, pills and needles to which if not used wisely or correctly, it can cause almost the opposite effect of what its originally used for. It has to do with more pressure these days to be bigger, stronger and faster then your competition and plenty of men and women take it too far either as an addiction or for purely selfish reasons. Back in the day where steroids weren't in the public or even heard of there were athletes that looked far better and had longer careers then most athletes today and that was purely on how simple their training was and some of their records are still up today.

To become naturally strong and be a good athlete or strength fanatic yourself, look to the history of what those who trained in the past and how you can adapt their styles with yours. Don't do the same things they did, just learn the basic principles of what they taught and use them to build a style for yourself. In today's era we have very unhealthy people in and out of the fitness world and its time to get back to our roots of what hard work and busting your ass really meant.

Gorilla Power & Creating Animalistic Strength

Lions are known as the kings of the Jungle but I feel the incredible hulks of the Jungle are of the Gorilla. Gorillas have strength that surpasses more then 10x of the strongest men. Yes they're structure is different when it comes to walking but yet with chimps they're the closest to us humans, they have hands, they have feet and have torsos that resemble a human. They walk different because they're arms are longer then their legs and need to adapt to walking on their hands.

I personally feel that if we were to get strong then we need to reverse evolution from our modern methods of today. Today in most fitness circles we can't compare to the old school ways of training and that's most likely a good thing. Today we have people who are more overweight then any other time in world history, we have gyms that have just lost its roots to whats really important and looking good and being overly cautious has taken over. Very few of those that know the real secrets to strength & health look to what the animals and early men have done to become strong. Animals don't lift weights and try showing off their muscles, they use their strength to survive and early men strived to survive harsh weather conditions and move boulders to help shield themselves and swam to catch fish, run as hard as they can to get away from predators and used spears to kill their food of some of the wildest beasts of the time.

Getting strong using weights has its own benefits but modern trainers make it look like a joke and those old-timers from the golden ages of strength would be rolling in their graves. If you're going to use weights, do the simplest one's and stick with that, Presses, Pulls, Abs, Grip Work and basic leg training is all you'll ever need. Isolating muscles is only good for one thing and that's rehab other then that it's useless. When it comes to weights, the simpler, the better...Dumbbells, Barbells, Kettlebells and a few odd objects here and there is all you'll ever need.

When you learn to become strong, its best to look at not only the muscles of the strongest animals or the strongest of humans but take a good look of how strong the tendons are. I'd say the best animals with the strongest tendons are Gorillas and Wild Cats because they have to reach, climb, crush and pounce while defending against predators and/or fighting for food. It's better to pull a muscle than tear a tendon. Huge difference between the 2. Pulling a muscle recovers quicker, tearing a tendon however can put you out of commission a lot longer because the tendons are the things that help keep the skeletal structure together while the muscles are the tissues that cover the skeletal structure. Tendon strength creates a chain reaction of how strong you really are. Take a bodybuilder for example in this day and age. He's more into building muscle so he can look as big and powerful as possible but does little to no training in the tendons and chances are he's going to get injured quicker then any other athlete including fighters and major sporting athletes.

Developing Ape strength without weights is very simple an doesn't take that much time to learn or do. Look at the basic things they do, climb, walk, pull, push and move in awkward positions. Learning basic elements in their evolution can help you become 3x stronger then the average human. This of course means you won't build the strength that they do because its the way their structured and their nature is used but that doesn't mean we can't adapt. Some of things they do might seem silly but if you're open minded and look at another prespective you might realize that you can become stronger using those so called "silly" stuff.

The only time you'll ever see an Ape lifting weights is if researchers experiment to find out how strong they are in that area and if you see some knucklehead meatball of a bodybuilder trying to lift some weird looking weight. Apes carry strength that makes most weightlifters look like chumps and who's to say we can't try to imitate and build superior strength ourselves. We can really learn the true secrets of creating Animalistic Strength with the simple points of observation, experimenting and adapting. In the world of fitness it's not a bad thing to turn reverse evolution and become the strongest person we can be.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Secrets To Daily Training

If you want to build the greatest foundation for creating great programs for you and your goals you must absorb as much information as possible. They say knowledge is power, well the more you learn and the more you experiment, you will start becoming your own trainer.

When you train, get a feel of how the exercises are in the beginning and work your way up at a pace that's comfortable for you. Listen to how your body responds to soft training and tough & brutal type training. Work on things that give you a sense of power and a sense of well-being. Learn to use your instincts when your body gets tired and how your body responds to certain exercises. There are some exercises you shouldn't do which is fine but you need to find out which ones work and which don't.

There's a big difference between training for an hour at one time as if you trained a full hour throughout the day. Your concentration is different and your structure is different. Your speed and pace is different. This is where you need to learn on how to pace yourself in a workout. Spreading an hour throughout the day is a good ideal because you get to focus on the things you want to work on. For this benefit it helps you with your schedule as you may not have a lot of time to train but doing things here and there set the pace for how the rest your day goes.

Many people can't find that amount of time dedicated to a workout. Now working out for an hour straight or resting in between sets within the hour can be a good thing as well but your mind structure is different cause you are training for a long time and concentration is key in this case. Training at a good clip for an hour straight is also different especially on specific exercises that can be ballistic and tough plus in my experience doing tough workouts for an hour just makes you feel not that good and your body doesn't have the capacity to train hard for that long.

I feel the best benefit of training for an hour straight shouldn't be hard training at all. It should be soft, concentrated and meditative. Work your joints, tendons and ligaments while taking the time to do deep breathing because working on these elements can create huge jumps in your training later on as you can do more speed and concentration on shorter workouts and work your body the way you feel needs to.

Me personally I rarely ever train for a whole hour at one time or throughout the day as I get bored very easily. I have some ADD type moments in my workouts because ten minutes to me is too long and I need to regroup and think about what I want to do. This is where shorter workouts are more simpler then doing the same routine of 30 minutes of this and an hour of that. I have a bit more time to kill then most people ad even I can't do that much work, its boring, not fun and makes me want to punch someone in the face for whoever came up with that idea.

Pacing yourself in a training session is critical because you don't want to go so fast you lose your form and you don't want to go so slow that you get bored and just hate what you're doing. Work on finding your own pace and speed according to how your body responds an your mind is in the right place while maintaining the best form possible. Its not bad to go fast in a workout, hell that's a favorite for me because I want a great workout in the shortest amount of time as possible. Its not bad to go slow either so you can focus on certain exercises like holds and working your flexibility safely and productively.

One of the real keys to being your trainer is to change up your exercises and tempos on a frequent basis and make your body need to adapt. This is sometimes called muscle confusion but in my line of training its making progress on developing fresh and exciting workouts. I have to change up all the time but I'll use the same exercises while mixing them up and working at different paces. Some exercises I move fast on, with others its more focused and more on movement. I also hold certain positions for a certain amount of time. This works the muscles and tendons in a different setting and is sometimes more relaxing then just moving and moving.

There's no one way to train and everybody trains differently no matter how much you teach them. A lot of trainers make the mistake of trying to show a student an exercise exactly the way they think it should be taught and the student just doesn't always get it right and its not their fault. A person should work an exercise according to his/her body structure whether they're small, average, thin, muscular, overweight or tall & short. I learned this the hard way from a teacher I once had who taught us how to do side steps and plyometrics. I'm 5'10 and well over 240 lbs. and have some arthritis in my leg due to my accident years back and although its strong and flexibility in some areas, in others it isn't and she tried teaching it exactly the way it worked for her which cannot and logically cannot work the same for someone my size or smaller. I ended up hurting myself and eventually quit after nearly a month. So even with all my training experiences from doing hardcore training methods and doing stamina training that makes most people want to puke it be hard to believe that I needed to quit after going through that.

Learn the exercises you want to learn, master them and work with them as often as possible and supplement other exercises to work weak areas and to help you recover. Doing this type of progress and finding what works best for you puts you ahead of the pack and you learn the ultimate key of training of becoming your own trainer and that's Self-Reliance. Don't ever copy someone else's program but your own because you won't be achieving first rate training, you'll be a second rate wanna-be and this is something that should never happen to you. Don't go looking for a trainer and be second rate student, look to yourself and learn what you want to learn for yourself and become a first rate teacher of your own ideals and programs.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What Torture?!!!!

People have this belief in the fitness world that they need to torture themselves in their workouts in order to get into shape. They do the 30 minutes of Cardio and the hour of weights and some don't last that long at all. There's a fine line between good torture and bad torture n your training.

Good Torture means in your mind you're training to the best of your abilities and you love what you do and you also find it fun and creative. Its never a bad thing to love your workouts the rule of thumb however is to not love it so much that you forget what you're trying to accomplish. A lot of people fall into this trap at times because they push so hard and just don't want to stop that at some point injuries will occur and they might never realize it till its too late. Taking the time to put your heart and soul into what you do and feel like a million bucks afterwards puts you on good terms of how torture means to you.

A perfect example of Good Torture is my friend Bud Jeffries, he is one of the strongest men on the planet but also one of the fittest men as a super-heavyweight at 270 lbs. He often does High Rep workouts while combining strength training at the same time lifting weights that range from 53-1500+ lbs. and has been known to do reps as high as the 3000 range. For most people that's just ridiculous and is doing far too much work but infact that type of training has not only made him lose well over 100 lb. but has given him vitality and endurance that can be used for long-term effects for other things in life. Is this the type of training for you, most likely not as you don't need to be this extreme but you can put yourself through workouts that your body will thank you for and can take them to extremes on a safe and productive basis.

Bad Torture means you're training hard just for the sake of training or it could mean you don't know how to use certain form and just go through the motions when really that can lead to injuries and you torture yourself far too often and your mind isn't in the right place. Even more people fall for this trap because this type of torture is disguised as some programs in the fitness magazines and this more frequently has more people quitting the gym and training all together. This has more short-term effects and not in a positive manner as you find certain workouts you want to try but your body can't handle the stress therefor if you keep it up you will get hurt and hurt bad physically, mentally and emotionally. Trying a program that you're not ready for and pushing through it anyway is never a good idea.

An example of this is the modern bodybuilding and some strength workouts from the muscle magazines where steroids and supplements run rampant. This is not productive and long-term training and 99.9% of the time it isn't safe as well. Torture workouts like these are for those who have been training for years and never is this at a beginning level as the Cowardly Lion would say "Not no way, not no how." It is this type of torture that brings long-term problems to bad backs, hernias, joint pain, neck spurs and who knows what else. It isn't just the magazines but also those infomercials as well as they have you do hard training you're in no shape to perform and some of the exercises are just ridiculous and can do more harm to the joints then anything else. They don't give you well rounded structures so you're physically and mentally ready for the challenge. Torture like this won't get you anywhere and won't let you live a productive and healthy life.

I have been through torture myself good, bad and just downright ugly and have had a plethora of problems when I went through my weight lifting days to the point where when I woke up in the morning every inch of my body felt like bone rubbing on bone and it hurt like a motherf*cker and that's something nobody should experience ever. When I became smart and used torture from a different angle I went through workouts that would've kept me out of training for days on end but instead only went to extremes on a few occasions during weekly training. Never under any circumstances torture yourself daily no matter how tough you are. Putting together programs that help recovery is just as important as your extreme workouts.

Some hate going through tough hard workouts and feel if they don't do it they're not going to reach a goal. This should never be a type of mindset. What you should be doing instead is on your extreme days, set your mind to loving the workout and make it fun to the point where yes its hard work but your mind is saying "This is fun I'm loving this." Using that type of mental training can you surpass goals and achieve results more then you bargained for on a positive basis. If you're training at a park and having a tough workout, most would call it torture and run away but to you its just another training session. This is where mental training is critical and should be as important if not more then physical training.

Taking control of a torturous workout is very difficult to do. Your mind needs to be focused, your body needs to handle the stress and you must know what you're getting yourself into. Its not easy to jump into hard and tough work when you don't have the right preperation. Taking the easy road by just going for it and not giving your body a chance to learn to handle certain things can get you in trouble big time. Controlling Torture takes practice and a lot of mental strength so learn what you can and work your way up going through progressive phases at your own pace. Study your workouts from how your mind and body work together and trust your progressions. Learn how torture can turn into a powerful experience with the right mind set and the right & safe progressions.