Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Becoming A Stronger Man

When you look at super-heavyweight athletes, almost 99.9% of the time you wouldn't think that they have the same amount of strength as they do with endurance because lets face it, when you think of endurance body wise, you look at much smaller guys that can go for long periods of time, you think of ironmen, triathletes, marathon runners and even Olympic decathletes. However there is just that one of a kind athlete that has the rare respect and reputation for being a strength athlete as well as having the endurance to back it up. That one of a kind athlete is super strongman Bud Jeffries. I believe without question he is only man on the planet that can squat 1000 pounds from the bottom position and also have 3000 rep marathons with a kettlebell. At 5'11 and nearly 275, he is without a doubt one of the very top guys if not at the top of superhuman heavyweights that can do both at the same time. There are great trainers out there that can teach you either strength or endurance but never has there been a man that can teach both and be a big man to boot.

In one of his epic masterpieces Twisted Conditioning he teaches the best ways to shape up for strength an endurance at the same time which in some cases has never been written on paper before and it brings out the best for one who wants to have the strength of a gorilla and the endurance of an Ironman. In one way to look at it in order to train at both levels at the same time takes creative thinking and the way certain things play out in order to culminate together into one colossal program. Most people train for strength and very little on endurance, however the same can be said by those who train for endurance but never take up strength training, now there are no excuses why you can't train both.

One of the greatest bodybuilders of all-time John Grimek had a body that looked like it was carved out of granite and sculpted into this beautiful and awe dropping masterpiece but he was one of the very few that had the strength to back it up. He was also an Olympic weightlifter at a time when you either had to be a bodybuilder or a weightlifter and he was both and was one of the very best in the art of Muscle Control. He was probably in my estimation one of the last of his kind to be strong and looked the part at the same time. Once steroids started itching their way in the the lat 60's early 70's, that natural and wholesome tradition of becoming strong and shapely started to fade. Yes many guys busted their ass in both the bodybuilding world and the strength world but after guys like Grimek, Pearl and Park it just lost its natural state and became a steroid-infested industry.

There are an extreme few drug-free bodybuilders, lifters and overall athletes that keep that natural, hard work and iron will power from becoming a dead art and my boy Bud is right up there with them along with some awesome individuals who share the same goal. Drug-Free for those playing the home game means all natural and no steroids or P.E.Ds (Performance Enhancing Drugs) and there are orginizations out there that support that concept especially in Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Football, Baseball ect. but doesn't have the respect it deserves.

In another epic course by Bud called Massive Functional Muscle, he teaches you that you never should choose to do this or that, you can either be a bodybuilder or a functional athlete, you either do high reps for endurance or low reps for strength. In reality you can do all the things you can think of and do it without the need of steroids just like the old-time strongmen of yesteryear. Look to guys like Sandow, Hackenshmidt, Arco, Maxick, Sig Klien and others of the early generations of strength. Screw the modern establishment and learn what you want to be and turn yourself into the athlete you dreamed of when you were small and fragil and wanting to be a giant among men and have the strength and power of a grizzly bear.

Do you want the body of a greek god and have the strength of a bull? Do you want to be able to run for miles and lift the heaviest of weights? Do you want to have the ability to train using push-ups and sit-ups while swinging a heavy kettlebell in the same workout? The only thing from stopping you doing all these things is you. There is no excuse to what your potential may be and you have nothing standing in your way.

Your imagination is the key that unlocks all your potential. You have the power to make it happen just need someone who can lead you on that path and very few can do it as awesome as the southern stud Bud Jeffries can. Never settle for less then what you want to do and on't let anyone stand in your way of becoming the strongest person in and out that you can be.

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