Monday, February 13, 2012

Becoming An Outlaw In Strength Training

We are very different in what we do but at times we try imitate or even try to duplicate our teachers' lessons and in the case of developing strength we tend to follow someone else's program and see how it can work for us. That's fine if you want to do that but the real principle of strength training is to find what makes it different and how you can make it unique that it could even surpass your own assumptions and make you stronger then the next guy. That's one of the beauties of being an outlaw in the world strength, you do it differently then the establishment.

Your first rule of becoming strong is to not only want it but take it by the horns and hold on for dear life. Learn the exercises you want to master. Work them into the ground and take them as your own. You have the ability to take what's yours in your own program and making it work for you and one of your important priorities as a trainee is to make it work for you in ways it shouldn't work for others.

Most gyms or fitness magazines have programs that are too easy, too hard and even there are one's that flat out scare the living s*it out of most people. If there's anything I learned from my days to reading that crap and hitting the iron to making my own programs today is that if you want to be different then you need to be more different then they are. When you build your own program and making it a challenge not only for yourself but make it so others don't ever want to touch it and run away like a scaredy cat.

Another way to look at being an outlaw in the world of strength is that you master your own program to the point where if others saw you, to them it looks like you're putting yourself through hell, fire and brimstone but to you it's another day in paradise. You are more then just a gym rat going through the same ordeal again and again. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You are the man/woman when it comes to your own style of training.

A good friend of mine named Bud Jeffries is by far one of the strongest men to walk on the planet. He is one of those men of superhuman strength that just blows anyone out of the water and all because he decided to be different then the mainstream chrone and fern type gyms and put himself through the toughest and most enduring workouts you can ever imagine. He is his own best personal trainer and constantly finds what can make him stronger, be more durable and how he can withstand the toughest and heaviest of weights imaginable while also creating endurance workouts that'll make marathon runners and Ironmen for the hills. That's what makes him so special and unique that no matter what he teaches its still going to be him at the top of that mountain.

There are some good looking gyms out there and if you want to be apart of the celery sticks, pumped up roid posers and little milkshakes that taste like crap then by all means go do it but if you want to be different and say f*ck you to those that don't know a lift or a bodyweight exercise from their ass to their elbows then join the few who want real-world strength, never ending endurance, real animalistic power and have the greatest tools to use and turn yourself into the unique and different strongman that resides inside you and has that animalistic rage of becoming stronger, faster and more powerful without the need of steroids or over-priced supplements or doing those damn messed up looking aerobics crap.

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