Tuesday, February 21, 2012

All The Reasons To Make Your Conditioning Twisted

One of the golden rules in the quest of strength and conditioning is to learn how you can adapt and improve of what you can with things you have and what things you don't. No workout should ever be the same. Things change and evolve overtime as you get stronger and more conditioned. This can help you learn to focus more on what you want as you don't need to do the same things over and over again. Yet what if you had a manual that gave you options for things you can use and things you don't have and have a kick ass workout?

Some people say its not possible to do strength and endurance workouts at the same time because it either has to be one or the other. But what if you could and you can. How would that go? What would you have to do? In Bud Jeffries' Twisted Conditioning Programs you can do all of that without losing your strength or your endurance, they'll just keep growing.

Combining the best of the best elements into a series of workouts that are endless. Do you like bodyweight training, strongman lifts, kettlebells, rocks, barrels, logs, steel bending...Why not all those things and more. Finding what you want to do and build the greatest of strength doing it. Having a variety of choices makes for a never boring type of workout and finding the best at what works for you and you alone. Putting together a program isn't easy but with the right focus and goal of what you want to do, you'll find a way to do and my boy Bud will help you every step of the way, I should know, he gave me a number of tips himself personally. Even if you don't have all those tools, you can still learn to use your own bodyweight in a variety of ways that can help transfer over to other possibilities. For me as an example, about 90% of my training is pure bodyweight training and yet have managed to pick up a 400 lb deadlift without touching nearly a single barbell for over 2 years.

Its all about what you want. What's the image in your mind, becoming a bodybuilder, a strongman, a MMA fighter, sports athlete, just having a body that will turn heads? You can have anything you desire with the right mindset and the will to bust your ass to get what you dream of. Become the best for yourself and transform yourself into the person you want to be. All I can say is on that, don't change who you really are from the inside, however, if you work with the right program for you, things will change in your life and will for the better.

One of the secrets of the old-time strongmen to becoming strong is thinking that you are strong and you will be strong. I can imagine myself back in my early teens when I was flabby, weak and ridiculed for being a heavy kid and all I wanted to be was to be strong, be respected and be larger then myself. I started lifting weights and got stronger in some cases and started having a somewhat muscular body, then I had my accident and had to learn things all over again. I began imagining myself being far stronger then when I was younger and decided to not use the mainstream courses on bodybuilding and strength training. I got stronger to the point where when I did lift weights, the numbers were higher and I can bring up weight however I wanted. Like I said its all about how you want to be strong and what you can do to get there.

An old-time wrestler/strongman George Hackenshmidt wrote that if you wanted to become stronger then you have to combine different elements in order to achieve the strength you wish to achieve. You can lift weights and still do bodyweight exercises, you can still do kettlebells while practicing gymnastics. What's to stop you from achieving what you want. That's the basis of what the Twisted Conditioning courses are is to help you find the best combinations to the goals you want to reach or better surpass. There shouldn't be an excuse where you can't swing kettlebells and do 500 squats in the same workout, there's no reason why you shouldn't want to pick up a partial 600lb deadlift and smash a tire with a sledgehammer in the same workout as well.

Never believe you can't build strength an endurance at the same time, anything's possible with the right focus and the will to believe that yes you can do this and never in any doubt that anyone else is afraid to go for the gold, you're shooting for the platinum. It's finding what you want and proving to yourself you can get there.

If you want to learn this method and others from Bud himself, go the Superhuman Workshop he's co-hosting with Physical Culture's Rennissance man Logan Christopher and possibly a special guest.

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