Monday, February 13, 2012

What Are You Prepared To Do?

What a burning question that is. You know who's famous for saying that many times in one movie? It was the original James Bond himself Sean Connery who said it to Elliot Ness played by legendary actor Kevin Costner in the epic movie The Untouchables. This is one of my favorite quotes of all-time and it can be applied to anything but in this case its applying to strength.

It's a question we don't often ask ourselves when we want to become strong or fit. I think it's because we never really find what we need to do to become what we dream about and making it a reality. I have thought of this question many times throughout my physical culture career and always wondered what I can do to be better, stronger and more enduring then for a man my size. Sometimes I get scared about what I do, I even sometimes get shocked out of my wits when I surpass a goal or scared s*itless when there's something that is just out of my reach.

The one thing I'm always prepared for is the most important aspect of any strength or fitness program and that's never settle for less then what you want to do. However being scared at times can be a good thing because you're learning what you can do to overcome that fear and take your training by the horns.

Being a wild man also has its benefits as you are learning to channel your energy to what lies ahead but always be prepared to take things for what they are. Going through a hard fought workout is like wrestling your own life and whether you win or you lose, never settle for less then what you had put into it. You are more powerful then I can ever tell you and being prepared for that challenge is never an easy one so here's my question for you, are you willing to hit hard and make something of yourself or are you going to be so scared of your own goals that you'll chicken out? the question remains, what are you prepared to do?

What's stopping you from building the body of your dreams? You already have a dream of being strong and powerful so what are you going to do to make that a reality. What I'am going to tell you is if you want to become something beyond what you dream about you have to learn to sweat, take a chance and put effort into everything you do. Whether you're into bodyweight exercises or lifting weights or working with odd type tools, your mind must bring the power into your body and focus on what matters to you the most. I'm going to ask you again, what are you prepared to do?

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