Monday, February 13, 2012

The Power Of Your Will

In one of the recent superhero films The Green Lantern, it shows the power of how one little ring can channel the will and power of the person or alien that wears it. I'm here to tell you that with practical and focused training, you can learn to harness your own powers without the need of a little ring. Sure you won't be able to fly or use tools that came out of your own thought but with the right focus, you can channel your will and surge out levels of strength and speed you never thought you had.

To channel your energy and harness your power, you must first focus your mind and create the image that you want. Imagine in your mind, you're strong, powerful, got blazing speed, the sound of your power you're using. These are the tools you need if you want to harness that strength that's within you.

In your mind, you have an accomplished goal, now make it happen with the power that's inside you. Learn to use the power of your CoreForce Energy. See it as if it's right in front of you and nothing can bend or break that sight and the only it can is if you let it.

You are strong, cunning and vibrant then anything else around you. See it, feel it, live it, your power is your own and the more you shoot that power the stronger you get. In your mind you see your power burning through houses, mega buildings, the mountains, shoot out to the sea, beyond the horizon and burn through the atmosphere. That power is burning through a hole in the moon and shoots past the stars through the planets and beyond the galaxy.

Your power is your unstoppable force. When giant forces collide they say it's the irresistible force meeting the immovable object, you are one and the same and there's nothing that can break that power. Use this power to tackle the obstacles in your training and take it to a level that only the average human can dream of. Learn to grip that power and never let go.

Learn how to harness your power and find your own style of how to use it. It's no ones power but yours and yours alone. Use the will of your mind to create what you want and turn it into the thing that people never see to believe and become the very thing you dared to dream about and learn everything that you can. Use it wisely as it can bite you in the ass if you're not careful. It takes effort to harness this power so never settle for the easy way. The easy part is actually learning to harness it. The hard part is keeping consistent.

Mastery takes practice, it doesn't happen overnight as you may believe but believe in yourself and your power will run much smoother. Practice it, feel it and get the surging power of your own will. The green lanter's ring isn't on your finger, it's inside of you and you have the ability to harness it however you see fit.

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Ben Bergman said...

Thank you Jason, keep spreading the word bro and i'll keep writing.