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Is It Better To Train In The Morning Or At Night?

This can be a big debate because you'll get an argument on both sides and the pros & cons of both but let's get down to the nitty gritty; either one works great but deep down it comes to the individual within different aspects of when its the best time for them. For most its good to train in the morning because it gives you jolt before heading into work and you have accomplished something for the day.

I tend to train way better at night because I wake up later and work on my schedule writing for you awesome folks. The truth is i'm just not a morning person and regardless of how much sleep I get I never feel my best in the morning and that's ok, just the way my body functions. I do however get more of my training in the afternoon in between writing and researching. There are at times where I have pent up energy that just needs to be out of me (not like that you freaking pervs) and I train my body until i'm just ready to go to bed and be knocked out. I'm stil…

What To Look For In A Fitness Program

Many times people quit on their program within a short period of time and these are some of the reasons....It's too tough, they get injured, not challenging enough, there's no consistency, harder than expected to be, no one to workout with, scared of it or they don't have the mindset to keep going. I know what its like to quit early and usually its for one of 2 reasons: I lost interest or I got burned out. Rarely ever got injured on a program and that's usually the first thing that signals you a program isn't going to truly work. I have been hurt from doing certain feats but never anything severe.

The type of program that you aught to be looking for in my eyes (this is based on more than a decade and a half of experience, wins & loses, trial & error and victories & failures) comes through these ideals, concepts & elements....

Is it something you are highly interested in?

Is it something that gives you opportunities to set goals that keep you going c…

Combining Fat Burning Exercise Systems

Sometimes 2 sets of Training Programs are better than one. Its only fitting to take in multiple concepts of strength & conditioning not because of "needing" to do more but to get experience in what can be useful and what doesn't. I have clocked in many hours on one exercise system alone so imagine when I do more than one system in a single day.

At the moment, I'm utilizing 2 very distinctive and very powerful exercise systems that has shown me results in a short amount of time. No i'm not losing so much weight to save my life but I'am however losing bodyfat and gaining awareness and healthy functional strength & stamina. The first one is Isometrics (Free-Handed) doing up to 2 body parts (Or sets of muscle groups) a day and the other is my all-time favorite form of conditioning and that's Animal Exercise. With the Isometrics, they help generate greater blood flow & maintain muscular definition while the Animals develop coordination, endurance a…

Your Body Is The Gym & The World Is Your Equipment

From 13-20 (roughly 7 years) I thought like everyone else the only to get super strong was by lifting weights and heavy equipment on the machines. I didn't know any better and yes I did get crazy strong for natural lifting (meaning no steroids or P.E.D's) hitting over 300 in the bench, near 370 in the deadlift, over 400 in the squat (so 1000+ total in the Power Lifts), over 700 leg press, 500 on the calf raise machine and more so I wasn't any slouch but I found out something terribly wrong. I was strong but I was no where near fit enough to write home about; couldn't run a sprint to save my life, sucked at push-ups and literally had little flexibility or mobility.

When I broke my legs I knew I had to make a change. I went into a 180 and made the decision to focus more on my conditioning, flexibility and tendon building. Sure I put on muscle but I went far beyond that, I developed flexibility fast, gained control over my body from the inside out, created drills that enh…

Isometrics For Fat Burning & Building Muscle

These days while i'm circling with Animal/Playful Movements & various circuits when i'm in the mood, I also do Isometrics. Mostly free-handed but a mixture of different things. On Sunday, I tackled isometrics through the use of my pull-up bar. Contracting and relaxing using different grips and doing them in three positions (standing on the ground & the two steps on a stool). Don't know how long the workout was but I felt it immediately and very much at the end.

The thing that always struck me about Isometrics that I sometimes forget to realize is that they don't just make you stronger but denser in the muscular structure that can aid in the fat burning process and put on greater natural muscle mass. This isn't bodybuilding muscle but the type of muscle that is functional and strengthens not just the big boys but the little ones too on top of strengthening the connective tissues such as the tendons & ligaments and literally fires up those muscle fibers w…

Playful Movement & Isometrics

Its not always wise to cram so much into a short amount of time. When you do your best to make time but you scramble for it and move too fast, it can bite you back in the ass. Use your time wisely, get up a little earlier, do the very best you can in the time you do have. We have responsibilities that to which is obvious but you can never not have fun when you exercise. Whether its for a few minutes or longer, make your exercise enjoyable, live in the moment.

I love Isometrics not just because they work like a charm but are in my eyes the very best forms of exercise when you're short on time. For 5-10 min. you can get in a full body workout utilizing Isometrics but you don't have to do them in one workout, spread it out throughout the day. Pick a body part and do a few minutes here and there. Personally I do 2-3 body parts a day that is spread out for example yesterday I did shoulders, Abs & Legs and today i'll be doing Chest & Arms.

When I do my so called Playful …

Four Awesome Ways To Get Involved With Advocare

With the foundation of building a healthy lifestyle, its not only important to be involved in it but encourage others to do the same. I have been with Advocare since November of last year and decided to become a Independent Distributor by not only selling the products but also take in the amazing discounts they have to offer. I'm here to give you 4 really cool ways you can get involved and not only bask in the discounts if you choose to be a Distributor, you can sell and build a business out of it. Here we go.....
#1 Retail Customer: Enjoy the products themselves as you become a avid customer and build your health from there.

#2 Wholesale Customer: You can sign up as a Distributor & start off with a 20% Discount that is offered to you.

#3 Distributor: As a Distributor you get discounts from 20-40% OFF, sell those products and make a kick ass profit from them. Once you have a discount, you have it for life so when you get to 40% it will never go away so you can enjoy the insan…

Hack Your Brain?

Who hasn't at one time or another wished they were smarter?

What if you could improve your focus, concentration, and memory in just 3 seconds a day? Would you do it?

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What could you accomplish if you could apply unwavering focus to any task you wanted? 
Two double blind clinical trials conducted by the Boston Center for Memory showed improvements vs placebo in memory, brainwave patterns, and focus.
This powerful Supplement may help you remember names and places, focus on complex tasks, and improve your mental speed in response to stimuli. Whether it is a work project, a social gathering, or an athletic performance, taking this is like another gear for your brain.

The Jungle Was Screaming To Have Me Come Back & An Update From Vacation

For the past week or so I decided to challenge myself to a program I thought would give me an opportunity to see what I can do on a Cardio level. I decided to part ways with it yesterday, not because it was too tough or because it wasn't challenging, I just mainly lost interest and you know what I'm ok with it. I'm also going up for the 24-Day Advocare Challenge but this is something i'm interested in and using my hard spent money wisely on.

When you take on something that can last a while, it is vastly and critically important to be interested in it otherwise you're just going through the motions and if your heart isn't in it regardless of your results it will feel like an empty shell of what you truly wanted to accomplish. I also lost interest in trying to lose weight because let's face it, numbers on a scale for the most part don't mean a damn thing when you feel what really matters. I get it you want to be slimmer, more toned up and many other aspec…

Six Degree Flow

What's Up Everyone,

I want to take this moment to tell you about 6 Degree Flow, one of the latest fitness products from RMAX International. If you have never heard of RMAX, they have been the global leader in health-first fitness products for the last 17 years. 6 Degree Flow is a product designed from over 2 decades of research and applied practice in developing a fitness workout that restores our bodies innate “FLOW”.

In 6 Degree Flow, Coach Scott Sonnon has developed a simple, fun, fulfilling, and painless method for losing unhealthy levels of fat, watching inches disappear AND eliminating harmful distress to your physical and mental health. It will change the way you fit in your clothes for certain, but more importantly, it will return the way you feel powerful and graceful in your movement.

These benefits and much more are attainable in less than one hour per session just a few times a week. The program is outlined in user friendly format and available for immediate digital do…


What's Up Guys,

Have you heard about the Clubbell? The most ancient tool known to man, the club, has been reinvented for the modern athlete. The most ancient weapon, the club, evolved over millennia into devastatingly effective martial arts worldwide.  Many cultural martial traditions across the planet utilized the club not just for combat, but for restorative health and developed strength: Indian Kalaripayat, Iranian Pahlavani, Okinawan Karate and Russian SAMBO.

Due to the center of mass being far away from the hand, the Clubbell® can be very light and yet produce superior force. Other tools must weigh much more because the center is in your grasp..Swung not Lifted: Due to the design, the Clubbell® can be swung in three dimensions rather than lifted in one or two dimensions to give you true whole-body functional strength.

Aging and weakness are a process of losing complexity. Our nervous system craves increasing sophistication. The greater the variety, and the greater the depth o…