Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Is It Better To Train In The Morning Or At Night?

This can be a big debate because you'll get an argument on both sides and the pros & cons of both but let's get down to the nitty gritty; either one works great but deep down it comes to the individual within different aspects of when its the best time for them. For most its good to train in the morning because it gives you jolt before heading into work and you have accomplished something for the day.

I tend to train way better at night because I wake up later and work on my schedule writing for you awesome folks. The truth is i'm just not a morning person and regardless of how much sleep I get I never feel my best in the morning and that's ok, just the way my body functions. I do however get more of my training in the afternoon in between writing and researching. There are at times where I have pent up energy that just needs to be out of me (not like that you freaking pervs) and I train my body until i'm just ready to go to bed and be knocked out. I'm still learning how to channel my body this way.

I believe the best time to train is when you have the energy to do so and record it in a journal. You have a different body so your energy levels are different. Learn how to channel your energy so when you are ready to train you can be at your best. Some are great for the morning sessions so they're kick starting the day and ready to rock, some are great for the afternoon where they're taking a break from work and putting in a few minutes of exercise to re-energize their bodies and function better that way, some do great at night because they have some energy left in the tank and get in some killer training that will help them fall asleep.

Now there are people who don't have a lot of time to exercise or train because of certain circumstances that get in the way like work for example, raising kids and having the responsibilities of being an adult. The best time is up to you and how you want it when its best for you. It can be very exhausting doing all these responsibilities believe me i've seen a lot of parents put in so much during the day it can wipe them out. So the best way to look at it is, when you have a little window is to do basic exercises for a few minutes and leave it as that. Some barely have enough time to hit the gym so utilize what time you have and make it work otherwise you're just using excuses. There's always time to train even if its 1 minute, that's 10 push-ups, 20 squats and 10 v-ups. Most believe that in order to get the best results is to do an hour of cardio and a half of strength training; that is flat out bullshit especially for those that spend the majority of time raising a family and busting their ass at work. Give yourself time, that's what the Darebee Workouts can do, help you save time. You don't have to do all the sets of the circuit to get results, just do what's possible for the given time you have.

So does it matter what's the best time between these 2 parts of the day? Not really, what works best will be up to the individual who makes the time.

Product Of The Day: The Indestructible Body

The course that teaches you to combine the best elements to develop an injury-proof type o body intellectually. When you train with the intent of mindfully challenging the muscles but have the respect to back off and do things moderately and structured to your body's abilities to withstand difficult and basic forms of exercise, you can live a long and healthy life without overstressing the joints & ligaments not just the muscles. Get the Hard-Copy or the Digital Downloads for a reasonable price

(DOD): Deep Fried In 60 Seconds

A great high intensity workout for those that are short on time but want to get quick results that can be done up to 2-3X a week. Rest as long as needed and only do each exercise for 20 seconds each. Very basic exercises that can turn you into a machine. Work up to a total of 10 sets per circuit. For some, the best can be only 2 which is a great start.......

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What To Look For In A Fitness Program

Many times people quit on their program within a short period of time and these are some of the reasons....It's too tough, they get injured, not challenging enough, there's no consistency, harder than expected to be, no one to workout with, scared of it or they don't have the mindset to keep going. I know what its like to quit early and usually its for one of 2 reasons: I lost interest or I got burned out. Rarely ever got injured on a program and that's usually the first thing that signals you a program isn't going to truly work. I have been hurt from doing certain feats but never anything severe.

The type of program that you aught to be looking for in my eyes (this is based on more than a decade and a half of experience, wins & loses, trial & error and victories & failures) comes through these ideals, concepts & elements....

Is it something you are highly interested in?

Is it something that gives you opportunities to set goals that keep you going consistently?

Is it something that won't injure you or won't have you straining?

Does it motivate you?

Does it live up to the standards that congruent with your personality & mindset?

If you can find a program that fits all these you are set but yet most people won't find 3 things that fits these categories. The reason why this is because they are brainwashed into thinking how the "guru" or "trainer" thinks and becomes a sheep to his/her wolf. Its not all their fault, it can be overwhelming to choose something where there's a plethora of opposing opinions and both negative & positive feedback. I'm still learning these categories even after all these years and i'm no where near perfect at all of them but with consistency I have spent the majority of time hitting at least 3 of these minimum and the biggest one id of the interest. It doesn't have to come natural to you but it has to keep you at bay from overworking yourself, teaching you the value of backing off when needed and vitally important that it makes you happy because if you're miserable where's the true intentions of actually doing it.

Learn what works according to your needs, your personality, your self-observation & relying on your own mindset to stay motivated and being intense when needed & learning to take steps back recovering. I learned many years ago I had to be self-reliant in my training because i'm not in the habit of following others down to the very depth of the earth and hate being told to me that this or that is the very best. Live for interest, having fun & challenging both mind and body. We are all looking for the same thing and that's being the best we can be.

Product Of The Day: Hercules Pre-Workout Formula

A powerful mix of Herbs & Minerals; doesn't have the greatest taste but will power up your body to a high degree and allow you to not only possibly break PR's but give you excess energy left over even after your workout. Take it 15 minutes before tackling your training and feel the benefits kick in and hone that energy to a level that you may not have experienced before. Only take it before workouts not on off days.

Darebee Of The Day: The Harley Quinn Workout

For all the ladies that want a change of pace in getting in shape quick and utilizing combat entities suck as kicking and punching. Guys don't be fooled by the name, it'll kick your ass too trust me it almost knocked me on my ass a time or 2.The crazy girlfriend of Mr. J doesn't bite unless she's provoked and has skills that can take out even the toughest of men. Before you know it you'll be hearing her voice cheering you on (don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing).

Monday, August 29, 2016

Combining Fat Burning Exercise Systems

Sometimes 2 sets of Training Programs are better than one. Its only fitting to take in multiple concepts of strength & conditioning not because of "needing" to do more but to get experience in what can be useful and what doesn't. I have clocked in many hours on one exercise system alone so imagine when I do more than one system in a single day.

At the moment, I'm utilizing 2 very distinctive and very powerful exercise systems that has shown me results in a short amount of time. No i'm not losing so much weight to save my life but I'am however losing bodyfat and gaining awareness and healthy functional strength & stamina. The first one is Isometrics (Free-Handed) doing up to 2 body parts (Or sets of muscle groups) a day and the other is my all-time favorite form of conditioning and that's Animal Exercise. With the Isometrics, they help generate greater blood flow & maintain muscular definition while the Animals develop coordination, endurance and high intensity conditioning. Combining these 2 elements are amazing as in terms of balancing out the timing of the day plus I get a quick or long workout if I choose to.

Is it possible to do multiple types of exercise in a day? Very much so but its not a requirement or something you need to do the rest of your life. I do however believe in getting experience in as many concepts as possible but in a balanced way where you want to get better at something like a specific skill or building strength for a specific purpose. It doesn't need to take hours a day to do either so don't think you can't get experience from not doing something for a very extended period of time; building it over time creates more experience and when you do something daily, you gain more knowledge but don't kill yourself over it. I don't do extreme intensity all the time but I do hit it hard when the time is right and use everything I have, the other times is more focused based, moderate intensity and making time whether for a few minutes or longer.

Look into developing your body inside and out when you take on more than one type of exercise system but don't strain yourself or take it to the limit frequently, work into it slowly and focus on what's important for you and not letting certain things dictate what you want out of it. Don't force it, let it come naturally and challenge yourself intuitively.

Product Of The Day: Onnit Primal Kettlebells


Enhance the workout with kettlebells that not only look bad ass but might just have magical properties when you get a hold of one whether its Bigfoot, Gorilla, Orangutan, Chimp or Howler. Just the artistic style alone should get you pumped. Think of it as a Pre-Workout Formula just seeing these bad boys and then the adrenaline kicks in when you pick it up and swing it, press it, snatch it or if you're really ambitious Juggling it.

(DOD): The first Darebee Workout Of The Day. As a fan of the themed circuit workouts its important to find the type of workout that can inspire others to take on a fun challenge while using your imagination. I love these types of workouts and if you want to buy a book of 100 Darebee Workouts go to the right of the blog. Most comic book fans know about Bats but very few deep down understand the type of training it takes to stay in shape against Gotham's greatest criminals so he needs to be on top of his game every night. Here's a way to sample what it would be like to workout like the Dark Knight.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Your Body Is The Gym & The World Is Your Equipment

From 13-20 (roughly 7 years) I thought like everyone else the only to get super strong was by lifting weights and heavy equipment on the machines. I didn't know any better and yes I did get crazy strong for natural lifting (meaning no steroids or P.E.D's) hitting over 300 in the bench, near 370 in the deadlift, over 400 in the squat (so 1000+ total in the Power Lifts), over 700 leg press, 500 on the calf raise machine and more so I wasn't any slouch but I found out something terribly wrong. I was strong but I was no where near fit enough to write home about; couldn't run a sprint to save my life, sucked at push-ups and literally had little flexibility or mobility.

When I broke my legs I knew I had to make a change. I went into a 180 and made the decision to focus more on my conditioning, flexibility and tendon building. Sure I put on muscle but I went far beyond that, I developed flexibility fast, gained control over my body from the inside out, created drills that enhanced my performance, made progress at a quicker pace than through years of training prior to that. Nothing was going to stop me.

What I began to realize through self-rehab to today was that you don't need a building to feel like you have to get strong in. The real gym that matters is not what you need, its what you already have and that is YOU!!! Weights & machines are good to a degree but they're not the end-all be all. Why have one building with so much crammed together when you can have the world to walk around in. Go lift rocks, move logs, go swimming, crawl on the grass, meditate in the woods, do pull-ups at a park, do push-ups anywhere, sprint in place if you can't get to a track or a hill. The majority of people don't have an open mind and that's really sad but its not all their fault. Its the dumb and tempting advertising on TV, in magazines, in the stores and maybe the worst place to be tempted is on the internet. Some people choose to be so narrow because they're afraid of what will happen if they leave behind their domain, the thing that has kept them safe and secure & they can't leave something they've believed in for so damn long.

It takes a big person to expand their mind and be aware of what can be truly useful instead of what they were told to do. I don't believe in worshipping guru's or feeding their ego by doing what they say down to the very letter. I see that as a threat to my individuality and leading my own path by learning what can work for me and not just bodyweight stuff but things like hammers, maces, rocks at the lake, my isometric power belt and many more. I choose to be creative; yes from time to time I get suckered into a particular course that I work on but unlike having it tell me this or that, I find a way to not only make it work for me but balance it out by being open to ideas, not always open to the belief.

Your body is your gym, look around you with open eyes internally and externally the equipment that surrounds you everywhere you go. The world has all the equipment you need or none at all just yourself.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Isometrics For Fat Burning & Building Muscle

These days while i'm circling with Animal/Playful Movements & various circuits when i'm in the mood, I also do Isometrics. Mostly free-handed but a mixture of different things. On Sunday, I tackled isometrics through the use of my pull-up bar. Contracting and relaxing using different grips and doing them in three positions (standing on the ground & the two steps on a stool). Don't know how long the workout was but I felt it immediately and very much at the end.

The thing that always struck me about Isometrics that I sometimes forget to realize is that they don't just make you stronger but denser in the muscular structure that can aid in the fat burning process and put on greater natural muscle mass. This isn't bodybuilding muscle but the type of muscle that is functional and strengthens not just the big boys but the little ones too on top of strengthening the connective tissues such as the tendons & ligaments and literally fires up those muscle fibers when contracted.

When most people think of Isometrics the one that comes to mind is the Plank exercise where you hold yourself up in a push-up like position either on the forearms or hands. This exercise is more known for being what's called a Aerobic Isometric where you hold a position for an extended period of time instead of using full on contractions. The real exercises go far beyond just holding a position, its a form of extensive laser-like focus and utilizing specific muscles or the whole body depending on the position where it's in isolation, in other words Pushing, Pulling, Squatting, Gripping against an immovable object or staying in a static position where you where you don't move the muscle(s).

Some have the belief that isometrics don't really work if you're trying to build muscle; that can be said within the depending goal of the type of muscle you're building. I do believe it works because I have done it plus its been used by some of the strongest people on the planet dating back 100 years or more. The original muscle builders of the early 20th century did in fact use isometrics to build their bodies, the other term for this is Muscle Control. In America the most famous for coming up with this concept was Alois P. Swoboda that had a course called Conscious Evolution. Another famous name which in turn became a much bigger legend in the world of Physical Culture was Maxick that made not only muscle building a way of life but also made it an art form which became part of today's Bodybuilding Culture. Not only did he build his body through this style of training, it also helped him become pound for pound one of the strongest men of his generation.

Isometrics in simple terms develops Positional Strength where you do fixed positions and strengthen that area. Bruce Lee has done this, Dennis Rogers, The Mighty Atom & others have generated incredible strength, power & speed utilizing this method. To me the most powerful example of this method of training is from a wrestler named the Great Gama of India; aside from his insane regimen of high rep calisthenics & wrestling practice, his method of Isometrics made him so tough that it kept him undefeated throughout his entire career. Never losing in over 5000 Matches even the greatest wrestlers of America & Europe couldn't touch him. His longest matches were no more than 10 minutes if that and threw guys around like rag dolls even though some were far bigger than him. So what was his Isometric Workouts? Well legend has it that every morning he would get up and wrap a belt around a tree and proceed to throw it in every position he can come up with. Never was able to make the tree come out out of the roots but because of this, his opponents didn't stand a chance.

There are many ways to use isometrics especially if you're tackling the weights because if you're stuck in a certain position, you put the bar in that position (using a rack) and strengthen that position. It aids in developing strength so when you use the full range of motion it'll be easier to lift because of strengthening the positions little by little. That's all for today but if you want to pick up some great courses based purely on Isometrics here's a few places to check out.....

How To Learn Muscle Control

Muscle Control By Maxick

Power Isometrics

Isometric Strength

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Playful Movement & Isometrics

Its not always wise to cram so much into a short amount of time. When you do your best to make time but you scramble for it and move too fast, it can bite you back in the ass. Use your time wisely, get up a little earlier, do the very best you can in the time you do have. We have responsibilities that to which is obvious but you can never not have fun when you exercise. Whether its for a few minutes or longer, make your exercise enjoyable, live in the moment.

I love Isometrics not just because they work like a charm but are in my eyes the very best forms of exercise when you're short on time. For 5-10 min. you can get in a full body workout utilizing Isometrics but you don't have to do them in one workout, spread it out throughout the day. Pick a body part and do a few minutes here and there. Personally I do 2-3 body parts a day that is spread out for example yesterday I did shoulders, Abs & Legs and today i'll be doing Chest & Arms.

When I do my so called Playful Movement training, I customize a sequence of move going from one to the other and flow through utilizing my mind and body together so when I go through it, its not overly difficult or straining but like the name implies Playful, being creative and learning how MY BODY operates under the selection of where every ties in with that sequence. Its never the same one twice. Develop a variety of exercises and infuse them together to create your own super routine that increases strength, stamina, flexibility & mobility. Be playful.

For more info on Isometric check out these courses.....

Isometric Power Revolution

How To Learn Muscle Control

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Four Awesome Ways To Get Involved With Advocare

With the foundation of building a healthy lifestyle, its not only important to be involved in it but encourage others to do the same. I have been with Advocare since November of last year and decided to become a Independent Distributor by not only selling the products but also take in the amazing discounts they have to offer. I'm here to give you 4 really cool ways you can get involved and not only bask in the discounts if you choose to be a Distributor, you can sell and build a business out of it. Here we go.....

#1 Retail Customer: Enjoy the products themselves as you become a avid customer and build your health from there.

#2 Wholesale Customer: You can sign up as a Distributor & start off with a 20% Discount that is offered to you.

#3 Distributor: As a Distributor you get discounts from 20-40% OFF, sell those products and make a kick ass profit from them. Once you have a discount, you have it for life so when you get to 40% it will never go away so you can enjoy the insane savings and even potential massive profit you can generate.

& #4 Advisor (Business Builder): Build up to Advisor Level @ the 40% Discount & get full on access to the 5 MASSIVE TIPS to earn Income.

I'm currently the type of person who enjoys the products and slowly building up to that advisor level and go from there while @ the 25% OFF Discount. My journey is on the 24-Day Challenge which is their best selling program that teaches others how to take in product utilizing a healthy lifestyle of food, exercise & learning the value of your long-term healthy regimen. Its only the first week and really enjoying the experience of fat loss and energy building entities that is helping me be more alert, fitter and more.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hack Your Brain?

Who hasn't at one time or another wished they were smarter?

What if you could improve your focus, concentration, and memory in just 3 seconds a day? Would you do it?

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This powerful Supplement may help you remember names and places, focus on complex tasks, and improve your mental speed in response to stimuli. Whether it is a work project, a social gathering, or an athletic performance, taking this is like another gear for your brain.

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Jungle Was Screaming To Have Me Come Back & An Update From Vacation

For the past week or so I decided to challenge myself to a program I thought would give me an opportunity to see what I can do on a Cardio level. I decided to part ways with it yesterday, not because it was too tough or because it wasn't challenging, I just mainly lost interest and you know what I'm ok with it. I'm also going up for the 24-Day Advocare Challenge but this is something i'm interested in and using my hard spent money wisely on.

When you take on something that can last a while, it is vastly and critically important to be interested in it otherwise you're just going through the motions and if your heart isn't in it regardless of your results it will feel like an empty shell of what you truly wanted to accomplish. I also lost interest in trying to lose weight because let's face it, numbers on a scale for the most part don't mean a damn thing when you feel what really matters. I get it you want to be slimmer, more toned up and many other aspects, the only reason people should truly lose weight is if they are in critical health and don't have any choice but to lose weight for health reasons. I'm a big dude but no where near obese since I have a more solid muscular frame and my body can do things even better than some 50-100 pounds lighter can. I do believe in Fat Loss however where you build a foundation of training and nutrition to burn fat and put on muscle.

You see, two people can weigh exactly the same say like a man at 200 lbs. who is muscular, has vital energy, radiant health and has strong bones and tendons to carry him as oppose to another man of the same exact weight but has had a few too many beers in his lifetime, has arm fat, puffy legs, man tits, sausage fingers and can't even see his own dick. Looks can be deceiving so unless your health is in a crisis where losing weight absolutely needs to be the number one priority than do so but do it with an open mind, make it vital to your success, learn about exercise and research nutritional value for the foods that are important in your eating habits. When you take on fat loss, its way different and in some cases far easier than just losing weight.

I decided to go back to Jungle Training, putting forth what I feel is my ultimate program for adventurous fitness that doesn't have a ton of structure, I'm not limited to the exercices I do and it makes me HAPPY!!! I personally feel that when you do things that bring you joy, doesn't stress you out in a negative way, builds your brain and builds your intuition that's where the true adventure lies. I condition my body to tackle movements that are unique and developing my connective tissue instead of mainly muscles. Puts me in a state where I don't feel like a human and expand my potential to get stronger, faster and build on my stamina. I love bodyweight training and what it can do, this is just my preference and i'm willing to teach it to anyone who wants to do it or learn the ways of the animals.

People like structure, I get that it makes them feel safe, secure and knowing exactly what to do in order to reach their goals whether its making money, getting in shape, doing better in school or whatever but from my own experiences there comes a time where you won't know what the hell to do and you need to make a choice and whatever you choose will be your path. I'm going to tell you right now I don't care if I make 10 grand a year or 100 million a year, either way I live my life according to what makes me happy. I pay rent at home, I love where I'am, I love the wonderful people in my life, I love what I can use to better myself. Do I want to learn how to make more money in my life, yes and no and I'll tell you why...Yes because it be awesome to do great things like travel and own a house one day but in the same sense no because if I have to put down a ton of freaking money to learn how to make money and I get screwed over, who truly wins here? I'm not saying all of that will have that affect but in the end, I want to know what I'm getting into, I want upfront honesty, no lying, setting me up so I can pay you to teach me and I want to be taught how I can turn up the volume of my own personality; sales pitches can make you rich with the right tools but is it really really you that people are talking to or is it a piece of you but using a salesman's personality to have people hand over their hard earned money?

I don't give a damn if you pay me $1 or $100,000 I will be my true self to you in the best way I can and share with you my love and enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition and find possibilities to help you in your en devours. The Jungle is calling to me and I must obey its will. Till next time, keep kicking ass, be happy in whatever you do and if you want to get a hold of me shoot me a comment or go to

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Six Degree Flow

What's Up Everyone,

I want to take this moment to tell you about 6 Degree Flow, one of the latest fitness products from RMAX International. If you have never heard of RMAX, they have been the global leader in health-first fitness products for the last 17 years. 6 Degree Flow is a product designed from over 2 decades of research and applied practice in developing a fitness workout that restores our bodies innate “FLOW”.

In 6 Degree Flow, Coach Scott Sonnon has developed a simple, fun, fulfilling, and painless method for losing unhealthy levels of fat, watching inches disappear AND eliminating harmful distress to your physical and mental health. It will change the way you fit in your clothes for certain, but more importantly, it will return the way you feel powerful and graceful in your movement.

These benefits and much more are attainable in less than one hour per session just a few times a week. The program is outlined in user friendly format and available for immediate digital download. Move like our bodies were designed to do and begin enjoying an improved quality of life right now with 6 Degree Flow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


What's Up Guys,

Have you heard about the Clubbell? The most ancient tool known to man, the club, has been reinvented for the modern athlete. The most ancient weapon, the club, evolved over millennia into devastatingly effective martial arts worldwide.  Many cultural martial traditions across the planet utilized the club not just for combat, but for restorative health and developed strength: Indian Kalaripayat, Iranian Pahlavani, Okinawan Karate and Russian SAMBO.

Due to the center of mass being far away from the hand, the Clubbell® can be very light and yet produce superior force. Other tools must weigh much more because the center is in your grasp..Swung not Lifted: Due to the design, the Clubbell® can be swung in three dimensions rather than lifted in one or two dimensions to give you true whole-body functional strength.

Aging and weakness are a process of losing complexity. Our nervous system craves increasing sophistication. The greater the variety, and the greater the depth of skill potentially available, the more versatility and greater satisfaction you get out of it. No other piece of equipment can be used in so many ways, with such variety as the Clubbell, which is why RMAX Says: one tool – infinite possibilities. What are you waiting for? Let’s go clubbing today.

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