Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What To Look For In A Fitness Program

Many times people quit on their program within a short period of time and these are some of the reasons....It's too tough, they get injured, not challenging enough, there's no consistency, harder than expected to be, no one to workout with, scared of it or they don't have the mindset to keep going. I know what its like to quit early and usually its for one of 2 reasons: I lost interest or I got burned out. Rarely ever got injured on a program and that's usually the first thing that signals you a program isn't going to truly work. I have been hurt from doing certain feats but never anything severe.

The type of program that you aught to be looking for in my eyes (this is based on more than a decade and a half of experience, wins & loses, trial & error and victories & failures) comes through these ideals, concepts & elements....

Is it something you are highly interested in?

Is it something that gives you opportunities to set goals that keep you going consistently?

Is it something that won't injure you or won't have you straining?

Does it motivate you?

Does it live up to the standards that congruent with your personality & mindset?

If you can find a program that fits all these you are set but yet most people won't find 3 things that fits these categories. The reason why this is because they are brainwashed into thinking how the "guru" or "trainer" thinks and becomes a sheep to his/her wolf. Its not all their fault, it can be overwhelming to choose something where there's a plethora of opposing opinions and both negative & positive feedback. I'm still learning these categories even after all these years and i'm no where near perfect at all of them but with consistency I have spent the majority of time hitting at least 3 of these minimum and the biggest one id of the interest. It doesn't have to come natural to you but it has to keep you at bay from overworking yourself, teaching you the value of backing off when needed and vitally important that it makes you happy because if you're miserable where's the true intentions of actually doing it.

Learn what works according to your needs, your personality, your self-observation & relying on your own mindset to stay motivated and being intense when needed & learning to take steps back recovering. I learned many years ago I had to be self-reliant in my training because i'm not in the habit of following others down to the very depth of the earth and hate being told to me that this or that is the very best. Live for interest, having fun & challenging both mind and body. We are all looking for the same thing and that's being the best we can be.

Product Of The Day: Hercules Pre-Workout Formula

A powerful mix of Herbs & Minerals; doesn't have the greatest taste but will power up your body to a high degree and allow you to not only possibly break PR's but give you excess energy left over even after your workout. Take it 15 minutes before tackling your training and feel the benefits kick in and hone that energy to a level that you may not have experienced before. Only take it before workouts not on off days.

Darebee Of The Day: The Harley Quinn Workout

For all the ladies that want a change of pace in getting in shape quick and utilizing combat entities suck as kicking and punching. Guys don't be fooled by the name, it'll kick your ass too trust me it almost knocked me on my ass a time or 2.The crazy girlfriend of Mr. J doesn't bite unless she's provoked and has skills that can take out even the toughest of men. Before you know it you'll be hearing her voice cheering you on (don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing).

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