Monday, August 29, 2016

Combining Fat Burning Exercise Systems

Sometimes 2 sets of Training Programs are better than one. Its only fitting to take in multiple concepts of strength & conditioning not because of "needing" to do more but to get experience in what can be useful and what doesn't. I have clocked in many hours on one exercise system alone so imagine when I do more than one system in a single day.

At the moment, I'm utilizing 2 very distinctive and very powerful exercise systems that has shown me results in a short amount of time. No i'm not losing so much weight to save my life but I'am however losing bodyfat and gaining awareness and healthy functional strength & stamina. The first one is Isometrics (Free-Handed) doing up to 2 body parts (Or sets of muscle groups) a day and the other is my all-time favorite form of conditioning and that's Animal Exercise. With the Isometrics, they help generate greater blood flow & maintain muscular definition while the Animals develop coordination, endurance and high intensity conditioning. Combining these 2 elements are amazing as in terms of balancing out the timing of the day plus I get a quick or long workout if I choose to.

Is it possible to do multiple types of exercise in a day? Very much so but its not a requirement or something you need to do the rest of your life. I do however believe in getting experience in as many concepts as possible but in a balanced way where you want to get better at something like a specific skill or building strength for a specific purpose. It doesn't need to take hours a day to do either so don't think you can't get experience from not doing something for a very extended period of time; building it over time creates more experience and when you do something daily, you gain more knowledge but don't kill yourself over it. I don't do extreme intensity all the time but I do hit it hard when the time is right and use everything I have, the other times is more focused based, moderate intensity and making time whether for a few minutes or longer.

Look into developing your body inside and out when you take on more than one type of exercise system but don't strain yourself or take it to the limit frequently, work into it slowly and focus on what's important for you and not letting certain things dictate what you want out of it. Don't force it, let it come naturally and challenge yourself intuitively.

Product Of The Day: Onnit Primal Kettlebells


Enhance the workout with kettlebells that not only look bad ass but might just have magical properties when you get a hold of one whether its Bigfoot, Gorilla, Orangutan, Chimp or Howler. Just the artistic style alone should get you pumped. Think of it as a Pre-Workout Formula just seeing these bad boys and then the adrenaline kicks in when you pick it up and swing it, press it, snatch it or if you're really ambitious Juggling it.

(DOD): The first Darebee Workout Of The Day. As a fan of the themed circuit workouts its important to find the type of workout that can inspire others to take on a fun challenge while using your imagination. I love these types of workouts and if you want to buy a book of 100 Darebee Workouts go to the right of the blog. Most comic book fans know about Bats but very few deep down understand the type of training it takes to stay in shape against Gotham's greatest criminals so he needs to be on top of his game every night. Here's a way to sample what it would be like to workout like the Dark Knight.

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