Thursday, August 18, 2016

Playful Movement & Isometrics

Its not always wise to cram so much into a short amount of time. When you do your best to make time but you scramble for it and move too fast, it can bite you back in the ass. Use your time wisely, get up a little earlier, do the very best you can in the time you do have. We have responsibilities that to which is obvious but you can never not have fun when you exercise. Whether its for a few minutes or longer, make your exercise enjoyable, live in the moment.

I love Isometrics not just because they work like a charm but are in my eyes the very best forms of exercise when you're short on time. For 5-10 min. you can get in a full body workout utilizing Isometrics but you don't have to do them in one workout, spread it out throughout the day. Pick a body part and do a few minutes here and there. Personally I do 2-3 body parts a day that is spread out for example yesterday I did shoulders, Abs & Legs and today i'll be doing Chest & Arms.

When I do my so called Playful Movement training, I customize a sequence of move going from one to the other and flow through utilizing my mind and body together so when I go through it, its not overly difficult or straining but like the name implies Playful, being creative and learning how MY BODY operates under the selection of where every ties in with that sequence. Its never the same one twice. Develop a variety of exercises and infuse them together to create your own super routine that increases strength, stamina, flexibility & mobility. Be playful.

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