Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Is It Better To Train In The Morning Or At Night?

This can be a big debate because you'll get an argument on both sides and the pros & cons of both but let's get down to the nitty gritty; either one works great but deep down it comes to the individual within different aspects of when its the best time for them. For most its good to train in the morning because it gives you jolt before heading into work and you have accomplished something for the day.

I tend to train way better at night because I wake up later and work on my schedule writing for you awesome folks. The truth is i'm just not a morning person and regardless of how much sleep I get I never feel my best in the morning and that's ok, just the way my body functions. I do however get more of my training in the afternoon in between writing and researching. There are at times where I have pent up energy that just needs to be out of me (not like that you freaking pervs) and I train my body until i'm just ready to go to bed and be knocked out. I'm still learning how to channel my body this way.

I believe the best time to train is when you have the energy to do so and record it in a journal. You have a different body so your energy levels are different. Learn how to channel your energy so when you are ready to train you can be at your best. Some are great for the morning sessions so they're kick starting the day and ready to rock, some are great for the afternoon where they're taking a break from work and putting in a few minutes of exercise to re-energize their bodies and function better that way, some do great at night because they have some energy left in the tank and get in some killer training that will help them fall asleep.

Now there are people who don't have a lot of time to exercise or train because of certain circumstances that get in the way like work for example, raising kids and having the responsibilities of being an adult. The best time is up to you and how you want it when its best for you. It can be very exhausting doing all these responsibilities believe me i've seen a lot of parents put in so much during the day it can wipe them out. So the best way to look at it is, when you have a little window is to do basic exercises for a few minutes and leave it as that. Some barely have enough time to hit the gym so utilize what time you have and make it work otherwise you're just using excuses. There's always time to train even if its 1 minute, that's 10 push-ups, 20 squats and 10 v-ups. Most believe that in order to get the best results is to do an hour of cardio and a half of strength training; that is flat out bullshit especially for those that spend the majority of time raising a family and busting their ass at work. Give yourself time, that's what the Darebee Workouts can do, help you save time. You don't have to do all the sets of the circuit to get results, just do what's possible for the given time you have.

So does it matter what's the best time between these 2 parts of the day? Not really, what works best will be up to the individual who makes the time.

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