Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Four Awesome Ways To Get Involved With Advocare

With the foundation of building a healthy lifestyle, its not only important to be involved in it but encourage others to do the same. I have been with Advocare since November of last year and decided to become a Independent Distributor by not only selling the products but also take in the amazing discounts they have to offer. I'm here to give you 4 really cool ways you can get involved and not only bask in the discounts if you choose to be a Distributor, you can sell and build a business out of it. Here we go.....

#1 Retail Customer: Enjoy the products themselves as you become a avid customer and build your health from there.

#2 Wholesale Customer: You can sign up as a Distributor & start off with a 20% Discount that is offered to you.

#3 Distributor: As a Distributor you get discounts from 20-40% OFF, sell those products and make a kick ass profit from them. Once you have a discount, you have it for life so when you get to 40% it will never go away so you can enjoy the insane savings and even potential massive profit you can generate.

& #4 Advisor (Business Builder): Build up to Advisor Level @ the 40% Discount & get full on access to the 5 MASSIVE TIPS to earn Income.

I'm currently the type of person who enjoys the products and slowly building up to that advisor level and go from there while @ the 25% OFF Discount. My journey is on the 24-Day Challenge which is their best selling program that teaches others how to take in product utilizing a healthy lifestyle of food, exercise & learning the value of your long-term healthy regimen. Its only the first week and really enjoying the experience of fat loss and energy building entities that is helping me be more alert, fitter and more.

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