Monday, August 15, 2016

The Jungle Was Screaming To Have Me Come Back & An Update From Vacation

For the past week or so I decided to challenge myself to a program I thought would give me an opportunity to see what I can do on a Cardio level. I decided to part ways with it yesterday, not because it was too tough or because it wasn't challenging, I just mainly lost interest and you know what I'm ok with it. I'm also going up for the 24-Day Advocare Challenge but this is something i'm interested in and using my hard spent money wisely on.

When you take on something that can last a while, it is vastly and critically important to be interested in it otherwise you're just going through the motions and if your heart isn't in it regardless of your results it will feel like an empty shell of what you truly wanted to accomplish. I also lost interest in trying to lose weight because let's face it, numbers on a scale for the most part don't mean a damn thing when you feel what really matters. I get it you want to be slimmer, more toned up and many other aspects, the only reason people should truly lose weight is if they are in critical health and don't have any choice but to lose weight for health reasons. I'm a big dude but no where near obese since I have a more solid muscular frame and my body can do things even better than some 50-100 pounds lighter can. I do believe in Fat Loss however where you build a foundation of training and nutrition to burn fat and put on muscle.

You see, two people can weigh exactly the same say like a man at 200 lbs. who is muscular, has vital energy, radiant health and has strong bones and tendons to carry him as oppose to another man of the same exact weight but has had a few too many beers in his lifetime, has arm fat, puffy legs, man tits, sausage fingers and can't even see his own dick. Looks can be deceiving so unless your health is in a crisis where losing weight absolutely needs to be the number one priority than do so but do it with an open mind, make it vital to your success, learn about exercise and research nutritional value for the foods that are important in your eating habits. When you take on fat loss, its way different and in some cases far easier than just losing weight.

I decided to go back to Jungle Training, putting forth what I feel is my ultimate program for adventurous fitness that doesn't have a ton of structure, I'm not limited to the exercices I do and it makes me HAPPY!!! I personally feel that when you do things that bring you joy, doesn't stress you out in a negative way, builds your brain and builds your intuition that's where the true adventure lies. I condition my body to tackle movements that are unique and developing my connective tissue instead of mainly muscles. Puts me in a state where I don't feel like a human and expand my potential to get stronger, faster and build on my stamina. I love bodyweight training and what it can do, this is just my preference and i'm willing to teach it to anyone who wants to do it or learn the ways of the animals.

People like structure, I get that it makes them feel safe, secure and knowing exactly what to do in order to reach their goals whether its making money, getting in shape, doing better in school or whatever but from my own experiences there comes a time where you won't know what the hell to do and you need to make a choice and whatever you choose will be your path. I'm going to tell you right now I don't care if I make 10 grand a year or 100 million a year, either way I live my life according to what makes me happy. I pay rent at home, I love where I'am, I love the wonderful people in my life, I love what I can use to better myself. Do I want to learn how to make more money in my life, yes and no and I'll tell you why...Yes because it be awesome to do great things like travel and own a house one day but in the same sense no because if I have to put down a ton of freaking money to learn how to make money and I get screwed over, who truly wins here? I'm not saying all of that will have that affect but in the end, I want to know what I'm getting into, I want upfront honesty, no lying, setting me up so I can pay you to teach me and I want to be taught how I can turn up the volume of my own personality; sales pitches can make you rich with the right tools but is it really really you that people are talking to or is it a piece of you but using a salesman's personality to have people hand over their hard earned money?

I don't give a damn if you pay me $1 or $100,000 I will be my true self to you in the best way I can and share with you my love and enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition and find possibilities to help you in your en devours. The Jungle is calling to me and I must obey its will. Till next time, keep kicking ass, be happy in whatever you do and if you want to get a hold of me shoot me a comment or go to

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