Wednesday, August 10, 2016


What's Up Guys,

Have you heard about the Clubbell? The most ancient tool known to man, the club, has been reinvented for the modern athlete. The most ancient weapon, the club, evolved over millennia into devastatingly effective martial arts worldwide.  Many cultural martial traditions across the planet utilized the club not just for combat, but for restorative health and developed strength: Indian Kalaripayat, Iranian Pahlavani, Okinawan Karate and Russian SAMBO.

Due to the center of mass being far away from the hand, the Clubbell® can be very light and yet produce superior force. Other tools must weigh much more because the center is in your grasp..Swung not Lifted: Due to the design, the Clubbell® can be swung in three dimensions rather than lifted in one or two dimensions to give you true whole-body functional strength.

Aging and weakness are a process of losing complexity. Our nervous system craves increasing sophistication. The greater the variety, and the greater the depth of skill potentially available, the more versatility and greater satisfaction you get out of it. No other piece of equipment can be used in so many ways, with such variety as the Clubbell, which is why RMAX Says: one tool – infinite possibilities. What are you waiting for? Let’s go clubbing today.

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