Thursday, July 28, 2016

Do You Have Radiant Health???

When you get outside the box you run into some interesting things.

Conventional methods of working out just don’t work very well. But so many people, hopefully yourself included, have gotten great results when they tried something a little different.

When it comes to health it’s the same thing. The public health model has some obvious flaws. Following the USDA’s food pyramid and taking pharmaceuticals (did you know the average American is on at least one?) is not giving people great health.

Although people claim that our life spans are longer than ever, if you actually account for things like public sanitation they really haven’t improved much since ancient times.

But there is a different way…

Did you know that ancient Chinese doctors were paid when they’re clients were healthy and not when they’re sick? That’s because if the person was sick the doctor wasn’t doing his job in preventing illness.

In fact, from the Chinese Daoist tradition you have the concept of “Radiant Health”. This is health beyond danger. This means you’re body is running in such an optimal way that you can’t become sick. Think about that.

Zero illness.

And that’s not all. Generally health is looked at as the absence of disease, but that’s just focusing on the negative. What if you had such abundant energy that you could work tirelessly each day, and turn your life into how you want it to be?

What if there was no struggle in doing the things you know you should be doing?

Eating the right foods, living a healthy lifestyle, and dealing with the stresses of modern day living are all important towards this aim.

But there is a “secret weapon”.

For the average person if you become sick you go to the doctor and get medication for it.

Even if you turn to the alternative health world, it’s the same flawed model. Got a problem? Then take these supplements or herbs. Or follow this method to fix yourself.

But what if you desire to achieve Radiant Health? There is a certain class of “Superior Herbs” that do this for you. With their adaptogenic properties they can work intelligently with your body to increase your health regardless of where you’re currently at. And they do this in a powerful way.

Ultimate Herbs For Optimal Health

Many people look at these as their secret weapon, the thing that gives them the extra 10% they need out of life.

And I want to point you to a great resource on these herbs. Not just where you can grab them, but learning a whole lot more on what they can do for you.

Its called Super Man Herbs (and no its not just for men, these are equally great for women too).

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Does Your Testosterone Look Like This

Testosterone is absolutely critical to the health of any man…but we’re under attack.
Not only is age related decline a big issue, if you’re trying to have great health and vitality in older age…

But that’s not all (and we’ll get to that rising SHBG later). Overall, EVERY MAN has less testosterone than men from the previous generations.

You see this chart is from 10 years ago. It’s even worse today!
Every year mankind has 1% less testosterone than the year before.
The problem is our environment is overly estrogenic. It’s literally taking away our manhood, causing us to become more feminine. And it’s not just that we lose our ability to be real men, this comes with a host of health problems.
  • Depression
  • Inability to Focus, Concentrate and Remember
  • Anxiety
  • Increased Fat especially in the Abdomen
  • Decreased Libido
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Reduced Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Balding
  • Osteoporosis
  • Dry Skin
  • Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke and Heart Attacks
  • Accelerated Aging
  • Aches and Pains
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Irritability or Anger
  • Fatigue
Testosterone has been called “The Success Hormone.”
With it you feel on top of the world...
Without it you anger, depression and anxiety can become your everyday companions.
Therefore for your health you need to keep optimal testosterone levels.
The good news is even though age and the environment are against us, there is a lot we can do.
On that note my friend Logan Christopher put together a special report on 7 Weird Tips to Boost Your Testosterone.

You may have heard of a couple of these before…but I guarantee a few will be new to you.
#2 is my favorite. And #4 is pretty crazy...

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Be Awesome

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Energy…without Stimulants

In our society we tend to load up on things like coffee and energy drinks in the search for more energy.

We feel the “buzz” for a little while until it quickly fades and we find ourselves reaching for the next drink.

Again and again, up and down as the roller coaster ride repeats.

Worst of all, you just keep taking more and more stimulants to get the same effect. Doing this…at some point the roller coaster is going to crash.

Sadly, it’s the daily life of many people. But is this normal?

Or shouldn’t we have boundless energy…even if we’re not young?

What if I told you there was a way to support that youthful energy without stimulants?

There is. In Chinese Medicine there is the idea of tonic herbs.

Unlike most medicine or even other herbs which are used to treat symptoms, these tonic herbs are designed to support your health.

This special class can be taken every single day and the benefits get better over time.

And of these some are better than others for energy.

One of the most popular is He Shou Wu.

Unlike stimulants, he shou wu supports your body at the root level so that your body can produce all the energy it needs much better.

In addition it actually acts to calm the nervous system, which most of us certainly could use in our high-stress modern lifestyle.

Truthfully, that only scratches the surface of what this amazing root can do for you.

Science has only begun to explore how this root helps you produce more powerful antioxidants, supports your adrenal glands, protects the liver, enhances immunity and much more.

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Be Awesome

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Legend of Mr. He

Let me tell you a fascinating story...

Mr. He (pronounced ‘Ho’) was a 58 year old drunk, largely because he was depressed. And why was he depressed? Because of his lifelong lack of potency and weak constitution.

So one day he passes out in a drunken stupor in the forest.

As he slept, he dreamt of the roots of a plant making love to each other. When he awoke he noticed that he was right next to that same plant so he dug up the roots and took them home.

He began to consume these roots daily.

Soon enough his depression lifted as his virility and libido came alive in full force.

Not only that but as he continued to take it daily his white hair returned to black.

With his newfound health he found a woman, got married, and the legend says he fathered 19 children while living to be 160 years old.

Now as a legend this story is undoubtedly exaggerated…

But it goes to show the power of this root, known as He Shou Wu.

Since it has become popular it is regarded by many as one of the very best herbal tonics in all of Chinese Medicine because of how it restores vitality and fights aging.

Wouldn’t that be something you’re interested in?

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Be Awesome

Friday, July 22, 2016

Superheroes With Animal Powers

Those with superpowers in the comics inspire many people and we fantasize what it be like to have those extraordinary abilities. For instance who wouldn't want to have the power of flight or super speed, extreme stamina, godly strength and even the power to teleport? The comics I mostly read are of The Avengers, Batman, Tarzan & Spider-Man; those are my personal favorites but as of late especially since I'm back into training like a wild animal I've wanted to look into on a deeper scale about superheroes that animal-like or animalistic abilities. Some I found very interesting.

I have written about the Teen Titan Beast Boy that can turn into any wild animal but only for a period of time; this character fascinates me not only because of that ability but also he's a genuine hero that has a bit of an attitude like all teens have (amp it up 1000x if that teen happens to be a superhero) yet there are other heroes out there that are incredible but some are very underrated. One of them is a not-well-known super-heroine named Mari McCabe aka Vixen; she has the ability using an object called the Tantu Totem to summon all the powers of the Animal Kingdom (meaning she literally can transform into a wild animal any time she wanted) and have their animal strengths and attributes. I don't know about you but that is one hell of a superpower to have. A young African girl raised by her father a village priest was told of the totum by her mother before she passed, got away from the clutches of her uncle who wanted that power for herself fled to the states to start a new life becoming a model in the Big Apple.

You look up the story of her origins online but the mere fact she was not only a holder of one of the coolest powers ever, she was also a member of branches of the Justice League and becoming a member of the Suicide Squad and also was brought to a reformed Justice League by Cyborg. She didn't have a high status compared to other big named members but she was without question an ally you definitely wanted on your side.

Now compare her with other heroes with animal powers she's right up there; there's Squirrel Girl who had the pleasure of taking down Iron Man at one point, the Wonder Twins, Wolfsbane, the short-lived character Animal Man, and others. The unbelievable ability to transform and utilize the attributes of a wild animal or even call upon the attributes and strengths while in human form has got to be one of the most awesome powers anyone can have. I love the intelligence of batman, the strength of superman, the accuracy of hawkeye, the speed of flash, the healing of Wolverine but nothing compares to the power of a wild animal; the metamorphosis some possess, the memory of an elephant, the speed of a cheetah, the endurance of a tiger, strength of a gorilla, the swinging ability of a gibbon I can go on and on.

There's even a series of a comic I've written about before that bears repeating and that's the Apevengers where your favorite Marvel team take on the form of primates like a loosely based Planet Of The Apes meets Superheroes. Imagine not only having the power of a comic book hero but have the extra abilities of the strongest and most athletic primates on the planet. Anyone, the mere fantasy to morph into an animal at any given time and having their attributes is something you wouldn't want to get into a fight with. We can live out just a microscopic percentage of that by adapting out human abilities and mimic wild animals in the most realistic way possible. So the next time you do a workout, picture being a superhero with the ability to morph into an animal and imagining the ability to power up your muscles and get stronger, faster, strengthen the connective tissues and operate the body from as many angles as possible.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Few Minutes A Day Will Keep The Fat Melting Away

The condition us folks today have gotten worse than in the last 2 decades with the ever growing rate of obesity, horrible food & sitting on our asses for too long. Movement is the key to a healthy life and we don't seem to grasp the concept that you know what, maybe we should be moving in some form (besides chasing damn poke'mon). A lot of people see exercise as dangerous, full of ways to get hurt and overstrain our bodies. Hate to break it to you but not everything in the exercise world will hurt you or is dangerous. What is dangerous is not doing the right kind of exercise like crawling, jumping, balancing, playing, swimming & yes even lifting. 

Just yesterday I went to the lake down the road and walked among some rocks and decided to take a dip; before doing so after laying down my stuff, I saw a big rock that weighed maybe 200 pounds, possibly more, so I tested it by simply picking it up and putting it back down, no brace, chalk, gloves or shirt for that matter; the way nature intended. It was fun, beautiful and crazy tough but I didn't care. I also used my brain and utilized what I had learned using a bit of math, judging the grip just to even pick up the damn thing and coordinated my lower body to get the right balance. I picked it up and even partially pressed it over my head, now how could I have done that without even remotely training to move such a big object let alone an awkward one and not be hurt whatsoever? I made a choice to not give into fear. It also means I'm very well trained and have put time and effort to learn and use my body in a manner that is different, unique and moving forward with what knowledge I have gained. Putting knowledge into action creates results, period.

Now that doesn't mean all of you should find the heaviest rock possible on a whim. You need training and in order to do that you have to take a chance and make the choice of not giving into fear and creating something within yourself. When I first started walking again more than a decade ago, I made the choice to make myself stronger because if anyone was going to push me, its going to be me. Motivation can be a bitch but trust me, not everyone will support you or encourage you, you have to motivate yourself first and foremost. On the safer side of training, moving like a wild animal is a highly motivational thing because its not really exercise, its just a series of movements where you mimic a living, breathing creature. I do my best to tell people that to get the best results is to not look at fitness as a "workout" but to see it as an adventure, a portal to a world where you make the decisions, finding what suits you best and making the most out of it.

Just a few minutes of crawling like a bear, walking like an ape, jumping like a frog, balancing like a flamingo and hopping like a bunny can be a huge start to help melt fat away and having it keep melting within your consistency. I do this many times throughout the day, I sometimes do it for 20 min. straight, sometimes an hour goes by and I never notice because I don't treat it like Work, yes it takes effort and it can be tough but it is fun and exciting. Where is the motivation? The ability to see it as freedom and being imaginative, that's how I stay motivated. When you see it as work or something that feels like punishment; you'll resent it, makes you feel like a prisoner and being so strict it becomes dull, tedious & sad. Who the hell would want that?

Stop fearing what can give you the greatest benefit and do so without developing injuries, joint-pain & torn muscles. Listen to your body, challenge it on a level that helps you progress to the next level. This type of training alone I have never felt pain from or overtrained on, I move when I feel like it and use my brain to the best of my abilities. Most people who train hard have no clue when to actually stop, the body can only take so much, we are not like those in Dragon Ball Z (although its very motivating) or remotely close to the discipline Batman where he pushes himself so hard the average person would be dead. Make the most of what you can do but in the long-haul, listen and never sacrifice your body so you can treat injuries like their medals won at the Olympics. Just a few minutes a day and work from there. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Animal Muscle Develops Functional Strength & Fat Burning Metabolism

Weightlifting is an amazing form of strength training and aught to be added into any routine but unless you've got a good budget to get weights brought to your home or can afford to go to the gym (when you do it consistently otherwise you're just wasting hard earned money), you can't carry weights everywhere with you and even if you could it be a pain in the ass in the long-run. There's always alternatives and that's one of the reasons I love to do bodyweight training; it's free, only thing being carried is you and there are thousands of things you can do just using your bodyweight.

The ultimate and most fun form of bodyweight training without question is Animal Exercise. Moving like a wild animal can be done in a variety of ways and almost all of them will whip your ass into shape in short periods of time. Its not easy just holding up your bodyweight but to move in awkward positions takes a great deal of strength. When you can move your whole body this way, you're not just building strength but developing loads of growth hormone that will help you stay young, lose weight, burn fat like butter to a hot pan and kick starts your metabolism which burns fat instead of storing it. Sure you can do your "kickboxing" dance follow along dvds or Tae Bo or Insanity Workouts but the truth is, as "great" those may be, you're developing a second rate self by doing something that requires you to work as hard or as long as the same people on the DVD at the same speed, same tempo and same workout over and over. You can't do the same as Animal Exercise.

Animal Exercises force you to use muscles not normally used in positions that can't be at the same speed or same exact positioning if you were to follow somebody. Everybody has a different structure and has to adjust otherwise if you go through the motions without regarding your own placement of the hands and feet and just follow, you can injure yourself or worse totally breaking something. The balancing is tough, the movement in some animal forms can be very difficult but with the right level of fitness and the way you pace yourself, you can progress a little quicker and bring in amazing results.

I have been doing this for nearly a decade and tested out well over 50 animal exercises from very beginner to high advanced and i'm telling you nothing gives me more thrills and makes me better conditioned than this form of strength training and overall development. Its both aerobic & Anaerobic, fast & slow, great to transition from one to the other, makes your brain work more which generates more nerve power, challenges your muscles more than any other form, upper and lower body are worked at the same time on most exercises & puts you into the driver seat by utilizing which exercises give you the greatest benefit. We are animals, we may have "better" intelligence than most animals but like the wild cats, the primates, the bears, the dolphin, the dogs, the birds we shed blood the same exact color. We may have evolved in 99.9% in most cases but we are nowhere near as strong or enduranced as they are and don't have anywhere near the same level of their abilities hence why we fear most of them. When you move like a wild animal, you become stronger than the average human, you form another level of intelligence, your energy takes in greater power to not just the muscles but the tendons, ligaments and joints down to the very crevasse of the bones. I have not found anything more athletic to do than this form of training.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wonder Twin Powers Activate...Form Of Gorillas

Feel old now? Mean while at the Legion Of Doom. All joking aside you can't help but realize that Gorillas are freakishly strong, fast & pure bad asses of the Animal Kingdom. Apes possess strength anybody wished they had and the best part is, they only use their bodyweight. I like the lifting too especially with hammers like Big Bertha (Epic Sledge) & Thor's Hammer but no matter what I do I always go back to moving like a Gorilla.

Chimps & Gorillas are the closest to us humans, its a fact get over it. We won't be anywhere near the level of strength they have assembled but we can in fact become much stronger than the average human, granted that you're willing to step out of the celery snacked and Juice Bar (Koolaid) gyms that only cater to you using their machines instead of really helping you. Let me ask you something; have you ever seen a gorilla say to himself "I'm not going to climb today, think i'll find a bench somewhere" or ever seen a chimp feel like taking a day off cause he has a boo boo after a bad landing? I didn't think so. They run, climb, carry and swing through the trees not to look like crazy acrobats from Vegas but to survive and build their strength through play, mimicking other apes in their clan and learn skills that could save their life on a daily basis.

Its essential to move like a wild animal especially our animal cousins because it builds a foundation on how to be strong in other areas of life. It teaches control, flexibility, strength in ways that didn't seem possible, build insane power in the connective tissues and build tendons as strong as Vibranium. You think i'm all giggles here but I can assure you being strong from every possible angle can save your life or someone else's. I practice moving like an Ape lately on a daily basis; Squatting deep, walking and moving fast on my knuckles, shifting side to side, crawling, jumping and as I get stronger; rolling for spinal flexibility. I feel empowered when I do this, my knees are getting stronger, my lower arms are becoming more sinewy, my abs are showing more definition, my hips are getting used to be in a deep squat and staying there for a period of time without hurting, my fingers are getting way more solid and powerful plus builds crazy lung power and a mighty back.

I believe you can be more alive and energized when moving like your favorite animal, its invigorating and opens up your mind like nothing else plus it doesn't hurt to work your brain and amplify that electricity in the nerves that can increase intelligence, support and add greater hormone entities and power-up on your fat burning mechanism. Be a Manimal, unleash your Animality & open yourself up to the possibilities of developing strength and energy that will benefit greatly.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Own The Awesomeness Of Your Inner Animal Spirit

It's no mystery my favorite animal is the Gorilla but what's your favorite Animal? In the fitness world there are a lot of freedoms like the variety of exercises and the programs to choose from but also they come with rules, rep/set schemes and narrowly structured limits to what can be performed because some shmuck decided to be a fitness god and tell you his/her ten commandments. For the most part, its not a bad thing to have a structure but its also not a good thing to lower yourself to standards based on someone else's teachings.

I've learned many things and one of them was learning to be self-reliant; teaching myself any facets of training I find interesting. I can teach you technique and a workout or 2 but in order to become your very best you have to discover things for yourself and tackle them with a vengeance. We all have an animal spirit within us that gives us ultimate freedom to move within our individuality, putting forth the power of what makes us stronger than we believed to be. I love to move like a Primate especially a gorilla but not everyone will want to do that, maybe you want to move like a Tiger, a bird, a reptile, a frog what have you; don't be afraid to open up to the possibilities of what can make you the strongest and most conditioned you could ever be.

Learn your animal spirit by moving like a wild animal and whatever you find that you seem to do frequently more than others, chances are that's the animal you were meant to do. You can learn the exercise all you want but when you find your center of gravity and naturally geared towards that amazing creature only then you'll truly learn the secret to animal conditioning. Check out the DVD Animal Workouts and find the animal that really puts you into that state of mind. The Animal Kingdom Conditioning Series 1 & 2 give you more insight into the movement, the mindset and the center of being that animal. Get the kids involved, help them find their favorite animal, kids are very imaginative and always seem to find what works best for them and stick with it.

Unleashing your inner animal in a positive way enhances your body's abilities to handle awkward movements, realign areas of the brain and make it stronger hence becoming a bit smarter than the average Bear (see what I did there) and gets you to build muscle fast and shed fat like a furnace. I make it a habit to move like a wild animal anywhere I can roam, sure it looks funny from time to time but its fun and i'm doing something not many are willing to even try because they don't want others to think less of them. I firmly believe in that what others think of my exercise is none of my business, i'm having fun and that's it; if they don't like it, they can shove it and keep having a stick up their ass. Be bold and take a chance, you might actually like. Feel the Awesomeness of your inner Animal Spirit.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Review Of Film Fittest On Earth

Always liked Documentaries since I saw Pumping Iron back in high school. From exercise to sports,  to nature and others Docs bring in a tale of a story being unfold with real people doing real worldly things. This film I saw on Netflix The Fittest On Earth is the story on the lead up to the 2015 Crossfit Games.

It tells the story of participating Crossfit competitors from all over the world; features a few people out of around 40 total in the competition from the beach towns of Santa Cruz & San Diego, California to West Virginia and European Athletes. It is without question one of the premier events today and has some of the most dedicated, toughest and most well-built men and women on the planet.

I've known about Crossfit for some time now and have seen good, bad and downright ugly aspects of the "Sport" and my thoughts really on it are that as competitive as it is, its also one of the most dangerous and injury-prone form of conditioning & athletics. Without sugarcoating it its basically lifting, running, jumping, hard-nosed calisthenics that is taken to the extreme with some downright awful technique on exercise. The workouts are so insane it will literally kill the average person. Let me put it to you this way, it suppose to bring you to the absolute limit of your strength, endurance & coordination. Strictly timed and each workout makes you work faster than the last time.

I have mixed feelings about this film being that I couldn't take it too serious because the people being interviewed sounded like their on a reality show and no matter how much they say they love the concept of Crossfit, they'll literally do whatever it takes to win and fight off any competitor that gets in their way. Don't get me wrong, I love the competitiveness and the psychology of what these people go through, the training alone is brutal, hardcore and downright nasty. What I found really difficult was how much pressure they put on themselves more than understanding just being there is an accomplishment in and of itself. I've been in competitive sports so I get the idea that when you're on its crazy at times and its tough to maintain composure. Some of these men and women were so passionate about this that when they lost or had to withdrawl it sounded like their life just ended and there's nothing left to do.

It is an amazing film and the workouts these people went through defy the laws of human nature and were pushed so hard some have thrown up, passed out and/or had so many freaking bruises they piratically welcomed them as battle wounds. I'm all for challenging yourself and making the best of what you can do but not to this extent. I'm all for women tackling fitness and damn it I love it when they have better results than us guys do but a lot of these women had way too much muscle on their frame not the bodybuilding type but more than what's given for their height and bone structure. The injuries some of these people had were totally unnecessary and some of their technique in various exercises were horrendous and cringing. Some of them might take that as a compliment but its not a compliment when you are dead from dropping weight onto your body that broke the muscle in your heart and collapsing the lungs.

During the competition wherever they were at was hot, dry and painfully scorching; the workouts they endure was not meant to be done in that heat and not surprised if anything got broken during some of those exercises. I sympathize with them for what they do but I can't stand how they hurt themselves in the process. Is it inspiring in some form yes I will give them that; it teaches how to fight for what you want and hard work is the key. The biggest drawback is that they put so much on themselves they don't grasp the concept that losing is not total failure but a lesson and that when you have reached your limit and you can't move anymore, its time to back off. I don't know how much recovery they got in their training but clearly most of them didn't get even a fraction of what is needed. I'm not surprised also that some were on Performance Enhancers just to keep up the requirement for some of these workouts. Some workouts are doable but that's maybe in the 1.5% if that and the rest are just downright not meant for a human to do let alone not get injured from.

A positive thing for this is that it teaches what its like to put your heart and soul into something you believe in and that you'll fight to the very last breath. That's the warrior mentality and they for the most part are overwhelmingly warrior-esque. Out of ten I'd give this a 6.5 because as awesome the lead-up and the finish of the competition shows in this film, I can't give a rating any higher on the level where it also tries to make people see that regardless of your health in order to be the best you have to go beyond your actual needs of training otherwise you're not meant to be fit. That's the way I feel about it plus its not cool to beat yourself up so hard you can't grasp the concept that you did everything you possibly can do and realize that failure is a part of life and doesn't make you a two-time loser. I saw quite a few in that film that broke down and felt that because they lost they'd rather be dead. You can't win them all.

Friday, July 8, 2016

All Year Round Is Amazeballs

For a long period of time, people have had this notion on fitness where you only "workout" 3x a week doing cardio (please), weight lifting (not real weight) & stretching (don't get me started). Its good to do all those things if you can afford the gym or the equipment but if you want to get the best results, your best bet is to learn not only the mechanics but the old school style of training because quite frankly, 99.9% of fitness these days is all about models on a cover & supplementing you to death.

I believe in being creative and not following someone else's "expert advice" down to the T. However; I do believe in learning different styles to get a handle on what works and what doesn't. It's not wrong to follow someone on a DVD through a tough workout but you'll only be second rate when you allow yourself to go at the same speed, tempo and time as another person. Its awesome to have goals that go for a period of time but with consistence all year round, you're building a habit that creates results that you can maintain for life.

Never taking a day off in nearly 11 years has taught me many things and one of them is to never stop learning and adjust to your status of physical, mental & emotional levels of what to do on a day to day basis. There are days where i'm not up for something an hour long or want to go so hard I feel like Rocky and just want to train being relaxed, go for a swim, live in the moments of deep breathing & meditation. Exercise doesn't always involve moving; there are days where I'll do nothing but Isometrics and do holds for various amounts of time, either way i'm always doing something even in certain exercises it looks like i'm not doing a damn thing.

Seeing training as a hardcore thing is a mental aspect to certain people but believe it or not, you can train with the out most intensity without physically doing anything on the outside. You want to talk hardcore training; you won't see me lift 600 lbs. on a barbell or run on a treadmill so hard its going out of style, to me hardcore is just moving your body in awkward positions and or utilizing combos while being heavier than most doing this stuff. I train all year round because its not only a habit but more than just a lifestyle, its freedom and taking on challenges that I have yet to experience.

What they don't teach you at planet "fitness" or "eat my shorts meathead" gym, hell even at "Look like Tarzan, lift like Jane" Fitness Center is that to get results, it takes effort and commitment to get what you want but you must pay first and keep paying for not showing up and rather have you do the latter. Get your own equipment, train on your own time, move your body that is suitable for your current level and do what makes you happy without having to wait while Zoolander McPrettyboy is texting in the middle of a set where you want to take weight on. Be an all year rounder, not a winter coat couch potato or a summer-timing beach body attempting psycho, get fit no matter what time of the year because in parts of the world there is no beach body season or New years resolutions because you never know when something might snatch up and be taken away from you. Take advantage and make it happen regardless of what season it is and we all know your New Years "Resolution" isn't going any further than Oscars Night.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Power Up Your Hormones On HIIT

For men, hormones are a big deal and the older we get, the more important it is to maintain. Natural hormones create a fusion of energy that carries nerves all over the body and keeps us young and vibrant. When that energy throughout the nerves begins to go down, our bodies come down with; losing muscle, gaining bodyfat, lack of energy, the soldier hiding more often than saluting & more.

It takes specific training and developing strategy that not only charges up the hormones but skyrockets them into the next galaxy. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the very basis of generating that area to where in a matter of only a few workouts, you can jump up your testosterone very quickly. There are many ways to do it but you have to go so hard for only 30 seconds or less and rest a minimum of 3x that (90 Seconds). How often do you need to do this? Roughly 2x a week but no more than 3x a week. How many rounds or sets? Some in the beginning can only do 2, others can do up to 5, the most elite don't do more than 7-10.

You can do this by doing anything that gets you huffing and puffing fast such as; Sprinting, Lifting weights at a fast pace, running hard on the treadmill, jumping rope, Push-ups, Jumping Jacks, Bear Crawls, Snatches, Squats whatever feels right to you. When you power up on your hormones you'll start to see & feel these benefits; Losing weight, building dense muscle, burning fat like a furnace, intense sexual energy, burning calories even after hours of the workout, higher state of euphoria, focused, greater sleep and a hell of a lot more. I'm over 30 so I'm just beginning that stage where maintaining testosterone is important, when you're over 40, it becomes critical.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Why Do Things That Work Best For You???

Over my lifetime, very few things have ever truly worked for me and shaped my life over the course of experimenting and learning. School wasn't the greatest thing for me and didn't enjoy it much, only liked maybe 3 things about it...Drama, Track (Maybe) & Weight Training. Since then I went back and forth doing little jobs that barely lasted enough for a pay day and wanted to lift. Since my accident that changed too.

When  began experimenting almost exclusively bodyweight exercises, some things just came natural to me and worked. Did more things and more stuff kept popping up, before I knew it I had an arsenal of exercise weaponry and knowledge that helped turn me into a fitness machine. I may not run 100 miles or do 3000 Squats, endless and worthless crunches but I can do things most men my size & age can't do and that's something I'm very proud of. Why do they work for me; hard to explain but if I had to some it up I'd say it because they make me happy and I feel it doesn't take too much effort (even though they were tough as hell in the beginning).

Doing things that work for you may not always work for others. I do my best to not teach to do the same exact things but to help find your potential and give you resources that not only hit you like lightning but help you make them feel as natural and effortless as possible even though you're putting in effort to make them work. For the most part, I believe in challenges but I don't believe in making you work so damn hard and nothing is clicking for you, its just not practical and or sane to do. If it doesn't click with you, something's up. Whenever I train and something doesn't click, I toss it in the trash or save it for a rainy day and just play around with it but really most of the time I train in a manner that makes me feel awesome inside and challenges me but at the same time comes natural to me effortlessly.

Some things can be a pain in the ass but if you make the effort and learn plus use it to your liking, things will happen; you won't be as stressed, you move with greater ease, have a blast and it doesn't cause you pain. I really hate that term "no pain, no gain" its a crock of crap to get you to push so hard you might as collapse and die. I believe in the term "all gain, no pain" where you can built up great muscle but without the unnecessary pain that doesn't have you function very well. I'm all for making an effort and hitting little peaks but I also believe in recovery, flow & working hard enough to where its just right. Remember Goldie Locks & The Three Bears...Here's my philosophy...

Papa Bear Fitness: Its too hard, painful & doesn't seem right

Mama Bear Fitness: It's too soft, not enough effort and no real challenge (BORING)

Baby Bear Fitness: It's just right, enough effort to where its fun and challenging but not to the point of pain and suffering that makes me feel like crap.

Be like Baby Bear Fitness guys. Fitness aught to fun, unique, challenging both for the brain & the physical body. Pain-Free & Injury-Free as much as possible. The ability to grow without being put through torture that questions your training.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Play To Build The Brain

It is important to learn the facets of a routine; knowing what to do, how to do it and understanding the route from A to B. Not all routines are equaled though, not everything will be what it seems and the unexpected tends to pop up at random times. The best routine is to teach the brain the unexpected. For instance, my current training is based on many things I have learned and molding them into a workout where I don't know where the hell I'm going, but I know what the hell i'm doing.

I play to strengthen the brain, ever since I was little I always had to learn things a little differently since having the meningitis. A lot of what I learned came from Video Games and observing others both in life and in film/tv, I know that sounds really odd and very weird but its true. I never not went outside and played I did a ton of that too and it was playing that gave me certain tools that transferred into my nerves and help me coordinate my body and use my mind in a unique way. I developed a crazy memory over the years and I can't tell how I did in precise details because quite frankly I didn't even understand it until I got a little older.

When I was getting into Fitness on a serious level, I taught myself a lot of different exercises by reading books and doing them as best as I could. I got so deep in it that I just built up this knowledge of dozens upon dozens upon dozen of exercises, workouts, programs, the history, the details and just flat out by playing and mixing things up. My brain starting doing things it hasn't done as long as I can remember and that's developing stronger nerves to send into my body and "upgrading" a few things I never experienced before. I'm not the best at explaining things but what I can tell you is when you play and observe and learn your awareness effortlessly things begin to shift in your brain and bring in more flow and power that can help you enhance intelligence, create better emotional comprehension, sharpen your mind to do tough tasks and many other things.

Play to build your brain and things will come alive like you have never experienced before.