Friday, July 8, 2016

All Year Round Is Amazeballs

For a long period of time, people have had this notion on fitness where you only "workout" 3x a week doing cardio (please), weight lifting (not real weight) & stretching (don't get me started). Its good to do all those things if you can afford the gym or the equipment but if you want to get the best results, your best bet is to learn not only the mechanics but the old school style of training because quite frankly, 99.9% of fitness these days is all about models on a cover & supplementing you to death.

I believe in being creative and not following someone else's "expert advice" down to the T. However; I do believe in learning different styles to get a handle on what works and what doesn't. It's not wrong to follow someone on a DVD through a tough workout but you'll only be second rate when you allow yourself to go at the same speed, tempo and time as another person. Its awesome to have goals that go for a period of time but with consistence all year round, you're building a habit that creates results that you can maintain for life.

Never taking a day off in nearly 11 years has taught me many things and one of them is to never stop learning and adjust to your status of physical, mental & emotional levels of what to do on a day to day basis. There are days where i'm not up for something an hour long or want to go so hard I feel like Rocky and just want to train being relaxed, go for a swim, live in the moments of deep breathing & meditation. Exercise doesn't always involve moving; there are days where I'll do nothing but Isometrics and do holds for various amounts of time, either way i'm always doing something even in certain exercises it looks like i'm not doing a damn thing.

Seeing training as a hardcore thing is a mental aspect to certain people but believe it or not, you can train with the out most intensity without physically doing anything on the outside. You want to talk hardcore training; you won't see me lift 600 lbs. on a barbell or run on a treadmill so hard its going out of style, to me hardcore is just moving your body in awkward positions and or utilizing combos while being heavier than most doing this stuff. I train all year round because its not only a habit but more than just a lifestyle, its freedom and taking on challenges that I have yet to experience.

What they don't teach you at planet "fitness" or "eat my shorts meathead" gym, hell even at "Look like Tarzan, lift like Jane" Fitness Center is that to get results, it takes effort and commitment to get what you want but you must pay first and keep paying for not showing up and rather have you do the latter. Get your own equipment, train on your own time, move your body that is suitable for your current level and do what makes you happy without having to wait while Zoolander McPrettyboy is texting in the middle of a set where you want to take weight on. Be an all year rounder, not a winter coat couch potato or a summer-timing beach body attempting psycho, get fit no matter what time of the year because in parts of the world there is no beach body season or New years resolutions because you never know when something might snatch up and be taken away from you. Take advantage and make it happen regardless of what season it is and we all know your New Years "Resolution" isn't going any further than Oscars Night.

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