Thursday, July 7, 2016

Power Up Your Hormones On HIIT

For men, hormones are a big deal and the older we get, the more important it is to maintain. Natural hormones create a fusion of energy that carries nerves all over the body and keeps us young and vibrant. When that energy throughout the nerves begins to go down, our bodies come down with; losing muscle, gaining bodyfat, lack of energy, the soldier hiding more often than saluting & more.

It takes specific training and developing strategy that not only charges up the hormones but skyrockets them into the next galaxy. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is the very basis of generating that area to where in a matter of only a few workouts, you can jump up your testosterone very quickly. There are many ways to do it but you have to go so hard for only 30 seconds or less and rest a minimum of 3x that (90 Seconds). How often do you need to do this? Roughly 2x a week but no more than 3x a week. How many rounds or sets? Some in the beginning can only do 2, others can do up to 5, the most elite don't do more than 7-10.

You can do this by doing anything that gets you huffing and puffing fast such as; Sprinting, Lifting weights at a fast pace, running hard on the treadmill, jumping rope, Push-ups, Jumping Jacks, Bear Crawls, Snatches, Squats whatever feels right to you. When you power up on your hormones you'll start to see & feel these benefits; Losing weight, building dense muscle, burning fat like a furnace, intense sexual energy, burning calories even after hours of the workout, higher state of euphoria, focused, greater sleep and a hell of a lot more. I'm over 30 so I'm just beginning that stage where maintaining testosterone is important, when you're over 40, it becomes critical.

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