Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wonder Twin Powers Activate...Form Of Gorillas

Feel old now? Mean while at the Legion Of Doom. All joking aside you can't help but realize that Gorillas are freakishly strong, fast & pure bad asses of the Animal Kingdom. Apes possess strength anybody wished they had and the best part is, they only use their bodyweight. I like the lifting too especially with hammers like Big Bertha (Epic Sledge) & Thor's Hammer but no matter what I do I always go back to moving like a Gorilla.

Chimps & Gorillas are the closest to us humans, its a fact get over it. We won't be anywhere near the level of strength they have assembled but we can in fact become much stronger than the average human, granted that you're willing to step out of the celery snacked and Juice Bar (Koolaid) gyms that only cater to you using their machines instead of really helping you. Let me ask you something; have you ever seen a gorilla say to himself "I'm not going to climb today, think i'll find a bench somewhere" or ever seen a chimp feel like taking a day off cause he has a boo boo after a bad landing? I didn't think so. They run, climb, carry and swing through the trees not to look like crazy acrobats from Vegas but to survive and build their strength through play, mimicking other apes in their clan and learn skills that could save their life on a daily basis.

Its essential to move like a wild animal especially our animal cousins because it builds a foundation on how to be strong in other areas of life. It teaches control, flexibility, strength in ways that didn't seem possible, build insane power in the connective tissues and build tendons as strong as Vibranium. You think i'm all giggles here but I can assure you being strong from every possible angle can save your life or someone else's. I practice moving like an Ape lately on a daily basis; Squatting deep, walking and moving fast on my knuckles, shifting side to side, crawling, jumping and as I get stronger; rolling for spinal flexibility. I feel empowered when I do this, my knees are getting stronger, my lower arms are becoming more sinewy, my abs are showing more definition, my hips are getting used to be in a deep squat and staying there for a period of time without hurting, my fingers are getting way more solid and powerful plus builds crazy lung power and a mighty back.

I believe you can be more alive and energized when moving like your favorite animal, its invigorating and opens up your mind like nothing else plus it doesn't hurt to work your brain and amplify that electricity in the nerves that can increase intelligence, support and add greater hormone entities and power-up on your fat burning mechanism. Be a Manimal, unleash your Animality & open yourself up to the possibilities of developing strength and energy that will benefit greatly.

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