Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Own The Awesomeness Of Your Inner Animal Spirit

It's no mystery my favorite animal is the Gorilla but what's your favorite Animal? In the fitness world there are a lot of freedoms like the variety of exercises and the programs to choose from but also they come with rules, rep/set schemes and narrowly structured limits to what can be performed because some shmuck decided to be a fitness god and tell you his/her ten commandments. For the most part, its not a bad thing to have a structure but its also not a good thing to lower yourself to standards based on someone else's teachings.

I've learned many things and one of them was learning to be self-reliant; teaching myself any facets of training I find interesting. I can teach you technique and a workout or 2 but in order to become your very best you have to discover things for yourself and tackle them with a vengeance. We all have an animal spirit within us that gives us ultimate freedom to move within our individuality, putting forth the power of what makes us stronger than we believed to be. I love to move like a Primate especially a gorilla but not everyone will want to do that, maybe you want to move like a Tiger, a bird, a reptile, a frog what have you; don't be afraid to open up to the possibilities of what can make you the strongest and most conditioned you could ever be.

Learn your animal spirit by moving like a wild animal and whatever you find that you seem to do frequently more than others, chances are that's the animal you were meant to do. You can learn the exercise all you want but when you find your center of gravity and naturally geared towards that amazing creature only then you'll truly learn the secret to animal conditioning. Check out the DVD Animal Workouts and find the animal that really puts you into that state of mind. The Animal Kingdom Conditioning Series 1 & 2 give you more insight into the movement, the mindset and the center of being that animal. Get the kids involved, help them find their favorite animal, kids are very imaginative and always seem to find what works best for them and stick with it.

Unleashing your inner animal in a positive way enhances your body's abilities to handle awkward movements, realign areas of the brain and make it stronger hence becoming a bit smarter than the average Bear (see what I did there) and gets you to build muscle fast and shed fat like a furnace. I make it a habit to move like a wild animal anywhere I can roam, sure it looks funny from time to time but its fun and i'm doing something not many are willing to even try because they don't want others to think less of them. I firmly believe in that what others think of my exercise is none of my business, i'm having fun and that's it; if they don't like it, they can shove it and keep having a stick up their ass. Be bold and take a chance, you might actually like. Feel the Awesomeness of your inner Animal Spirit.
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