Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Why Do Things That Work Best For You???

Over my lifetime, very few things have ever truly worked for me and shaped my life over the course of experimenting and learning. School wasn't the greatest thing for me and didn't enjoy it much, only liked maybe 3 things about it...Drama, Track (Maybe) & Weight Training. Since then I went back and forth doing little jobs that barely lasted enough for a pay day and wanted to lift. Since my accident that changed too.

When  began experimenting almost exclusively bodyweight exercises, some things just came natural to me and worked. Did more things and more stuff kept popping up, before I knew it I had an arsenal of exercise weaponry and knowledge that helped turn me into a fitness machine. I may not run 100 miles or do 3000 Squats, endless and worthless crunches but I can do things most men my size & age can't do and that's something I'm very proud of. Why do they work for me; hard to explain but if I had to some it up I'd say it because they make me happy and I feel it doesn't take too much effort (even though they were tough as hell in the beginning).

Doing things that work for you may not always work for others. I do my best to not teach to do the same exact things but to help find your potential and give you resources that not only hit you like lightning but help you make them feel as natural and effortless as possible even though you're putting in effort to make them work. For the most part, I believe in challenges but I don't believe in making you work so damn hard and nothing is clicking for you, its just not practical and or sane to do. If it doesn't click with you, something's up. Whenever I train and something doesn't click, I toss it in the trash or save it for a rainy day and just play around with it but really most of the time I train in a manner that makes me feel awesome inside and challenges me but at the same time comes natural to me effortlessly.

Some things can be a pain in the ass but if you make the effort and learn plus use it to your liking, things will happen; you won't be as stressed, you move with greater ease, have a blast and it doesn't cause you pain. I really hate that term "no pain, no gain" its a crock of crap to get you to push so hard you might as collapse and die. I believe in the term "all gain, no pain" where you can built up great muscle but without the unnecessary pain that doesn't have you function very well. I'm all for making an effort and hitting little peaks but I also believe in recovery, flow & working hard enough to where its just right. Remember Goldie Locks & The Three Bears...Here's my philosophy...

Papa Bear Fitness: Its too hard, painful & doesn't seem right

Mama Bear Fitness: It's too soft, not enough effort and no real challenge (BORING)

Baby Bear Fitness: It's just right, enough effort to where its fun and challenging but not to the point of pain and suffering that makes me feel like crap.

Be like Baby Bear Fitness guys. Fitness aught to fun, unique, challenging both for the brain & the physical body. Pain-Free & Injury-Free as much as possible. The ability to grow without being put through torture that questions your training.

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