Monday, July 4, 2016

Play To Build The Brain

It is important to learn the facets of a routine; knowing what to do, how to do it and understanding the route from A to B. Not all routines are equaled though, not everything will be what it seems and the unexpected tends to pop up at random times. The best routine is to teach the brain the unexpected. For instance, my current training is based on many things I have learned and molding them into a workout where I don't know where the hell I'm going, but I know what the hell i'm doing.

I play to strengthen the brain, ever since I was little I always had to learn things a little differently since having the meningitis. A lot of what I learned came from Video Games and observing others both in life and in film/tv, I know that sounds really odd and very weird but its true. I never not went outside and played I did a ton of that too and it was playing that gave me certain tools that transferred into my nerves and help me coordinate my body and use my mind in a unique way. I developed a crazy memory over the years and I can't tell how I did in precise details because quite frankly I didn't even understand it until I got a little older.

When I was getting into Fitness on a serious level, I taught myself a lot of different exercises by reading books and doing them as best as I could. I got so deep in it that I just built up this knowledge of dozens upon dozens upon dozen of exercises, workouts, programs, the history, the details and just flat out by playing and mixing things up. My brain starting doing things it hasn't done as long as I can remember and that's developing stronger nerves to send into my body and "upgrading" a few things I never experienced before. I'm not the best at explaining things but what I can tell you is when you play and observe and learn your awareness effortlessly things begin to shift in your brain and bring in more flow and power that can help you enhance intelligence, create better emotional comprehension, sharpen your mind to do tough tasks and many other things.

Play to build your brain and things will come alive like you have never experienced before.

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