Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Few Minutes A Day Will Keep The Fat Melting Away

The condition us folks today have gotten worse than in the last 2 decades with the ever growing rate of obesity, horrible food & sitting on our asses for too long. Movement is the key to a healthy life and we don't seem to grasp the concept that you know what, maybe we should be moving in some form (besides chasing damn poke'mon). A lot of people see exercise as dangerous, full of ways to get hurt and overstrain our bodies. Hate to break it to you but not everything in the exercise world will hurt you or is dangerous. What is dangerous is not doing the right kind of exercise like crawling, jumping, balancing, playing, swimming & yes even lifting. 

Just yesterday I went to the lake down the road and walked among some rocks and decided to take a dip; before doing so after laying down my stuff, I saw a big rock that weighed maybe 200 pounds, possibly more, so I tested it by simply picking it up and putting it back down, no brace, chalk, gloves or shirt for that matter; the way nature intended. It was fun, beautiful and crazy tough but I didn't care. I also used my brain and utilized what I had learned using a bit of math, judging the grip just to even pick up the damn thing and coordinated my lower body to get the right balance. I picked it up and even partially pressed it over my head, now how could I have done that without even remotely training to move such a big object let alone an awkward one and not be hurt whatsoever? I made a choice to not give into fear. It also means I'm very well trained and have put time and effort to learn and use my body in a manner that is different, unique and moving forward with what knowledge I have gained. Putting knowledge into action creates results, period.

Now that doesn't mean all of you should find the heaviest rock possible on a whim. You need training and in order to do that you have to take a chance and make the choice of not giving into fear and creating something within yourself. When I first started walking again more than a decade ago, I made the choice to make myself stronger because if anyone was going to push me, its going to be me. Motivation can be a bitch but trust me, not everyone will support you or encourage you, you have to motivate yourself first and foremost. On the safer side of training, moving like a wild animal is a highly motivational thing because its not really exercise, its just a series of movements where you mimic a living, breathing creature. I do my best to tell people that to get the best results is to not look at fitness as a "workout" but to see it as an adventure, a portal to a world where you make the decisions, finding what suits you best and making the most out of it.

Just a few minutes of crawling like a bear, walking like an ape, jumping like a frog, balancing like a flamingo and hopping like a bunny can be a huge start to help melt fat away and having it keep melting within your consistency. I do this many times throughout the day, I sometimes do it for 20 min. straight, sometimes an hour goes by and I never notice because I don't treat it like Work, yes it takes effort and it can be tough but it is fun and exciting. Where is the motivation? The ability to see it as freedom and being imaginative, that's how I stay motivated. When you see it as work or something that feels like punishment; you'll resent it, makes you feel like a prisoner and being so strict it becomes dull, tedious & sad. Who the hell would want that?

Stop fearing what can give you the greatest benefit and do so without developing injuries, joint-pain & torn muscles. Listen to your body, challenge it on a level that helps you progress to the next level. This type of training alone I have never felt pain from or overtrained on, I move when I feel like it and use my brain to the best of my abilities. Most people who train hard have no clue when to actually stop, the body can only take so much, we are not like those in Dragon Ball Z (although its very motivating) or remotely close to the discipline Batman where he pushes himself so hard the average person would be dead. Make the most of what you can do but in the long-haul, listen and never sacrifice your body so you can treat injuries like their medals won at the Olympics. Just a few minutes a day and work from there. 

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