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Finally a Program Which Considers the Hormonal Impact of Your Training

Unsuccessfully trying to lose weight?
Try this program that can burn fat, build muscle and increase energy, with initial visible results in 1-2 weeks!

What would you say if somebody told you they found the ultimate new program to get in shape? Chances are you will say that you are not interested or feel skeptical about another program promising results.
The reality is that there are so many 'best and fast solution' systems on the market, which unfortunately do not work, that many people lost interest in them, and are very skeptical when they hear about a new approach

BUT WAIT. Before closing this email please read the few sentences below. They just may put you on the path to an improved quality of life.

Coach Scott Sonnon – proclaimed by Men’s Health magazine as the creator of the "World’s Smartest Workout" - has introduced a revolutionary approach to burning fat, building muscle, and enhancing your balanced energy throughout the day. It has been Beta tested and the …

Cutting Edge Fitness Program from the 'World's Smartest Workout' Coach

Hey guys,

I have exciting news to share with you.

But first, please consider if any of the following apply to you:

- Have you exhausted yourself to frustration with the inability to lose fat, increase muscle mass, and increase your vital energy throughout the day?
- Are you tired of programs, which result in inevitable fat gain, muscle loss and energy decrease?
- Are you interested in diversifying your fitness training?
- Are you bored from practicing the same repetitive exercise routines?
- Are you new to exercise and looking for an Ideal Program for beginners?

If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, then you need to take a look at an all new program:

BAD45: The Ultimate Home and Travel Bodyweight and Dumbbell Workout System to Optimize Hormones for Fat-Burn, Muscle-Growth and Energy Increase.

BAD45 was designed by the "World's Smartest Workout" Coach Scott Sonnon, Tactical fitness advisor to the US Departments of Justice, Homeland Security and Defense.

This i…

ThanksGiving Fitness

It's that time of year again where we celebrate the holidays with awesome food, family and bringing joy to those around us. Now I'm not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving but I do believe in celebrating life with the ones you love. Now generally this particular part of the Holidays is about giving thanks and we all have things to be thankful for; however I don't think we need one day to be grateful for something when it should be a choice to be grateful everyday from your own personal ways. Granted people shop their ass off after Thanksgiving and only in America where people trample each other for crazy sales after one day of being thankful. Traditionally from my own choice I train a little more intensely around this time and make the time to test out hard exercises and push a little more on the basics. I'm a big eater as some of you know and this Thanksgiving will have a non-traditional feast that will have me eating like a madman after some crazy training.

    Many p…

Kicking Ass With A Smile

We always begin something within our mind and what comes next is the physical aspect, utilizing the old term Mind/Muscle Connection. Our body language can be mysterious at times because what you see on the outside is not even close to what's going on in the inside. How you handle yourself mentally will eventually come out in the physical. You can be the nicest person in the room but on the inside you can still be in pain for whatever reason and sometimes bringing out the opposite as a defense mechanism. Me personally I love to laugh and kick back, inside I feel different but often what I feel inside, you'll see it in my physical state as well. Mentally, it's tough to find the exact emotions you use as a controlled way of doing things. Unless you're an actor or have practiced staying the same state whether you have been criticized or not it's not easy being in a lot of pain and try to be a sweet person. However learning the yin and yang of your emotional comple…

Channeling Aggression

We all get mad at something sometimes no matter what it is. It's part of our human nature flipping through the yin and yang of our emotional and physical status. We become aggressive almost animal like at times and there are ways to channel that. When you become aggressive, most of the time you clinch up, become very tense and your whole emotional power is held at bay. Some people are so aggressive, they don't realize what's happening around them and it's all they can think of and being rough and mean. However, if you learn to channel it in a positive and productive manner it becomes a whole new ball game. Imagine being able to use that side of you as a way to make your body and mind stronger and taking on challenges at a much more successful rate.

    I know what it's like to have a temper and having a mean streak. When it came on and I didn't know what was going on because I was so angry I use to punch things, not people thank god because I'm definitel…

Holy Cow

That’s what I thought when I saw the email I’m about to share with you…
You see… all week long, my good friend Tyler (The Creator Of CT-50) has been offering up some awesome daily fast action bonuses (only available for 24 hours) to anyone who chose to invest in a discounted copy of CT-50. If you missed em, here’s what he offered up:
- The 5 Day Metabolism FIX - The CT-50 Progressive Warm-Up System - The (3 PHASE) Flat Belly Accelerator Diet And Fat Loss Tracker Journal - The Power Isometrics Manual
Each of these fast action bonuses is extremely high quality and worth the cost of CT-50 by it’s self. However… Tyler is a man that over-delivers BIG TIME which is why I couldn’t believe when he sent me this…
“I just wanted to email you real quick because we had a lot of people emailing us asking about how they could buy the fast action bonuses that they didn’t get free access to. I had a conversation with my team and we decided that instead of sell these things separately, we are gonna e…

Odd "isometric" body shaping method (FREE for next few hours)

Note: You may have noticed that Santa Cruz personal trainer and bootcamp owner Tyler Bramlett is taking the fitness world by storm this week with a brand new style of fat-loss cross training. Well today, he also unveiled a strange body-sculpting method called "Power Isometrics." And you can get it FREE until tonight, midnight. Details below…
Did you know you can shape and sculpt your most important body parts without lifting heavy weights or using expensive equipment?
And even if you DO like lifting weights, you can use a special method called "isometrics" to get even faster and better results. It's basically a strategic series of "static" muscular contractions.
The strange thing is, even though there's a bunch of research proving how well this stuff works, almost no one is using it. But my friend and Santa Cruz trainer and bootcamp owner is one of the top experts.
And he's giving away a brand new program called "Power Isometrics" TODAY …

The “Dirty Little Secret” That Builds Magazine-Cover Bodies

The last couple days I’ve been sharing some new workout ideas that have been shaking up the fitness world lately. Today I wanted to share with you the one “rule” that will make you or break you when it comes to seeing the results you want…
This one simple "rule" can be found in the workout programs of the best physiques in the world -- and it had nothing to do with genetics, your diet, or how long you spend in the gym?
The “rule” I’m talking about can be summarized in just 3 words…
Form… Follow… Function!
What this means for you is that the exercises you choose to use in your workouts and how good you get at these exercises determines the way your body will look, feel and perform. Let me elaborate…
Have you ever seen an athlete with a bad body? My bet is NO!
That’s because athletes and their coaches, whose sole goal is to improve performance understand this 1 “rule” better then most.
Instead of focusing on working out your muscles or focusing on how out of breath you are, athletes…

7 Workout SINS to AVOID

2014 has been a crazy year in the fitness world. Many trends have come and gone mostly because they simply could’t deliver the results they promised.
I thought about writing an article on this subject, but my friend beat me to it :) So… here are the 7 WORST Workout SINS Of 2014…
Workout Sin #1 - Muscle Confusion
Over the last decade, you've probably noticed how popular the concept of muscle confusion has become, right?
While there is a possibility that you could get results doing random workouts every day, the chances of you seeing a dramatic change in your body is slim to none.
There's a simple principal in high level physical therapy and athletic training circles called the S.A.I.D. principal that PROVES muscle confusion doesn't work as well as the mainstream media wants you to believe.
The S.A.I.D principal basically says, your body only adapts (AKA burns fat and builds lean toned muscle) to the stimulus or exercise you use. And... other fitness experts claim that it can ta…

This Ancient Story From 536 BC Can Help You Lose 10-71lbs?

Did you know that there’s a story from 536 BC that contains the secret to losing 10, 30 or even 70+ lbs of fat?

Even stranger… would you believe me if I told you that the story was about a BULL?

Well… I know it sounds strange but if you give it a chance, the ancient wisdom contained in this story could change the way you look at your workouts for good…

Back in 536 BC, there was a man by the name of Milo from the Greek city of Croton.

He was a 6 time Olympic champion and his physique was so impressive that his story is still around today over 2,600 years after he died!

As the story goes, Milo built his legendary physique by training with a baby calf…

He would lift this calf up on his shoulders and carry it every single day and… as the calf turned into a bull, Milo sent a loud and clear signal to his body that forced his physique to change.

The ancient secret Milo discovered, is that the way your body looks right now, does NOT depend on the length or intensity of your workouts or some …

Bodyweight Training On A Different Spectrum

A lot of the typical bodyweight training you see is people doing various squats, push-ups, weird kipping pull-ups and even (I have no idea why they keep doing this) aerobics. Basic exercises are essential to developing a strong foundation for your body and how you control the mechanics of the movements. I believe in doing various types of bodyweight exercises to learn what works best for that individual. Weights are always awesome especially when you can kick ass lifting heavy things from full range to partial plus adding in an odd object or 2 but training using your own body can be just as incredible even as a beginner or an advanced level. At times, the typical normal training becomes boring and need to change things up. Add a little spice to your training by picturing certain situations in your imagination to utilize the muscles needed for that exercise. Some people are just so analytical that they forget why their training. When I train I want to feel like a little kid playing…

Push-up For Veterans

I'm not one to be very Patriotic and it's not really my thing to celebrate big holidays but hey every now and then it's good to celebrate those who have given their lives so we can enjoy what we have in life. Veterans Day is not just a regular day to celebrate, it's a day we honor and tribute to our fellow man/woman of the military and to give thanks for what they do and have done. Men and women have gone through training that would make the average man want to puke and it takes a special kind of athlete to make it through a rough training program and then get sent off someplace to fight or rescue. Some of these people are the toughest and most rough athletes you can imagine (Rangers, SEALs, Marines). My great-grandfather was a general in the army, my dad was in the Coast Guard and my cousin Danny was in the military so it's important we acknowledge what they have done no matter how big or small because they did make a difference one way or another.

    In the …

Damn I’m Hungry

Working out has many benefits; raising hormones, a high level of endorphins, increased metabolism and other things but one thing is for sure (from my experience and others I've been around) is the hunger you get afterwards. Food is meant to fuel us and with training, you'll need to satisfy that hunger. This doesn't mean you go grab a McDonalds or a Pizza from Dominos or anything of that sort. Eating good food is essential for how you recover, how you handle your intake and feeling like you have conquered something. There are people however that don't realize what they're doing to themselves when they finish a workout; I've literally seen people finish a workout then go out and smoke a cigarette right after and it makes me want to slap those people or someone finished a brutal routine and then went out and got drunk or had extremely unhealthy food like at a carnival or something. If you want the best out of your body, you'll need to find what works best …

Bringing A Sense Of Humor To Your Training

In some parts of gyms, or just training in general some people are so uptight, so rigid within themselves and have no humor whatsoever why so serious? I understand it's good to get some of that stress out and you're going after your goals. It's awesome to focus on what you want to do but come on people, lighten up a little. I'm not saying you should be laughing in the middle of a set or make funny grunting faces but also the best things in life are what makes us human beings. Training is a real stress reliever if you know how to use it well and just like laughter it releases endorphins that gives you a high that is just incredible to have. Having a sense of humor in practically everything you do is what brings joy to your life and being stressed just sucks.

    There are people out there who have a wicked sense of humor, myself included and when it comes to imagination it can be rather twisted but hey it's not hurting anyone and we do our best to not offend any…

Hit The Deck

Most would look at this and think they need to duck for something or move to get out of dodge but not for today my friends. I have written about Card Training before but it's a favorite of mine so I'll write it again. The irony is with full on hardcore card training you might want to hit the deck for dear life because this type of training will not be welcoming with open arms. It takes mental toughness to another realm and for the most part it can lead to superhuman levels of conditioning and growth hormone jumps. This type of training alone can jumpstart your cardio, High Intensity Training and you can not only get stronger and have more endurance but you can also lose unwanted fat, build muscle and lose weight at the same time.

    If you're the type of person who doesn't want to sweat during a workout this isn't for you. You will sweat, you'll be breathing hard and you'll need plenty of water because as you go through the cards, it gets tougher one a…

The Bundle Of A Lifetime

Usually with a package deal, you get really cool stuff really cheap and other times (more often than not) some of those package deals are pretty lame and they rip you off somehow but very few have a lot to offer especially this one. When you get the Combat Bundle, you're getting one of the greatest deals today and for only a few more days than it's gone. Picture what it would be like to have over 70 of the best people teaching you how to get fit and powerful and even teach you Martial Arts/Self Defense in the process at the same time give you valuable info on nutrition that'll jack you up naturally without the need of drugs or stupid supplementation.

    There's not just instruction on how to fight and defend yourself but you also get the luxury of learning the very secrets on how a fighter gets extraordinarily fit and do so in the least amount of time and using the conditioning programs to give you that competitive edge against your opponent. Fighters need to be i…