Monday, November 24, 2014

Channeling Aggression

    We all get mad at something sometimes no matter what it is. It's part of our human nature flipping through the yin and yang of our emotional and physical status. We become aggressive almost animal like at times and there are ways to channel that. When you become aggressive, most of the time you clinch up, become very tense and your whole emotional power is held at bay. Some people are so aggressive, they don't realize what's happening around them and it's all they can think of and being rough and mean. However, if you learn to channel it in a positive and productive manner it becomes a whole new ball game. Imagine being able to use that side of you as a way to make your body and mind stronger and taking on challenges at a much more successful rate.


    I know what it's like to have a temper and having a mean streak. When it came on and I didn't know what was going on because I was so angry I use to punch things, not people thank god because I'm definitely not that kind of guy but I have my share of bruises and scars from hitting doors, knocking out an entire window and putting holes in other places. It's not something I recommend and it's in no way healthy as an individual to hit anything especially if it moves. I have learned through various types of training to tune my temper into a more productive manner that doesn't hurt anybody or anything and it's helped me get what I need out in more of a workout type of way. Whenever I get really upset or mad or frustrated about something I get my Thor hammer and tire and have at it until it wears off. I especially need to let it out sometimes when a break up occurs especially if it's someone you really cared about and it hurts like hell. One night after being told that I couldn't be with this girl anymore I took a deck of cards, a Thor Hammer and a tire outside and just hit the tire as long as I can. I made it through the entire deck and felt happy and incredible afterwards. I channeled my anger and frustration and turned into something that brings joy to my life and that's training.


    Being aggressive and angry can be put to good use. You can realign your focus and work towards having those endorphins kick in and jump starting your hormones to the point where building muscle and burning fat is at a mighty rate. Sure it isn't easy to take a deep breath and think for a second because your body becomes tense and stiff. Another favorite of mine to let out my aggression to calm down is to do Animal Exercises and play a little game. Think differently and learn how to use your aggression on something that is guaranteed to put you down and let everything sink in in a positive way. This a great way to help your kids too because as you know when they reach puberty everything shoots through the roof and the emotional status is all over the place. When they move fast and breathing hard it opens up the body in a very different light, when everything wears down they're calmer, relaxed, and happy because of that high. Don't ever force them to do it, encourage it and this way they don't hurt anyone, they're controlling their emotions and it helps stay healthy physically, emotionally and mentally.


    If you truly want to know a good secret to lighting that switch, open up your mind and feel into your body that brings out that adrenaline and super charged strength that occurs. One of the coolest ways to look at it from a perspective is if you watched The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton. At the end of the movie he's in a cabin in a meditative state with a timer ticking and incents are flowing, he's feeling relaxed and calm yet a moment later his heart rate spikes out of nowhere and his eyes turn green to turn into the hulk as if he was able to bring him out on his own will. That is a hell of a way to get your body ready to train, you utilize your mind power to create the surge and power within you. Using positive aggression to focus on your task. A lot of people look at aggression as a negative thing but there is a way to use it in a manner that gives you focus, strength and other attributes to bring out the strongest version of yourself. It takes practice and it takes a special kind of awareness but it is possible and you can use it.

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