Thursday, November 20, 2014

Odd "isometric" body shaping method (FREE for next few hours)

Note: You may have noticed that Santa Cruz personal trainer and bootcamp owner Tyler Bramlett is taking the fitness world by storm this week with a brand new style of fat-loss cross training. Well today, he also unveiled a strange body-sculpting method called "Power Isometrics." And you can get it FREE until tonight, midnight. Details below…

Did you know you can shape and sculpt your most important body parts without lifting heavy weights or using expensive equipment?

And even if you DO like lifting weights, you can use a special method called "isometrics" to get even faster and better results. It's basically a strategic series of "static" muscular contractions.

The strange thing is, even though there's a bunch of research proving how well this stuff works, almost no one is using it. But my friend and Santa Cruz trainer and bootcamp owner is one of the top experts.

And he's giving away a brand new program called "Power Isometrics" TODAY only. In fact, you've only got a few more hours to secure your free copy. Details here…

"Power Isometrics" FREE today <--- ends="" hours="" in="" offer="" span="">

Tyler is really one of the BEST people in the world you could learn these methods from. Here's why…

He has traveled the country hunting down fitness experts way, way off the “mainstream” grid, soaking up everything they had to teach…

… and he learned plenty of underground techniques like the isometrics he's sharing today in his new bonus program.

He's been teaching this stuff right alongside his groundbreaking CT-50 fatloss system for years, but only to a select few private clients. He's never written this stuff down for anyone, until today.

And now he's giving it away for FREE to everyone who invests in the complete CT-50 fat-loss cross training system before midnight...

Invest in CT-50 and get "Power Isometrics FREE <-- ends="" midnight="" span="">

(…don't worry, if you bought CT-50 earlier in the week, you'll also be getting this exciting new bonus…)

In case you missed my prediction this morning. I think the CT-50 system might actually be the next big workout trend. So you might as well be one of those cool folks who get's in on the action early… :-)

It has all the fat-burning benefits of popular workout trends like Crossfit and P90X, but without the pitfalls of high-injury rates or excessively long workouts. In fact, Tyler's fat torching CT-50 workouts are all DONE in 20 minutes or less!

CT-50 is also doable even for total beginners, but still offers a crazy challenge for super-fit former athletes. That's because the program features 5 levels of difficulty, each one capped off with a "Challenge Workout" that helps you decide if you're ready for the next stage!

And all the workouts are filmed as follow-along videos, so you just have to press play and let Tyler coach you through the session for optimal fatloss. And just so you know, the videos are shot in HD and are super high quality. 

The entire system is a class act, just like my friend Tyler. But you've only got a few hours left to get CT-50 at 30% off. The price goes up at midnight, and if you don't act, you'll also lose out on your free copy of Power Isometrics

Go grab that now, while it's on your mind, and you can come back and thank me later… :-)

Be Awesome

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