Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bodyweight Training On A Different Spectrum

    A lot of the typical bodyweight training you see is people doing various squats, push-ups, weird kipping pull-ups and even (I have no idea why they keep doing this) aerobics. Basic exercises are essential to developing a strong foundation for your body and how you control the mechanics of the movements. I believe in doing various types of bodyweight exercises to learn what works best for that individual. Weights are always awesome especially when you can kick ass lifting heavy things from full range to partial plus adding in an odd object or 2 but training using your own body can be just as incredible even as a beginner or an advanced level. At times, the typical normal training becomes boring and need to change things up. Add a little spice to your training by picturing certain situations in your imagination to utilize the muscles needed for that exercise. Some people are just so analytical that they forget why their training. When I train I want to feel like a little kid playing and just have fun with what I do, not be a stressed out adult who overlooks and makes it look scary because they're too pushy to have a little fun.


    One of the best exercises in the world of bodyweight training is the pull-up. These days because of Crossfit, the pull-up has become somewhat of a dangerous exercise because people are "taught" to overwork the joints and kip so they can get more reps when in fact their body isn't ready or even needing to do that. Unless you're in rock climbing or moving through ladders in a safe environment, kipping shouldn't even be apart of your regimen. If you want to learn how to do a one-arm pull-up its nearly impossible to kip and you are more likely to destroy tendons and joints if you do that. Real pull-ups are controlled, as strict as possible and the body must be unison when you flex the muscles needed to do a pull-up. You don't kip in a push-up or a squat so why do it on a pull-up? The real power and keeping the joints from harm is the understanding of knowing how to grip, tighten the abs, moving in line with the elbows and going as straight as possible. Some like to move around the bar or do muscle ups which builds explosive strength but it still takes control and contraction when needed to do those things.


    The true fun in using your own bodyweight is being able to move freely through space in a variety of ways whether it Hand Balancing, various Gymnastics, Animal Style or Yoga; it's about using the freedom to play around your environment and utilizing your body's strength and power. Once you learn how to handle it, it's one of the greatest gifts to have in life because you are living happily, enjoying what you love and it brings out your creativity. In the beginning it's tough to get the hang of things and you practice as much as you can and finding what works best for you because not all of us move the same way so we need to customize how we utilize the best of our abilities to progress in true fashion.


    From the beginning to being at an advanced level, your training ought to be an adventure, finding the unknown and learning things about yourself through your movements. Your personality opens up without ever saying a word and sure it can be frightening sometimes because you never know what might come next but you create the adventure, it's yours and only you know will be in the next chapter. People might look at you funny, they may even laugh or hell run away because what you're doing scares them but for you it is your way of having fun, living outside the box and not always coloring in the lines. The adventure brings you the results you want and you bask in the glory that is your creativity and the way you want to live. Bodyweight Training is no longer a couple words, it has become your sanctuary and it builds both mind and body as if they were the same thing. Be adventurous and move to your fullest potential.


Happy Thor's Day everyone, be awesome and have a great day.

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