Friday, November 7, 2014

Bringing A Sense Of Humor To Your Training

    In some parts of gyms, or just training in general some people are so uptight, so rigid within themselves and have no humor whatsoever why so serious? I understand it's good to get some of that stress out and you're going after your goals. It's awesome to focus on what you want to do but come on people, lighten up a little. I'm not saying you should be laughing in the middle of a set or make funny grunting faces but also the best things in life are what makes us human beings. Training is a real stress reliever if you know how to use it well and just like laughter it releases endorphins that gives you a high that is just incredible to have. Having a sense of humor in practically everything you do is what brings joy to your life and being stressed just sucks.


    There are people out there who have a wicked sense of humor, myself included and when it comes to imagination it can be rather twisted but hey it's not hurting anyone and we do our best to not offend anyone (at least not intentionally or directly). If you want to get the best out of life you've got to have a pretty good imagination, thinking of things outside the box, seeing a bigger picture than anyone else and bringing it out in your own unique way. Sometimes bringing it out can be quite funny and although most won't get it, you will because that's who you are. There are great people who've had great success but have no imagination and no sense of humor so the balance is off and you won't always be real unless there's a balance. Some of the training I do looks quite ridiculous to those who don't understand it; I mean who the hell wants to be crawling, jumping, moving like a chimp and pounding his chest like a gorilla as he works out (apparently some people) and you know what, I'm getting something out of it and they're not because I'm not the weird guy, they are the uptight people who don't know how to loosen up. You see some people just don't have that fire to be imaginative and intuitive take for example; one day me and a family member were driving up to Lake Tahoe and had to stop for gas, we pull over and as he gets the nozzle going, I'm out and stretching next to the car doing some sumo squats and working my hamstrings a little because let's face it sitting in a car too long just makes you stiff as a board at times and he tells me flat out to not stretch and stop what I'm doing because apparently people will stare and make fun of me. I think it was his way of saying "don't embarrass me and what you're doing is funny looking and weird." See no humor at all and seriously, I needed to stretch otherwise I wouldn't be able to move too well when we got there and help carry other people's shit in.


    When you train, there's got to some laughs thrown in every now and then, not to poke fun at anybody but just bring some light into things at times and if you have friends to train with, that just makes it even better. When things are lit up around you and you're having a great time not just training but having that positive and fiery energy surrounding you, everything just seems right and you're getting more out of it than you ever expected. I've trained with some of the funniest guys around but also have trained with people who have a stick up their ass, have that depressed energy about them and just plain dull. If I had to pick the top 4 guys I've trained with that just light up the training like a florescent light bulb would be Logan Christopher, Tyler Bramlett, Bud Jeffries and Garin Bader. The latter I only got to train with once but even one time it was an experience I can never let go of even if I wanted to because it was bizarre at times but in a good way. Having some laughs is part of the process and knowing that the best things in life are when you're with incredible people.


    A smile is more than just a face, it's a powerful entity that many never experience especially when you're training. To smile even in the toughest workout sessions is a sight to behold. You get so caught up in your training at times you forget to just smile and realize that no matter how things are in your life, it's these moments that give you the greatest impacts. Sure you can be sore, worn out, tired and even a little slow after a while but in the end, when you smile and do so with enthusiasm and not faking it, you just made one of those rare things happen. Get in the habit of smiling before, during and after your workouts and you'll see where things go for you.


Have a great weekend everyone. Be awesome and laugh it up.

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