Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Push-up For Veterans

    I'm not one to be very Patriotic and it's not really my thing to celebrate big holidays but hey every now and then it's good to celebrate those who have given their lives so we can enjoy what we have in life. Veterans Day is not just a regular day to celebrate, it's a day we honor and tribute to our fellow man/woman of the military and to give thanks for what they do and have done. Men and women have gone through training that would make the average man want to puke and it takes a special kind of athlete to make it through a rough training program and then get sent off someplace to fight or rescue. Some of these people are the toughest and most rough athletes you can imagine (Rangers, SEALs, Marines). My great-grandfather was a general in the army, my dad was in the Coast Guard and my cousin Danny was in the military so it's important we acknowledge what they have done no matter how big or small because they did make a difference one way or another.


    In the military one of the standard exercises for basic training is doing plenty of push-ups. It doesn't matter if you do 50 at a time or 100 or more, it's one of the most simple forms of conditioning and can be done anywhere, there are many variations of the push-up but the basic military one stands out because even as simple as it is it can take down even the strongest of men. To do them in high reps takes mental strength to another level. I'm not particularly a fan of push-ups but every once in a while get into positon and crank out a few here and there. When you can make it creative and not just doing the dull up and down motion, you can crank out quite a few reps if you adjust your thinking.


    We all have at least one person in our family that was in the military, I come from a family of men who were in it so it's not uncommon to notice a thing or two. Some families however have men and women in the military that are strict as hell and although I'm all for having some form of discipline I don't find it particularly healthy to make it so strict it takes the fun out of somebody. Life may not all be fun and games but at least cut loose every now and then, if you're on a military base or on a mission that's one thing where you have to be alert at all times but at home, learn to cut loose will yeah. I may get heat for this because I've never been in the service and I don't understand the discipline of being a soldier but I do however have the military in my blood so don't knock me for not understanding in some form. The military has great qualities to teach people and help them in some way to push their potential.


    So today, we salute you fellow veterans and one particular salute for me goes out to those in my family and one to my fellow strongman Mike Bruce an ex-Marine and one hell of a man. Want to get a hell of a workout to salute these fighting and fallen men and women then add in push-ups to your workout today to honor them. I don't care if all you do is 25 or 500, do what you can because each rep brings honor and hope to those who serve and knowing that we're all in it together fighting for what we love and gives us meaning.


Happy Veterans Day everyone. Be awesome and I salute you guys, keep it up, kick ass and come home safe.

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