Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The “Dirty Little Secret” That Builds Magazine-Cover Bodies

The last couple days I’ve been sharing some new workout ideas that have been shaking up the fitness world lately. Today I wanted to share with you the one “rule” that will make you or break you when it comes to seeing the results you want…

This one simple "rule" can be found in the workout programs of the best physiques in the world -- and it had nothing to do with genetics, your diet, or how long you spend in the gym?

The “rule” I’m talking about can be summarized in just 3 words…

Form… Follow… Function!

What this means for you is that the exercises you choose to use in your workouts and how good you get at these exercises determines the way your body will look, feel and perform. Let me elaborate…

Have you ever seen an athlete with a bad body? My bet is NO!

That’s because athletes and their coaches, whose sole goal is to improve performance understand this 1 “rule” better then most.

Instead of focusing on working out your muscles or focusing on how out of breath you are, athletes focus on whether or not they are performing their “exercises” with greater strength, skill or speed.

Just take a second to imagine what your abs would look like if all you could ever do was a few simple leg raises. And… you were never shown how to make the exercise more difficult.

You probably wouldn't be able to see much in the way of results, right?

Now imagine if the opposite were true… Instead of being stuck on a basic exercise, you knew the EXACT progression that you need to use to work up to performing an exercise like a hanging knee tuck, a knees to elbows or even a full hanging leg raise.

If you knew this progression and you worked your way up, do you think your abs would change in the process?

They wouldn't just change… because of the principal that “Form, Follows Function” they would be forced to change, no matter what!

This is the power of movement progressions that show you the step-by-step way to go from basic, beginner exercises to more complex ones, all the while sending Loud And Clear fat burning, muscle toning signals that your body can’t ignore.

If you wanna learn more about movement progressions and see how the’ve helped others lose 71lbs in only 45 minutes a week, check this out…

Be Awesome

P.S. Without using this “rule” in your exercise routine, you will doom yourself to endless plateaus and repeated failure! However… with this “rule” you’ll send loud and clear fat burning, muscle toning signals that force your body to change. Find out how you can easily use this “rule” to transformyour body in 45 minutes a week…

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