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The Feeling Of Electrical Expression

As a human being one of the things of our very nature is being able to express ourselves. As little kids we pretend while we play and have vivid imaginations and we feel like we can take the world by storm. As teenagers we get into the latest fads and express our likes for certain music, the way we dress, doesn't matter if you're popular in school or not it's all about what you come as when you feel the need to show what you like to be or who you want to be, it's like Halloween but not as expressive (or maybe it is). When we grow into adults, our feeling to express ourselves tend to drop because we have to look a certain way for people, we shy away from who we want to express ourselves as because of a certain job or our families because we aren't a kid anymore or try impress our boss so we can get a promotion. We completely lose track of who we are and having the freedom to be expressive and letting out another piece of us.

    I quite frankly don't give a s…

A Satyr For Thought

As you may have read in your Greek Mythology or Roman Mythology books (or watched Chronicles Of Narnia), you may have noticed a god that is both human and animal and not as ugly as the Minotaur. It's a half-man and half-goat creature known as a Satyr or Faunus to the Romans. This creature can be seen as beautiful or terrible looking but in the end he's a god that is different, unique and misunderstood. To Christians (most of them at least) he's looked at as the devil that is the sin of desire, pleasure, drink and sexuality but sinned because of being born not from nature. For the most part, you can't really condemn the poor guy, hell he's half-goat for crying out but he's also a god of the wilderness, the burning desire to love and sing with heart and beauty. His legs and horns are the mere foundation of his powerful strength and unadulterated superhuman hormones. This outlook is what draws those (except for Nymphs) to learn how to get that kind of stre…

Iron Isometrics

The one and only Steve Justa is at it again, bringing you his unique, unpredictable and overwhelming powerful knowledge on Isometric Training. Nobody today can comprehend the type of Isometric Training Steve has possessed; it's not every day you see a man who went from the brink of nearly losing all of his strength due to diabetes to being the most shredded he's ever looked in his life. At 56 years old he's in far better shape than most men his age although he does smoke like a chimney and other things but you have to realize he's not your typical strongman. For over 30 years he's practiced styles of training even some of the very best won't go after and accomplish, he's one of maybe 4 men ever to backlift the most weight, lift off tractors, carry hundreds of pounds worth of concrete in barrels, walk with practically half a ton on his back and do isometrics that only Bud Jeffries, Bruce Lee and Alexander Zass would be crazy enough to go after yet Ste…

Can You Juggle Kettlebells???

Hey Guys,

I've played around with kettlebell juggling in the past and had some fun with it.

But if you truly want to master this art than my friend Logan Christopher is your man.

He's giving away 35 minutes of video on getting started and advanced skills from a workshop people paid up to $1000 to attend.

Master Juggling Kettlebells

If you do anything with kettlebells you owe it to yourself to check out this video. You'll see all the benefits these fun skills can give you.

This isn't just for advanced people, although many people may think it is. Whether you're just starting out, or have been lifting kettlebells for years, you'll surely learn something new here.

Jump On The Bandwagon Now & Take Your Conditioning To The Next Level

Be Awesome & Juggle With Power & Might

P.S. And that's just the start. He's got some even more amazing things in store that will change the way kettlebell juggling will be done in the future.

Sneak A Peak Here

I’m Talking About DDP Yoga

Yoga for decades even centuries has had a reputation for being a soft, spiritual plus a tough form of exercise. It's supposed to enlighten your body and give off an emotional release with spiritual guidance. The type of Yoga I'm talking about doesn't enlighten (unless you let it) and will beat you to the ground with the way it is taught. It can still be spiritual but in a more aggressive way with a touch of kick ass cardio and Muscle Control that will jump start your heart rate. Diamond Dallas Page has taken one of the oldest systems in the world and taken it to another level with his style of hardcore training and no impact conditioning and strength training.

    I was taught in my early 20's that if you want to get the best out of your training, you learn to be self-reliant; listening to your own body and understanding your own physiology to create the workouts that ae suitable to you and your goals. DDP Yoga embodies this concept when it's leader suggests (ev…

Getting In Shape No Matter How Big Or Small

There is this certain notion from people who think they can't get in shape because of no time to go to the gym, they're too tired, they can't make the effort because of a million other responsibilities and I can understand that. Kids can get in the way, your job makes you work long and grueling hours and you might even be going to school or when you have free time you just want to sleep. It's not easy but it is possible to get fit but using realistic and strategic goals. You may have a low metabolism and it's tough for you to gain muscle and lose weight or you have a high metabolism and you can easily lose weight but not build muscle not as quickly so you learn what you can do. Look at the old-time strongmen; some of these guys were laborers, businessmen, promoters, others were sick and can barely breathe and were told they would never have a chance to have a full and healthy life so what did they do, they made the effort but it started out very small and progr…

Let The Outdoors Be Your Friend

It's a whole other connection to your body when you train outdoors. Now granted some of you (like me) live in a state where all 4 seasons occur and in the winter time, it can get pretty damn cold. This is where you learn to adapt and value the awareness of the various conditions that give to the weather. I love to train outside especially in the summer time, it does get super-hot sometimes but that's how you learn your awareness, unless you're working outside, don't be out training in the hundred degree weather for three hours unless you have a shit load of water and breathe with efficiency. The feeling of fresh air sinking into your body that reconnects your roots of those that came before you and the value of getting that Vitamin D which I will get into a bit here.

    To really get the connection of exercising outdoors is to do it on nice green grass. The feeling of the earth on your feet when you walk on nice, soft and loving grass. Not a lot of people have t…

Tough Keeping A Positive Attitude

It's not easy being a positive person. We're all human and we have our moments of having that part of us wanting to strangle somebody or just say something to them just to get it out. It's very easy to let loose on negative bullshit because when someone you know or don't know dumps on you and throw all their crap at you it can be very stressful, frustrating and even painful. They may not direct their feelings of draining energy from you personally but it can still be a pain in the ass to deal with. One of the toughest things to do as a human being is having an attitude that is just beautiful, energetic, powerful and a feel good personality. Some are just born with it and have developed a unique way but for the rest of us it's not so easy.

    A powerful positive attitude caters to how your personality comes into play. Some look like they're attitude is great until you see how full of themselves and judgmental they are and that changes the game completely. Y…