Friday, August 29, 2014

The Feeling Of Electrical Expression

    As a human being one of the things of our very nature is being able to express ourselves. As little kids we pretend while we play and have vivid imaginations and we feel like we can take the world by storm. As teenagers we get into the latest fads and express our likes for certain music, the way we dress, doesn't matter if you're popular in school or not it's all about what you come as when you feel the need to show what you like to be or who you want to be, it's like Halloween but not as expressive (or maybe it is). When we grow into adults, our feeling to express ourselves tend to drop because we have to look a certain way for people, we shy away from who we want to express ourselves as because of a certain job or our families because we aren't a kid anymore or try impress our boss so we can get a promotion. We completely lose track of who we are and having the freedom to be expressive and letting out another piece of us.


    I quite frankly don't give a shit in most ways how to express myself, I love who I'am and if anybody gives me crap than you're going to get it back. To truly express yourself is to feel it from within, have a powerful electrical feeling to show who you really are. I'm still practicing this because for a long time around certain people I've had to hide myself from who I truly am because certain people I know can't take it and will feel "embarrassed" to be around me. Your energy is what gives off that power, if you learn to harness it and balance it out for you, you can show your true self to people and although it's not always easy (trust me I know what I'm talking about) it's very exhilarating to show the real you to anyone. You must be comfortable with who you are first otherwise you're pretending to be someone you're not. And also what is the point of helping others if you can't help yourself in the first place? Some people feel the need to take care of others and/or help them which is awesome in its own way but if you don't take care of you what is it really worth? Be open with who you are (almost makes me sound like a hypocrite but you know what I'm learning) and throw your energy out with passion, love and the desire to unlock your true personality because there are shy people with massive expression when they let it out but there are other people who are very expressive but try to be someone else when they ought to open up who you are.


    The way you train no matter what it is can show a certain aspect of your personality because even though you may not realize it but the way you handle a lift or the way you hold a posture even when throw the dumbbells around has an effect on the way you bring yourself out. Let it me put it this way for those playing the home game; some people are compressed, shy and awkward but if you worked out with them you may see a complete change in their expression, their energy and the way they just blast out. There are also people who look strong as hell but can't do a damn thing in a workout. How you handle yourself in your training is not how impressive you're trying to be but how you make yourself better when you do the things that give you the best results. Your imagination and the way you think can have a profound effect on your training as well because if you just think that you need to do this or that or even just move without any emotional content you will be dull and that part of your personality is dull. If you learn to open your mind, use your imagination and bring it out to the world, your body language changes, you have greater energy and your results will speak for themselves. Release that emotional power and feel the electric shock that will be your expressive nature.


    Do what feels right to you, you are not perfect and you shouldn't have to do what works for other people. Believe me I've been used to an extent that even though I'm a strong guy that I ought to help everyone even those that have an agenda (which some of them do). I help when I have a reason to, not because somebody ordered me and decided that my life is only convenient towards their needs. Helping others is a wonderful thing yet people can take advantage of that and suck your energy because they think they have the right to do so. It's not easy saying no to people, especially if they're blood related but you take what gives you a reason to be helpful. Express yourself when you help someone, hold onto who you are otherwise there will be assholes walking over or stepping on you. It is great to help those in need I love to do it because there are certain things I can do that not others can but it's not fun to help when the person you're helping has an agenda and just use you when it's convenient for them. You are a wonderful human being who has the right to express themselves that is positive and productive. It's not fun when you express yourself in a negative way, that's giving in and letting the thing that makes you feel that way win when you have the power to overthrow that and channel your energy in another matter.


Build yourself up from scratch, it's like being an architect; you create your own little plans for what you want to be, create a foundation, find where you want to put the strongest pieces that'll hold yourself together, be creative in the artwork, decorate the living space in your imagination, build the strongest roof that will keep you safe. Being expressive is what comes out of those plans and what it says about you and your personality. Jump, laugh, love and share who you are because there are people out there who would love to be in your life and those that aren't and don't want to don't deserve it so find those who have similar interests, things you can talk about and being yourself because the right people won't give a shit because they care about who you are and not who they want you to be, trust me I've dealt with it my whole life and I'm tired of compressing my true self when I have a right to bring myself out and so should you.


Have a great weekend everyone, have fun be safe and most importantly be awesome and yourself.





Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Satyr For Thought


       As you may have read in your Greek Mythology or Roman Mythology books (or watched Chronicles Of Narnia), you may have noticed a god that is both human and animal and not as ugly as the Minotaur. It's a half-man and half-goat creature known as a Satyr or Faunus to the Romans. This creature can be seen as beautiful or terrible looking but in the end he's a god that is different, unique and misunderstood. To Christians (most of them at least) he's looked at as the devil that is the sin of desire, pleasure, drink and sexuality but sinned because of being born not from nature. For the most part, you can't really condemn the poor guy, hell he's half-goat for crying out but he's also a god of the wilderness, the burning desire to love and sing with heart and beauty. His legs and horns are the mere foundation of his powerful strength and unadulterated superhuman hormones. This outlook is what draws those (except for Nymphs) to learn how to get that kind of strength, how would you develop that kind of leg power and hip drive?


    Every single human being on this planet has the desire to do something whether it's good, evil or ugly its nature and we are the most complicated species on this earth. We desire something that we hold dear, some go after a job they worked hard to get into and have a passion for it, some join a convent to desire the will of god and help among the word of the bible, others just desire certain they either have or can't have but yet it burns within them and many things can come out when it comes to passion. What the Satyr teaches us in desires is to live with life and desire what you please and although it can get out of hand that's where you channel your passion and what you want to be successful in anything you wish to accomplish. In our bodies, the strongest and most enduring are legs from the hip all the way down to the feet; we dance, we jump, we run, we walk, we kick, we squat and do all sorts of things. Our lower bodies give off the most powerful hormones because that's where our sex organs are and we need those to reproduce offspring but they can do other things too like give off great energy if you apply them the right way (not talking just sex here). Training the legs feed energy and power into those muscles, tendons, bones, joints and even the organs because if you move with certain intentions you're unlocking the true secrets of our natural growth hormones.


    There are two sides to practically everything in life and there's no questioning that. You can say there's only one or maybe 4 and 5 but usually ends up being one side or the other of the coin. Within all of us there is both good and evil. I really hate to break it to you but not every single person who has killed or broken someone's heart hell even tortured somebody is evil and not every goodie too shoes has a rainbow personality to them, it's a matter of balance of that individual and what drives to be either one or the other or both. I for one have a good personality, I can get along with just about anyone, I'm a loving person and very caring but if you do something to me or anybody I love and care about I will find a way to destroy you one way or another and I won't think twice about it. We are all capable of killing someone although most likely it will never come to that but if an opportunity arises you have no idea what they're capable of especially when it comes to parents or other types of people. On the other side if you are a person who is loving, helpful, caring and is happy you will feed off that energy around people whether you or they realize it or not. In the beginning I mentioned the Satyr has been known in many religious formats as a horned and ugly figure because of not just his looks but his personality and the desire for lust, drink and sex but if you truly looked up close he's a creature with love, song, dance and is one hormonal son of a bitch but he feeds off powerful energy that is complex.


    As a god the Satyr or as we call him in Greek Mythology Pan, loves what he does; he sings, he dances, he chases girls and is an underrated creature that desires life to the fullest without people giving a damn what they think of him. Although he was born a unique creature, he lived with a purpose and is even a savior in some stories as he played a mighty role in helping the Olympians defeating the Titans. I'll let you figure that out on your own. So you see, he is also a hero but yet still feeds of the energy of his powers of the wilderness. Physically we can have a powerful fit body by training our legs in different ways yet mentally if you apply it right for you, certain exercises for the legs can be the most brutal forms of training but still drive you to build powerful muscle, natural hormone levels and expand your strength both physically and mentally. Truly love what you were meant to do, give off great energy with what you do, share with those that you feel deserve to hear and never forget to understand the true power of your nature.


Happy Thor's Day everyone, be awesome and get those legs moving.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Iron Isometrics


      The one and only Steve Justa is at it again, bringing you his unique, unpredictable and overwhelming powerful knowledge on Isometric Training. Nobody today can comprehend the type of Isometric Training Steve has possessed; it's not every day you see a man who went from the brink of nearly losing all of his strength due to diabetes to being the most shredded he's ever looked in his life. At 56 years old he's in far better shape than most men his age although he does smoke like a chimney and other things but you have to realize he's not your typical strongman. For over 30 years he's practiced styles of training even some of the very best won't go after and accomplish, he's one of maybe 4 men ever to backlift the most weight, lift off tractors, carry hundreds of pounds worth of concrete in barrels, walk with practically half a ton on his back and do isometrics that only Bud Jeffries, Bruce Lee and Alexander Zass would be crazy enough to go after yet Steve is in a class all by himself.


    On the new videos that Steve has filmed with Bud Jeffries, you will see workouts that will redefine the term Superhuman Fitness. I'm not going into great detail about what he does but I can assure you, you will learn Isometrics from every conceivable angle he has come up (literally in the hundreds I think) and if you're into Arm Wrestling, this is worth the price of the whole course in itself. He even teaches how to use a log chain that will bring you down or the count from all sorts of angles and he just keeps going like the energizer bunny plus adding in a Mad Max complex. These workouts will jump start your cardio, skyrocket your strength, build insane stamina and "Zombie Killing" Conditioning. If one man that is literally one of the last kings of isometrics we all want to learn from its Steve. He doesn't hold back on anything and he won't give you that "Hollywood Quality" product that a lot of guys do instead he'll just show you who he truly is and give you a powerful demonstration of his true nature in training. I also ask you to not be offended and disgusted by the way he does things or say things when it comes to certain things, he's a very unusual man that doesn't bullshit anyone and he gives you a raw and uncut look at what he is truly capable of.


    I like Arm Wrestling, I've done a little training here and there and have taken down a couple guys (one of them bigger than me and I'm 5'10 over 250 lbs.) practicing up to 1000 pulls, held isometric pulls from different angles with a belt strapped to a tree like Gama did for Indian Wrestling and can curl a hefty amount of weight. Steve however has taken Isometric arm wrestling to another level helping find those tweaks in your quest to beat some of the very best at different angles from nearly getting beat and tackling that angle to taking the guy down with immense crazy strength. He has you battling the little muscles most don't realize that are needed. His tendons are like iron cords and wrists that can destroy beasts. You shake his hand, you might be bruised the next day or mere hours afterwards. Give yourself the opportunity to learn from the very best in the game.


    Last thing you will find from Steve is his Power Rack which I call the "Power Rack Of Death" because once you have this arsenal of angles to work with you have a death crushing grip, super strong tendons, endurance that even Lance Armstrong would be impressed by and your speed strength will become notable by anyone who stands in your way. Once you see how he uses it, you'll get what I'm talking about. Most use a rack to put heavy weight on and just hammer out the heaviest they can muster to gain that advantage in things like Strongman, Powerlifting, Partial Strength and more yet Steve will use it for a completely different reason but it will help you get stronger in ways you never thought possible. Take it from me I've learned things about Steve from Bud Jeffries himself and I'm not going to argue with one of the greatest strongmen of our generation. Take isometrics to the next level by getting your hands on Steve's new course. If there's anything to put in your library and/or collection it's this powerful material that you won't see anywhere else.


Get strong everyone, be awesome and to Steve Justa: Keep at it brother and keep kicking ass

Monday, August 25, 2014

Can You Juggle Kettlebells???

Hey Guys,

I've played around with kettlebell juggling in the past and had some fun with it.

But if you truly want to master this art than my friend Logan Christopher is your man.

He's giving away 35 minutes of video on getting started and advanced skills from a workshop people paid up to $1000 to attend.

Master Juggling Kettlebells

If you do anything with kettlebells you owe it to yourself to check out this video. You'll see all the benefits these fun skills can give you.

This isn't just for advanced people, although many people may think it is. Whether you're just starting out, or have been lifting kettlebells for years, you'll surely learn something new here.

Jump On The Bandwagon Now & Take Your Conditioning To The Next Level

Be Awesome & Juggle With Power & Might

P.S. And that's just the start. He's got some even more amazing things in store that will change the way kettlebell juggling will be done in the future.

Sneak A Peak Here

I’m Talking About DDP Yoga


   Yoga for decades even centuries has had a reputation for being a soft, spiritual plus a tough form of exercise. It's supposed to enlighten your body and give off an emotional release with spiritual guidance. The type of Yoga I'm talking about doesn't enlighten (unless you let it) and will beat you to the ground with the way it is taught. It can still be spiritual but in a more aggressive way with a touch of kick ass cardio and Muscle Control that will jump start your heart rate. Diamond Dallas Page has taken one of the oldest systems in the world and taken it to another level with his style of hardcore training and no impact conditioning and strength training.


    I was taught in my early 20's that if you want to get the best out of your training, you learn to be self-reliant; listening to your own body and understanding your own physiology to create the workouts that ae suitable to you and your goals. DDP Yoga embodies this concept when it's leader suggests (even demands) to "Make the DDP Yoga program your own." I love that and that's why I continue to do it. It's the ability to modify whatever you wish to work on and you can make the exercises as easy or as hard as you need to. Granted there are some exercises that elite athletes have trouble with it still becomes a factor when you create more strength, gain flexibility, build a powerful body and taking a beating from the workouts. Don't take my word for it, give it a shot yourself. It's not any of that P90X or Insanity crap that can actually hurt you more than help you. This system is so unique it takes classic strength training mixed with martial arts and cardio into a series of exercises some may have seen but with a whole new twist. It is this unique style that gives off powerful energy as you will find out from doing these exercises.


    To become efficient, you must practice and stay consistent. Now there's a difference between practicing poorly and practicing good form, one way or another if you practice enough, the results will come from that practice. I do the DDP Yoga program nearly every day, practicing the moves I want to get good at and get better at. I do follow a workout from time to time but in my experiences, I follow my own workouts by arranging exercises to my liking and not trying to imitate another person because it's not fun trying to keep up with someone on a video. This does not mean you shouldn't do the workouts, if you want to do them go for it, study them and put some zest into them. To truly experience making DDP Yoga your own, you study the exercises as best as possible like his basic Diamond Dozen or certain exercises in the workouts he performs and build that around what you want to do and making them into your own style of a workout. Be consistent and you can't go wrong.


    The number thing that you won't be able to control is that if you follow a workout or create your own; you better be prepared to get your ass kicked. There's no way around it, it will take you to the woodshed and pin you down for the count. You will sweat, you'll be screaming obscenities and you will be breathing harder than a wrestler who just spent an hour on the mat (slight exaggeration) but you get the picture. Be bold and take the beating with a positive image that you'll become fitter, stronger, healthier and gain more flexibility without ever attacking the joints. Too many people only work on muscles more than joints/tendons/ligaments because it's the muscles that stand out. What about the very things that holds those muscles together, if you pull a muscle sure it hurts but it'll heal faster than a joint because if that attachment breaks it takes far longer to heal so isn't it fitting to strengthen those and have them be strong? Get the workout that has taken the world by storm. It has saved the careers of some of the biggest names in wrestling like Chris Jericho, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and the Bad Guy Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall. It has changed the lives of countless people who have banded together in a membership site which you can join for free and get encouragement and support from these very same people.


    The benefits of this system are so long I can only mention a few but each one is worth the price of the program many times over including…..


-No impact on the joints
-Building great cardio that will burn fat and gain muscle by creating your own dynamic resistance
-Gaining flexibility that will give you energy and that youthfulness you had when you were young
-Lose weight and build muscle
-Help gain new athleticism for your sport or athletic endeavor


And many more


Take a chance and get this program and live your life at 90%. When you buy the workouts you will also receive MP3's of all the workouts so you can listen to them anywhere. Follow DDP on Youtube and others on Twitter. Own your life NOW!!!


Be awesome, happy Monday everyone and welcome to the DDP Yoga Express. It ain't your mama's Yoga.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Getting In Shape No Matter How Big Or Small

    There is this certain notion from people who think they can't get in shape because of no time to go to the gym, they're too tired, they can't make the effort because of a million other responsibilities and I can understand that. Kids can get in the way, your job makes you work long and grueling hours and you might even be going to school or when you have free time you just want to sleep. It's not easy but it is possible to get fit but using realistic and strategic goals. You may have a low metabolism and it's tough for you to gain muscle and lose weight or you have a high metabolism and you can easily lose weight but not build muscle not as quickly so you learn what you can do. Look at the old-time strongmen; some of these guys were laborers, businessmen, promoters, others were sick and can barely breathe and were told they would never have a chance to have a full and healthy life so what did they do, they made the effort but it started out very small and progressed their way up. If you truly want to get in shape, you will make the time and the effort, it may not always be an hour a day to do what you want but whatever time you have, use it and your body will thank you for it.


    I was a fat kid as a teenager, overweight and had some muscle from the weights I used and did the shot put and discus on a daily basis in the spring of my sophomore and junior year of high school but I wasn't where I wanted to be. I tried bodybuilding but I just got burned out all the time so I just lifted heavy weight and see where it went. After my leg(s) injury, I learned different styles of training and molded them into my own style and I got in great shape. Although still a heavyweight, I can do some pretty good athletic stuff for my size. It's not easy to start out, so you learn to make a little effort even if you exercise for 1 minute and that's it for your day. You have little kids and they have their naps, use that time to do some training even if it's just push-ups. Arthur Boorman struggled for over 15 years overweight and using crutches to help him walk, this man could barely even stand so he started doing DDP Yoga but really a small portion of it he was that bad, at first he couldn't hold himself up on his own but he kept at it no matter how much he fell over or had trouble getting back up. Today he is the heart and soul of this program and he can do sprints, the splits, 30 second push-ups and many other things. You have a choice to either get fit or do it despite your obstacles or you can keep doing what you're doing and bitch that you don't have time. A skinny person can do it too to build muscle and gain some serious strength, look at Charles Atlas, Lou Ferrigno, Tommy Kono, George Jowett and many others who were told because they were so small there's no way in hell they can get strong yet take a good look at what they have accomplished.


    Making an effort is the first step but it doesn't have to be hardcore and/or grueling to even start, do a couple exercises to start for a few minutes, learn the technique and develop your focus. As you get better, do a few more exercises and do them when you have the time. You don't have to train in one shot for the entire day, do a little something throughout the day like when you wake up, stretch a little, on your lunch break do some squats and push-ups, when you come home move a little to rejuvenate.


    Some people will create this negative bullshit they cooped up in their heads because somebody told them it's not possible or that they're so busy what's the point, stop it. I know some seriously busy people, one is pregnant, one runs around all day with work and kids, one works for 10-12 hours and a few are in college, so what's your excuse? Blow off that dumb ass thought that it's not possible and look at what could be possible, you're at a stop light what can you do for those mere 15-30 seconds; Press your hands together, do dynamic resistance curls, push/pull on the steering wheel in different directions; there's about ten things you can do in that amount of time. You're buying groceries for your family what can you do; how about pushing down on the handle of the cart, hold up a gallon of milk for 5 seconds, twist on the handle of the cart, curl a heavy bag of apples; yes it looks weird and it can be unappealing to do but so what, you're doing something for your body that nobody else will do because apparently the only way to get in shape is to go to the gym (most are horrible anyway) or go to a yoga or Zumba class (timing for that is rough for a lot of people) bullshit. Learn from others to motivate you, make friends at a place that gives you support and love. You can do it and I believe in you that you can. Start with a couple minutes here and there, find what works for you and even if you have the toughest schedule, there are possibilities and it's up to you to find those possibilities.


Have a great weekend everyone and be safe, train smart and have fun. Be Awesome.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Let The Outdoors Be Your Friend


      It's a whole other connection to your body when you train outdoors. Now granted some of you (like me) live in a state where all 4 seasons occur and in the winter time, it can get pretty damn cold. This is where you learn to adapt and value the awareness of the various conditions that give to the weather. I love to train outside especially in the summer time, it does get super-hot sometimes but that's how you learn your awareness, unless you're working outside, don't be out training in the hundred degree weather for three hours unless you have a shit load of water and breathe with efficiency. The feeling of fresh air sinking into your body that reconnects your roots of those that came before you and the value of getting that Vitamin D which I will get into a bit here.


    To really get the connection of exercising outdoors is to do it on nice green grass. The feeling of the earth on your feet when you walk on nice, soft and loving grass. Not a lot of people have that luxury and I understand especially those in California right now where practically brown is the new green so do what's possible, do it on the beach if you want if that's your next option. Grass however gives you that sense of love and connection with the earth and I'm not talking that astro-turf or whatever that stuff is, find real grass even lay in it for a few minutes and your mood begins to change and you don't know why. When I go to parks that have grass, I move in any way I can and let my whole body get the feeling of it and I have a deeper connection than I would if I trained indoors.


    Now onto the Vitamin D. The best place to get it is in the sun where it shines on your body, giving you a radiant glow of energy, hormone increase and nourishing the skin. Some people can't take the sun too well like those with pale skin and that's understandable so find vitamins or supplements that give powerful vitamin D complexities. When you're balancing your hormones (not including pregnant women, they can't control that it's just not possible) you're giving your body a gift of building natural strength, metabolism, bone strength, your joints and it helps with recovery. What you eat is important and it's awesome to keep up with your fruits and veggies but eat according to your needs because not everyone can eat the same amount of food and drink the same amount of liquids. I'm a big man over 250 lb. and I can eat quite a bit so if I'm out of my own balance and certain people don't realize that, I become someone I don't want to be so I need to nourish my body the way it's meant for me. Granted fasting is a great way to let the body repair itself and have a great deal of hormones bouncing out of you because you're setting them free; however, you must learn the balance of fasting because if you go too long without being aware of it your body will turn on you so a good 24-36hr fast once a week is great if you want to drop weight but keep up with your liquids.


    This is a sensitive subject when it comes being burnt from the sun when you've been in it too long and it's too hot out. I'll go on record and say yes I don't use sunscreen for a lot of reasons and one being it doesn't really do that well for you and the chemicals in that crap can make you burn even worse (sounds like a contradiction). When I was in Lake Tahoe earlier this month, I'd go down to the lake, lay my towel and my shirt & shoes on the dock, climb a few rocks, jump in the water and just swim for as long as I can. Yes I did get a little burnt but only in a couple places as oppose to the whole damn body. I learned valuable lessons when my whole body would be burnt from head to toe so I had to be aware of what my body was getting so instinctively I stayed in the water and this helped a lot. But what if you're outside training without being in water, well; you pour a little water on you from time to time, not a bucket or anything and where very light colored clothing like sky blue shirts or white shorts for example because for the most part, black clothing gives the sun a chance to tell you "don't mess with nature dumbass" and you'll feel it. Some people can handle the sun wearing black clothing but others not so much. Don't get so burnt you start to peel skin, it's not fun, it hurts like hell and you can barely move your body. Be aware of how you use the sun and have it work for you, not against you because the sun does give life but it can also make it a living hell if you're not careful.


Happy Thor's Day everyone. Be safe, have fun and be awesome.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tough Keeping A Positive Attitude

    It's not easy being a positive person. We're all human and we have our moments of having that part of us wanting to strangle somebody or just say something to them just to get it out. It's very easy to let loose on negative bullshit because when someone you know or don't know dumps on you and throw all their crap at you it can be very stressful, frustrating and even painful. They may not direct their feelings of draining energy from you personally but it can still be a pain in the ass to deal with. One of the toughest things to do as a human being is having an attitude that is just beautiful, energetic, powerful and a feel good personality. Some are just born with it and have developed a unique way but for the rest of us it's not so easy.


    A powerful positive attitude caters to how your personality comes into play. Some look like they're attitude is great until you see how full of themselves and judgmental they are and that changes the game completely. Your attitude is one of the pure definitions of who you are as person both inside and outside. The way you smile and radiate your energy towards a certain goal, the way you treat people and how you see yourself from within. I've known plenty of people in my lifetime that have a somewhat positive attitude on the outside but inside they're egotistical, self-loathing, hypocritical assholes and they're in pain when they realize it or not. I've always been a nurturing guy and I may not always speak my mind towards certain people and have in the past had a negative attitude towards things but it's all about learning and finding what gives me a reason to be happy and positive. Like I said it's not easy whatsoever.


    Let me put it to you this way; the way you train, exercise, workout, move whatever; it is important to know that if you do these things with intention and mindfulness it changes your mood in a whole other way. It doesn't matter if you lift weights, do handstands, be like a wild animal or go swimming for that matter your mood is going to change whether you want it to or not. The changes you'll notice is when you put in great effort and jump starting those endorphins, your body begins to shift into a spiritual realm where your structure becomes different, your thinking is a little clearer and your hormones are firing. Why does this happen? It's because when you exert enough of your mind and body's energies physically, mentally and anything else you just want to feel like you're at your highest and for a split second you are at your happiest and you don't know why.


    Building a positive outlook takes practice, just like anything else you're interested in or want to accomplish. It's also not one of those 3-6 week courses you do and then be done with it, it's a lifetime of practice that will be filled with experiences, hardship, overcoming spiritual blockage and how you look at things from a certain perspective. When I officially turned 30 almost a month ago, I had this idea in my head that I'm not that old and not just feel younger but wiser and happier, I'm 18 with 12 years of experience and I have been asked what kind of experience I'm referencing and the truth is I've experienced heartbreaks, losing a few friends from my past, nearly died a few times, learned to deal with not being able to walk for nearly three months, people in my family that have died and I've learned hard lessons in relationships, building myself up again and again and many more things so yeah I've dealt with a ton of shit and yet still here laughing my ass off and learning new things that keep me interested. They say you only live once but to me I say live every damn day and live with purpose, love, kindness, happiness and living with who you are and screw the rest who try to bring you down.


Glad to be home to share my love of life, training and philosophy with all you bad asses. As a man in his 30's now, iy's going to be one hell of a ride and I'm just warming up. Be awesome and have a kick ass Wednesday.