Monday, August 25, 2014

I’m Talking About DDP Yoga


   Yoga for decades even centuries has had a reputation for being a soft, spiritual plus a tough form of exercise. It's supposed to enlighten your body and give off an emotional release with spiritual guidance. The type of Yoga I'm talking about doesn't enlighten (unless you let it) and will beat you to the ground with the way it is taught. It can still be spiritual but in a more aggressive way with a touch of kick ass cardio and Muscle Control that will jump start your heart rate. Diamond Dallas Page has taken one of the oldest systems in the world and taken it to another level with his style of hardcore training and no impact conditioning and strength training.


    I was taught in my early 20's that if you want to get the best out of your training, you learn to be self-reliant; listening to your own body and understanding your own physiology to create the workouts that ae suitable to you and your goals. DDP Yoga embodies this concept when it's leader suggests (even demands) to "Make the DDP Yoga program your own." I love that and that's why I continue to do it. It's the ability to modify whatever you wish to work on and you can make the exercises as easy or as hard as you need to. Granted there are some exercises that elite athletes have trouble with it still becomes a factor when you create more strength, gain flexibility, build a powerful body and taking a beating from the workouts. Don't take my word for it, give it a shot yourself. It's not any of that P90X or Insanity crap that can actually hurt you more than help you. This system is so unique it takes classic strength training mixed with martial arts and cardio into a series of exercises some may have seen but with a whole new twist. It is this unique style that gives off powerful energy as you will find out from doing these exercises.


    To become efficient, you must practice and stay consistent. Now there's a difference between practicing poorly and practicing good form, one way or another if you practice enough, the results will come from that practice. I do the DDP Yoga program nearly every day, practicing the moves I want to get good at and get better at. I do follow a workout from time to time but in my experiences, I follow my own workouts by arranging exercises to my liking and not trying to imitate another person because it's not fun trying to keep up with someone on a video. This does not mean you shouldn't do the workouts, if you want to do them go for it, study them and put some zest into them. To truly experience making DDP Yoga your own, you study the exercises as best as possible like his basic Diamond Dozen or certain exercises in the workouts he performs and build that around what you want to do and making them into your own style of a workout. Be consistent and you can't go wrong.


    The number thing that you won't be able to control is that if you follow a workout or create your own; you better be prepared to get your ass kicked. There's no way around it, it will take you to the woodshed and pin you down for the count. You will sweat, you'll be screaming obscenities and you will be breathing harder than a wrestler who just spent an hour on the mat (slight exaggeration) but you get the picture. Be bold and take the beating with a positive image that you'll become fitter, stronger, healthier and gain more flexibility without ever attacking the joints. Too many people only work on muscles more than joints/tendons/ligaments because it's the muscles that stand out. What about the very things that holds those muscles together, if you pull a muscle sure it hurts but it'll heal faster than a joint because if that attachment breaks it takes far longer to heal so isn't it fitting to strengthen those and have them be strong? Get the workout that has taken the world by storm. It has saved the careers of some of the biggest names in wrestling like Chris Jericho, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and the Bad Guy Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall. It has changed the lives of countless people who have banded together in a membership site which you can join for free and get encouragement and support from these very same people.


    The benefits of this system are so long I can only mention a few but each one is worth the price of the program many times over including…..


-No impact on the joints
-Building great cardio that will burn fat and gain muscle by creating your own dynamic resistance
-Gaining flexibility that will give you energy and that youthfulness you had when you were young
-Lose weight and build muscle
-Help gain new athleticism for your sport or athletic endeavor


And many more


Take a chance and get this program and live your life at 90%. When you buy the workouts you will also receive MP3's of all the workouts so you can listen to them anywhere. Follow DDP on Youtube and others on Twitter. Own your life NOW!!!


Be awesome, happy Monday everyone and welcome to the DDP Yoga Express. It ain't your mama's Yoga.

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