Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Satyr For Thought


       As you may have read in your Greek Mythology or Roman Mythology books (or watched Chronicles Of Narnia), you may have noticed a god that is both human and animal and not as ugly as the Minotaur. It's a half-man and half-goat creature known as a Satyr or Faunus to the Romans. This creature can be seen as beautiful or terrible looking but in the end he's a god that is different, unique and misunderstood. To Christians (most of them at least) he's looked at as the devil that is the sin of desire, pleasure, drink and sexuality but sinned because of being born not from nature. For the most part, you can't really condemn the poor guy, hell he's half-goat for crying out but he's also a god of the wilderness, the burning desire to love and sing with heart and beauty. His legs and horns are the mere foundation of his powerful strength and unadulterated superhuman hormones. This outlook is what draws those (except for Nymphs) to learn how to get that kind of strength, how would you develop that kind of leg power and hip drive?


    Every single human being on this planet has the desire to do something whether it's good, evil or ugly its nature and we are the most complicated species on this earth. We desire something that we hold dear, some go after a job they worked hard to get into and have a passion for it, some join a convent to desire the will of god and help among the word of the bible, others just desire certain they either have or can't have but yet it burns within them and many things can come out when it comes to passion. What the Satyr teaches us in desires is to live with life and desire what you please and although it can get out of hand that's where you channel your passion and what you want to be successful in anything you wish to accomplish. In our bodies, the strongest and most enduring are legs from the hip all the way down to the feet; we dance, we jump, we run, we walk, we kick, we squat and do all sorts of things. Our lower bodies give off the most powerful hormones because that's where our sex organs are and we need those to reproduce offspring but they can do other things too like give off great energy if you apply them the right way (not talking just sex here). Training the legs feed energy and power into those muscles, tendons, bones, joints and even the organs because if you move with certain intentions you're unlocking the true secrets of our natural growth hormones.


    There are two sides to practically everything in life and there's no questioning that. You can say there's only one or maybe 4 and 5 but usually ends up being one side or the other of the coin. Within all of us there is both good and evil. I really hate to break it to you but not every single person who has killed or broken someone's heart hell even tortured somebody is evil and not every goodie too shoes has a rainbow personality to them, it's a matter of balance of that individual and what drives to be either one or the other or both. I for one have a good personality, I can get along with just about anyone, I'm a loving person and very caring but if you do something to me or anybody I love and care about I will find a way to destroy you one way or another and I won't think twice about it. We are all capable of killing someone although most likely it will never come to that but if an opportunity arises you have no idea what they're capable of especially when it comes to parents or other types of people. On the other side if you are a person who is loving, helpful, caring and is happy you will feed off that energy around people whether you or they realize it or not. In the beginning I mentioned the Satyr has been known in many religious formats as a horned and ugly figure because of not just his looks but his personality and the desire for lust, drink and sex but if you truly looked up close he's a creature with love, song, dance and is one hormonal son of a bitch but he feeds off powerful energy that is complex.


    As a god the Satyr or as we call him in Greek Mythology Pan, loves what he does; he sings, he dances, he chases girls and is an underrated creature that desires life to the fullest without people giving a damn what they think of him. Although he was born a unique creature, he lived with a purpose and is even a savior in some stories as he played a mighty role in helping the Olympians defeating the Titans. I'll let you figure that out on your own. So you see, he is also a hero but yet still feeds of the energy of his powers of the wilderness. Physically we can have a powerful fit body by training our legs in different ways yet mentally if you apply it right for you, certain exercises for the legs can be the most brutal forms of training but still drive you to build powerful muscle, natural hormone levels and expand your strength both physically and mentally. Truly love what you were meant to do, give off great energy with what you do, share with those that you feel deserve to hear and never forget to understand the true power of your nature.


Happy Thor's Day everyone, be awesome and get those legs moving.

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