Thursday, August 21, 2014

Let The Outdoors Be Your Friend


      It's a whole other connection to your body when you train outdoors. Now granted some of you (like me) live in a state where all 4 seasons occur and in the winter time, it can get pretty damn cold. This is where you learn to adapt and value the awareness of the various conditions that give to the weather. I love to train outside especially in the summer time, it does get super-hot sometimes but that's how you learn your awareness, unless you're working outside, don't be out training in the hundred degree weather for three hours unless you have a shit load of water and breathe with efficiency. The feeling of fresh air sinking into your body that reconnects your roots of those that came before you and the value of getting that Vitamin D which I will get into a bit here.


    To really get the connection of exercising outdoors is to do it on nice green grass. The feeling of the earth on your feet when you walk on nice, soft and loving grass. Not a lot of people have that luxury and I understand especially those in California right now where practically brown is the new green so do what's possible, do it on the beach if you want if that's your next option. Grass however gives you that sense of love and connection with the earth and I'm not talking that astro-turf or whatever that stuff is, find real grass even lay in it for a few minutes and your mood begins to change and you don't know why. When I go to parks that have grass, I move in any way I can and let my whole body get the feeling of it and I have a deeper connection than I would if I trained indoors.


    Now onto the Vitamin D. The best place to get it is in the sun where it shines on your body, giving you a radiant glow of energy, hormone increase and nourishing the skin. Some people can't take the sun too well like those with pale skin and that's understandable so find vitamins or supplements that give powerful vitamin D complexities. When you're balancing your hormones (not including pregnant women, they can't control that it's just not possible) you're giving your body a gift of building natural strength, metabolism, bone strength, your joints and it helps with recovery. What you eat is important and it's awesome to keep up with your fruits and veggies but eat according to your needs because not everyone can eat the same amount of food and drink the same amount of liquids. I'm a big man over 250 lb. and I can eat quite a bit so if I'm out of my own balance and certain people don't realize that, I become someone I don't want to be so I need to nourish my body the way it's meant for me. Granted fasting is a great way to let the body repair itself and have a great deal of hormones bouncing out of you because you're setting them free; however, you must learn the balance of fasting because if you go too long without being aware of it your body will turn on you so a good 24-36hr fast once a week is great if you want to drop weight but keep up with your liquids.


    This is a sensitive subject when it comes being burnt from the sun when you've been in it too long and it's too hot out. I'll go on record and say yes I don't use sunscreen for a lot of reasons and one being it doesn't really do that well for you and the chemicals in that crap can make you burn even worse (sounds like a contradiction). When I was in Lake Tahoe earlier this month, I'd go down to the lake, lay my towel and my shirt & shoes on the dock, climb a few rocks, jump in the water and just swim for as long as I can. Yes I did get a little burnt but only in a couple places as oppose to the whole damn body. I learned valuable lessons when my whole body would be burnt from head to toe so I had to be aware of what my body was getting so instinctively I stayed in the water and this helped a lot. But what if you're outside training without being in water, well; you pour a little water on you from time to time, not a bucket or anything and where very light colored clothing like sky blue shirts or white shorts for example because for the most part, black clothing gives the sun a chance to tell you "don't mess with nature dumbass" and you'll feel it. Some people can handle the sun wearing black clothing but others not so much. Don't get so burnt you start to peel skin, it's not fun, it hurts like hell and you can barely move your body. Be aware of how you use the sun and have it work for you, not against you because the sun does give life but it can also make it a living hell if you're not careful.


Happy Thor's Day everyone. Be safe, have fun and be awesome.

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