Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Iron Isometrics


      The one and only Steve Justa is at it again, bringing you his unique, unpredictable and overwhelming powerful knowledge on Isometric Training. Nobody today can comprehend the type of Isometric Training Steve has possessed; it's not every day you see a man who went from the brink of nearly losing all of his strength due to diabetes to being the most shredded he's ever looked in his life. At 56 years old he's in far better shape than most men his age although he does smoke like a chimney and other things but you have to realize he's not your typical strongman. For over 30 years he's practiced styles of training even some of the very best won't go after and accomplish, he's one of maybe 4 men ever to backlift the most weight, lift off tractors, carry hundreds of pounds worth of concrete in barrels, walk with practically half a ton on his back and do isometrics that only Bud Jeffries, Bruce Lee and Alexander Zass would be crazy enough to go after yet Steve is in a class all by himself.


    On the new videos that Steve has filmed with Bud Jeffries, you will see workouts that will redefine the term Superhuman Fitness. I'm not going into great detail about what he does but I can assure you, you will learn Isometrics from every conceivable angle he has come up (literally in the hundreds I think) and if you're into Arm Wrestling, this is worth the price of the whole course in itself. He even teaches how to use a log chain that will bring you down or the count from all sorts of angles and he just keeps going like the energizer bunny plus adding in a Mad Max complex. These workouts will jump start your cardio, skyrocket your strength, build insane stamina and "Zombie Killing" Conditioning. If one man that is literally one of the last kings of isometrics we all want to learn from its Steve. He doesn't hold back on anything and he won't give you that "Hollywood Quality" product that a lot of guys do instead he'll just show you who he truly is and give you a powerful demonstration of his true nature in training. I also ask you to not be offended and disgusted by the way he does things or say things when it comes to certain things, he's a very unusual man that doesn't bullshit anyone and he gives you a raw and uncut look at what he is truly capable of.


    I like Arm Wrestling, I've done a little training here and there and have taken down a couple guys (one of them bigger than me and I'm 5'10 over 250 lbs.) practicing up to 1000 pulls, held isometric pulls from different angles with a belt strapped to a tree like Gama did for Indian Wrestling and can curl a hefty amount of weight. Steve however has taken Isometric arm wrestling to another level helping find those tweaks in your quest to beat some of the very best at different angles from nearly getting beat and tackling that angle to taking the guy down with immense crazy strength. He has you battling the little muscles most don't realize that are needed. His tendons are like iron cords and wrists that can destroy beasts. You shake his hand, you might be bruised the next day or mere hours afterwards. Give yourself the opportunity to learn from the very best in the game.


    Last thing you will find from Steve is his Power Rack which I call the "Power Rack Of Death" because once you have this arsenal of angles to work with you have a death crushing grip, super strong tendons, endurance that even Lance Armstrong would be impressed by and your speed strength will become notable by anyone who stands in your way. Once you see how he uses it, you'll get what I'm talking about. Most use a rack to put heavy weight on and just hammer out the heaviest they can muster to gain that advantage in things like Strongman, Powerlifting, Partial Strength and more yet Steve will use it for a completely different reason but it will help you get stronger in ways you never thought possible. Take it from me I've learned things about Steve from Bud Jeffries himself and I'm not going to argue with one of the greatest strongmen of our generation. Take isometrics to the next level by getting your hands on Steve's new course. If there's anything to put in your library and/or collection it's this powerful material that you won't see anywhere else.


Get strong everyone, be awesome and to Steve Justa: Keep at it brother and keep kicking ass
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