Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tough Keeping A Positive Attitude

    It's not easy being a positive person. We're all human and we have our moments of having that part of us wanting to strangle somebody or just say something to them just to get it out. It's very easy to let loose on negative bullshit because when someone you know or don't know dumps on you and throw all their crap at you it can be very stressful, frustrating and even painful. They may not direct their feelings of draining energy from you personally but it can still be a pain in the ass to deal with. One of the toughest things to do as a human being is having an attitude that is just beautiful, energetic, powerful and a feel good personality. Some are just born with it and have developed a unique way but for the rest of us it's not so easy.


    A powerful positive attitude caters to how your personality comes into play. Some look like they're attitude is great until you see how full of themselves and judgmental they are and that changes the game completely. Your attitude is one of the pure definitions of who you are as person both inside and outside. The way you smile and radiate your energy towards a certain goal, the way you treat people and how you see yourself from within. I've known plenty of people in my lifetime that have a somewhat positive attitude on the outside but inside they're egotistical, self-loathing, hypocritical assholes and they're in pain when they realize it or not. I've always been a nurturing guy and I may not always speak my mind towards certain people and have in the past had a negative attitude towards things but it's all about learning and finding what gives me a reason to be happy and positive. Like I said it's not easy whatsoever.


    Let me put it to you this way; the way you train, exercise, workout, move whatever; it is important to know that if you do these things with intention and mindfulness it changes your mood in a whole other way. It doesn't matter if you lift weights, do handstands, be like a wild animal or go swimming for that matter your mood is going to change whether you want it to or not. The changes you'll notice is when you put in great effort and jump starting those endorphins, your body begins to shift into a spiritual realm where your structure becomes different, your thinking is a little clearer and your hormones are firing. Why does this happen? It's because when you exert enough of your mind and body's energies physically, mentally and anything else you just want to feel like you're at your highest and for a split second you are at your happiest and you don't know why.


    Building a positive outlook takes practice, just like anything else you're interested in or want to accomplish. It's also not one of those 3-6 week courses you do and then be done with it, it's a lifetime of practice that will be filled with experiences, hardship, overcoming spiritual blockage and how you look at things from a certain perspective. When I officially turned 30 almost a month ago, I had this idea in my head that I'm not that old and not just feel younger but wiser and happier, I'm 18 with 12 years of experience and I have been asked what kind of experience I'm referencing and the truth is I've experienced heartbreaks, losing a few friends from my past, nearly died a few times, learned to deal with not being able to walk for nearly three months, people in my family that have died and I've learned hard lessons in relationships, building myself up again and again and many more things so yeah I've dealt with a ton of shit and yet still here laughing my ass off and learning new things that keep me interested. They say you only live once but to me I say live every damn day and live with purpose, love, kindness, happiness and living with who you are and screw the rest who try to bring you down.


Glad to be home to share my love of life, training and philosophy with all you bad asses. As a man in his 30's now, iy's going to be one hell of a ride and I'm just warming up. Be awesome and have a kick ass Wednesday.


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