Friday, August 22, 2014

Getting In Shape No Matter How Big Or Small

    There is this certain notion from people who think they can't get in shape because of no time to go to the gym, they're too tired, they can't make the effort because of a million other responsibilities and I can understand that. Kids can get in the way, your job makes you work long and grueling hours and you might even be going to school or when you have free time you just want to sleep. It's not easy but it is possible to get fit but using realistic and strategic goals. You may have a low metabolism and it's tough for you to gain muscle and lose weight or you have a high metabolism and you can easily lose weight but not build muscle not as quickly so you learn what you can do. Look at the old-time strongmen; some of these guys were laborers, businessmen, promoters, others were sick and can barely breathe and were told they would never have a chance to have a full and healthy life so what did they do, they made the effort but it started out very small and progressed their way up. If you truly want to get in shape, you will make the time and the effort, it may not always be an hour a day to do what you want but whatever time you have, use it and your body will thank you for it.


    I was a fat kid as a teenager, overweight and had some muscle from the weights I used and did the shot put and discus on a daily basis in the spring of my sophomore and junior year of high school but I wasn't where I wanted to be. I tried bodybuilding but I just got burned out all the time so I just lifted heavy weight and see where it went. After my leg(s) injury, I learned different styles of training and molded them into my own style and I got in great shape. Although still a heavyweight, I can do some pretty good athletic stuff for my size. It's not easy to start out, so you learn to make a little effort even if you exercise for 1 minute and that's it for your day. You have little kids and they have their naps, use that time to do some training even if it's just push-ups. Arthur Boorman struggled for over 15 years overweight and using crutches to help him walk, this man could barely even stand so he started doing DDP Yoga but really a small portion of it he was that bad, at first he couldn't hold himself up on his own but he kept at it no matter how much he fell over or had trouble getting back up. Today he is the heart and soul of this program and he can do sprints, the splits, 30 second push-ups and many other things. You have a choice to either get fit or do it despite your obstacles or you can keep doing what you're doing and bitch that you don't have time. A skinny person can do it too to build muscle and gain some serious strength, look at Charles Atlas, Lou Ferrigno, Tommy Kono, George Jowett and many others who were told because they were so small there's no way in hell they can get strong yet take a good look at what they have accomplished.


    Making an effort is the first step but it doesn't have to be hardcore and/or grueling to even start, do a couple exercises to start for a few minutes, learn the technique and develop your focus. As you get better, do a few more exercises and do them when you have the time. You don't have to train in one shot for the entire day, do a little something throughout the day like when you wake up, stretch a little, on your lunch break do some squats and push-ups, when you come home move a little to rejuvenate.


    Some people will create this negative bullshit they cooped up in their heads because somebody told them it's not possible or that they're so busy what's the point, stop it. I know some seriously busy people, one is pregnant, one runs around all day with work and kids, one works for 10-12 hours and a few are in college, so what's your excuse? Blow off that dumb ass thought that it's not possible and look at what could be possible, you're at a stop light what can you do for those mere 15-30 seconds; Press your hands together, do dynamic resistance curls, push/pull on the steering wheel in different directions; there's about ten things you can do in that amount of time. You're buying groceries for your family what can you do; how about pushing down on the handle of the cart, hold up a gallon of milk for 5 seconds, twist on the handle of the cart, curl a heavy bag of apples; yes it looks weird and it can be unappealing to do but so what, you're doing something for your body that nobody else will do because apparently the only way to get in shape is to go to the gym (most are horrible anyway) or go to a yoga or Zumba class (timing for that is rough for a lot of people) bullshit. Learn from others to motivate you, make friends at a place that gives you support and love. You can do it and I believe in you that you can. Start with a couple minutes here and there, find what works for you and even if you have the toughest schedule, there are possibilities and it's up to you to find those possibilities.


Have a great weekend everyone and be safe, train smart and have fun. Be Awesome.
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