Friday, January 31, 2014

An Epic Review


            This is a special treat because I rarely ever write reviews for a certain product so today you’ll get an un-cut and uncensored review of the Epic Sledgehammer from Stronger Grip. Granted in this review I will not hold back how I feel about this Hammer and why it is one of the most awesome tools in no nonsense grip strength and conditioning that it is not to be underestimated.

            When you have a Hammer of this size & power and you have it in your hands; it strikes into your very soul because its beauty is without equal and its strength is unmatched. There are many great tools in the world of strongman but like with Highlander, there can be only one that hits you with ferocity and the power to take you down if you don’t have the guts to withstand it.

            It is not to be underestimated. Sure it looks awesome and has a mystic to it that even the folk legend John Henry can smile about but at the same time, you will either be handle it or you won’t and if you can’t, you don’t have anyone to blame but yourself. People believe that to get strong you need weights or machines to do the work and slug off anything else that seems to extreme or not enough for them and I say bullshit. This one tool has the power to give you crushing grip that be used in many sports like Football, Baseball, Hockey, Golf, Wrestling, MMA you name it because when you strike it at a high volume or work it in different positions it tackles the mind more than anything else.

            I've held it in my hands and did quite a few exercises that don’t require a tire and I can tell you first hand it is brutal and your lower arm will get sore. It’s not a tool for just sports but to build that functional and enduring strength with a powerful grip, hand-eye coordination, lung capacity increase, shaping the body of a man with mighty tendons and super muscle. When you begin to train with this bad boy, your body will never be the same again. It takes effort to swing it, it takes to endure it and it strengthens your mind in ways most tools can’t. This Hammer is a tool of the gods that only one man has the guts to create and does it with style and class (and a bit of nerdyness) and that’s Ryan Pitts. He has built some of the most powerful tools in the world of grip strength and if Thor, Zeus and many of mythology’s famous gods were around today, they’d look to him to build the strength for the people and the strength that we all have within us.

            It is up to you if you have the guts to take on a challenge that could very well be the most fun and powerful challenge in your quest for physical strength.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Taking It To New Heights

           You my friend are far stronger than you believe. It’s within your DNA to have great strength whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual but yet you can have all of those if you apply to your goals and admiration. Strength is not always being tough and macho or one upping anyone, real strength comes from your attitude and your character as a human being. Being physically strong has its benefits but it’s the strength of your loving soul that endures more and grows.

            When you progress in your training whether for fitness, health, strongman, lecturer or whatever you choose to do, do it at your own pace. People assume when you start a fitness progress it’s push and push as hard as you can when in reality that can get them more set up for injury than to get fit. I understand the feeling of wanting to push someone to do their best but yet you need to let go of that ego trip and be giving and sharing info. Basics are key to training and they lay the foundation but if you’re going to push it, do it when you’re good and ready and at your own level. We all have different bodies, progression levels and strengths/weaknesses, if we were to create the strength we want, it takes time, patience and the will to build from the ground up.

            A key note to strength is the value of it. There are a lot of strong men and women in the world but very few know its value and shares compassion and wisdom to how to use that strength. There’s a scene in Captain America: The First Avenger where the doc is sitting with then a small, weak and skinny Steve Rogers and says “A strong man who has known power all his, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength and that’s compassion.” It’s a very powerful scene and it’s true, if you want to become strong, you must understand the value for which you have built on it.

            It’s a lot of fun being strong and fit but it’s more important to use it wisely. I do like to show off every now and then for fun not because of one-upping anybody or make them feel weak, I do it to show how far I've come in my life because in my early years, I was weak, I was feeling like I was unworthy and didn't understand how to do it. I didn't grow up in poverty or anything like that but I was skinny because of what I was taking as a child and once I went off it as a pre-teen I shot up like a cannon with a few years but I became fat and hardly any muscle to call worthy. Ever since I was 18 years old, I made it my mission to become strong with positive and natural intentions. Enough of my bullshit but you get the idea. Becoming strong is a test of your character, where do you go from a certain point? When you develop strength in ways some people either admire or envy, you still make it a habit to use it for something that is bigger than yourself. You become a greater human being with heart and compassion for others. That’s the real fun part.

Monday, January 27, 2014

More On The Hands


             Having powerful hands can be life saving. The grip power and strength you build from different methods gives you that raw and ferocious power of being able to lock anything within your grasp. When you bend steel, you wrap up the nail, wrench, screwdriver or whatever; you squeeze with everything you have and you work the wrist along with the whole body and you give that object no mercy. Ripping a deck of cards gives you that mighty twisting strength in your hands and your wrists while taking your body to a whole new level. Gripping a odd object and doing whatever you want with it, even though it’s awkward, it gives you the strength that forces you to stabilize the muscles and tendons.

            Not all grip work should have a focus on strength because if all you do is strengthen the hands and lower arm, you’re missing out on creating graceful and supple hands that can create magic within the flick of a wrist or using your fingers in the way a ballet dancer gracefully uses the legs. Move your hands with power but not like a tense beast, but a mobile and majestic form of flexibility and suppleness. If you’re a fighter who needs to slip out of holds, your supple hands can come in handy. A magician has very supple hands and you’ll know why, the beauty and the majesty of moving their hands with key target points and precise accuracy that can only be measured by how they present themselves.

            The hands can be your greatest ally or with the right leverage and training, they can cripple you within a heartbeat. Back when Catch Wrestling was at its prominence; there were wrestlers called Hookers who can hook you into a hold that would most likely break a bone if they had anything to say about it. Just putting the bone of your wrist on guy’s arm, leg and/or neck in a locked hold can hurt like a bitch; I've felt it first hand so never underestimate it. The Hookers were feared by those who challenged them and if they got a hold on you, you better pray they’re in a good mood and just make you tap otherwise you’re going to be in a brace pal. If you’re looking to build “soft” hands meaning strong but gentle, they can be useful if you’re into massage, pleasing your spouse and they can be useful when you have that touch that just makes everything feel incredible. The hands can do many wonders.

            When it comes down to tools, there are many things you can use to build mighty mitts but none are equal to each other because one can build your hands a certain way or another but never in the same way in terms of building the tendons and muscles of the lower arm. Sledgehammers build strong hands period. They make you work otherwise you won’t have a chance with them. Grippers build that crushing strength but also if you do isometric holds, this alone can be beneficial if you want to save someone’s life one day. Various Feats Of Strength build your hands in ways that are virtually impossible for dumbbells and barbells can withstand. The simplest tool for your twisting strength can be the use of a towel, by this I mean you get a bucket, put the towel in and soak it up as best as possible and then from one end to the other you twist and squeeze the water out back into the bucket; this exercise alone can turn your hands in steel rods and turn your tendons into granite.

            Use your tools wisely because you never know when you’ll need your powerful hands for a certain occasion. Your hands are the works of what was meant for you. The stronger and supple you make them, the stronger your body can be. Do it and you will go far.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Ideas From A Traveling Strongman

            There are strongmen around the country who travel to schools, churches, prisons and occasional corporate offices upwards to 300 days a year. Some travel all over the world, some just in the U.S like my friend Bud Jeffries does. Now what they do is not always the same, I've witnessed first hand two very distinctive differences in their performances. Some do what’s called Junk Feats where they’re feats that seem legit but really are as fake as you can get, an extreme few are legit. The other is called the Real Deal where they take certain objects and although the feat may seem like a fake it’s really a legit one like bending steel, tearing a deck of cards right out of the package, hammer levering and so forth. A traveling strongman has to be creative and learn their distinct patterns for a performance. This can be ideal for your training.

            Some strongmen perform the same feats in a show where there’s a pattern or routine for them that sets their mind to think automatically to do the next feat. Some others perform certain feats on a certain day either to change it up a little bit or because they got hurt doing a certain feat that it’s tough for them to perform at their best. It’s like a fitness program, you set your mind to specific exercises and you follow a routine that is suitable to what you want to accomplish. I have literally seen some off the wall feats but also I look for a specific type of routine that has meaning and can be used in a creative and fun way. Although I change my workouts frequently, I still find certain exercises that go hand and hand with my mind and my body that works for me.

            One thing many people ask about strongmen who are on tour is how they get themselves motivated? How do they go day after day finding that inner strength to show their positive side and their will to teach and show these incredible feats to other people? Well, in my opinion, they learn to pick up things from a certain place, program their minds to set a certain tone that gives them that “Winning Feeling” of putting themselves out there to the crowd and learn to use their own story and share it with the people their performing for. Quite frankly I don’t know how the hell they do it but that’s my take on it.

            Last thing I want to point out is that there are certain strongmen who perform just for the sake of performing and don’t have anything else to give back to the people other than some arrogant prick who can bend a silly bar just to make certain people inadequate; however there are some guys and gals out there that give back to the people they’re performing for, sharing their story of how tough it was for them and how they’re just like the rest of us only in a different format. My friend Bud happens to be the latter because underneath all that muscle and smiling persona, he’s really an awesome and sweet guy who wants to make a living helping out the other guy. Show that you are a special person and that you have a brighter future where you don’t need to be macho to get what you want. It takes a man of character and a man of great heart to tell you that there’s no need to bully anyone, no need to be afraid of whom you are. You are an awesome person and you can go places if you apply yourself with the right mindset and the right tools to get you there. He is truly a one of a kind strongman and an incredible human being. 

       If you want some good ideas on how to be creative and how to apply your training in a certain way, talk to a strongman, they're very creative in what they do (at least some I've heard of) and have some wonderful motivational tips that can jump start your training and how it applies to you like how certain feats are to a strongman performing, they're there for a specific reason. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Everyone Started Somewhere

             When you see a great looking athlete or a powerful lifter, most automatically assume he’s been that way all his life when in reality he looked completely different and didn't always seem to have the strength or genetics to be that great looking. We all started at someplace in our lives when we began training. Some started at a young age; others began when they’re much older. I for one was never the muscle guy or someone that believed one day could rip phonebooks and bend tough steel, I was once very skinny as a preteen and also the fat kid when I was a teenager and didn't have much muscle to show for.

            To most who have rarely if ever trained, it feels discouraging sometimes seeing people who can do things rather easily and yet you can’t even fathom being able to do them. The thing to do is to create building blocks. Learn to find an exercise or fitness program that you can do that gets you on the path to becoming fit and healthy/strong. It doesn't take a genius to realize that if you’re at the starting gate, you need to build yourself up and keep it consistent, challenge yourself every so often to keep things interesting and fresh. Starting out isn't always fun but that shouldn't stop you from becoming one mighty human being.

            One of the first things I learned after I learned how to walk again when I began my own rehab was start little. There was no way in hell I could do 100 Push-ups or 100 Squats and hold a bridge to save my life at first. I had to build up and work brick by brick. It’s like building a house, you start with little things that lay the foundation and you progress to heavier things and put them in certain places that keep the house up an held; same thing with exercise, you do little things that turn into big gains later on.

            People in the fitness world tell you, you should be able to do this or that exercise by this time and if you haven’t then you’re not doing it right. Go at your own pace, your body isn't meant for someone else’s pace and the timing you do is what incorporates your body and mind to do. Progression is another look at starting with the little things and work up to the bigger ones later. I would've never thought I’d be able to do Handstand Push-ups at my size (I was 230 lbs. when I started) so to build up I had to learn how to hold a Handstand, then dip down a bit for an isometric hold, then do quarter reps, then half reps, be fore I knew it I was doing more 20 reps touching my head to the floor and back up with locked arms. It took me nearly 5 weeks to do that, but I went at my own pace. This is just an example of what you can do in other exercises and/or programs. Build up and have fun with it, we all started somewhere but it’s up to us how far we want to go.

Monday, January 20, 2014

You Are Your Own Trainer

             Many people like to follow others’ programs, use their advice and form a pattern as a follower. I believe in learning certain things but once you get a hold of them, use them to create your own program. When you build your own set of workouts, you learn how to develop your creativity and find out what you’re really capable of. The exercises you really like will be your calling and they will bring the most benefit.

            Every body is different and the way it functions to that individual, when some trainers just push the body and don’t really know how to stop or keep going because that person’s body can crash at any time or it can keep going without anything going wrong. To understand how your body works, you learn to move in ways that find meaning. Some can’t do a certain push-up or a squat because of something in their body that prevents them but they’re capable of doing other things others might not be able to as well. The purpose of becoming your own trainer is to figure out what works, how it puts stress on the body that’s comfortable and challenging. I learned that there are certain exercises that I can’t do due to my body structure like Hindu Push-ups hurt my shoulders in a certain form of the exercise so I need to adapt and work with my structure to make the exercise work for me.

            We all have a creative entity within us. Those who believe they can’t be creative tend to be great at it later on if they applied it right and those who are creative develop a sense of intuition and imagination to find things that suit them for their goals. The mind is a powerful tool and sometimes it can our greatest ally and other times it can be a pain in the ass because of either stress or something that doesn't seem to go away or whatever, sometimes it’s best to step back and reflect on what can be useful within your own personal creative element.

            You are not destined to be weak and think that there’s nothing for you to learn and feel you can’t get fit and strong. What you can do is dominate your destiny, prove to yourself you’re worthy of taking on some of the toughest challenges yet still come out stronger than when you came in. When I was in a wheelchair, I did at times feel I will never walk again or at least walk in a way that was strong and vibrant. Just about every single person including doctors told me to just rehab and build my legs according to their rules and standards, push myself according to the way they felt was right to do. I decided to make my own destiny and risk a lot by rehabbing myself and learn exercises and methods that I felt were right for me to do, I got a ton of shit for it but I stuck with it because it made me feel good, it gave me hope and I wanted to desperately get crazy strong, supple and become a downright machine.

            Build what you want to do, even when others tell you that it’s not possible, they don’t believe it cause they won’t do it themselves so they have to tear someone else down. Take a chance and bend the rules, create what you want for the reasons that give you strength and the will to make it happen.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

By The Beard Of Zeus

             Sorry I had Anchorman man on the brain this morning. If you’re a fan of Will Ferrell or Awesomely Stupid Comedy watch Anchorman & it’s sequel. Whenever Ferrell (who’s character is Ron Burgundy) is in shock or whatever he says a random set of words instead of holy shit it’s like “Sweet Odin’s Raven” or whatever comes up. I find it funny but I still like the god himself.

            Funny things aside, you can harness the power of Zeus if you apply the thought, your action and your imagination of super strength and speed by using simple techniques that can create strength by three fold. It’s teaching you to harness your strength that you already possess within you that just needs a key to unlock the door. Believe me I was skeptical at first too and I've been learning all kinds of stuff for years but I decided to put my skepticism aside and just test it, see if the guy who was teaching it was bluffing and full of shit, I was dead wrong and was in for a whirlwind.

            I was shocked when I incorporated the sounds, the imagination and the target points to what I want to do and my strength shot up like a damn cannon. I've literally done hundreds of exercises in my lifetime and even with the most difficult ones felt at ease. It’s called CoreForce Energy; a system proven to combine different elements to surge your strength in less than a few minutes if not seconds. Imagine if you’re an athlete being able to run a little faster down the field, knock the ball out of the park, have laser eye coordination while shooting a basketball have a faster and more accurate slap shot, have a better golf swing and do it all without steroids and/or PEDs, would you want that kind of power and speed?

            This isn't just for athletes but for people from all walks of life from the business man to the martial arts, to the entertainer and opera performer, to the awe strength of Circ Du Soleil to the motivational speaker who wants project a greater voice. When you get your hands on CoreForce Energy you’ll learn in small chunks how to peak your performance at the maximum level with step by step simple but effective elements of training, philosophy and the internal arts.

            Zeus is a fundamental component of the course and you’ll find out why when you hear the sounds of power and music, to feel the surge course through you with breathing patterns that give you strength instead of draining it and you’ll find the deepest secrets of Einstein’s vision of standing on the tip of the light traveling at the speed of light at 186,000 miles per second and how this one technique can increase your speed within an instant. Unlock the power that’s already within you and harness your strength like you've never seen it before. No matter how big or small you are, there’s something there for everyone and my friend Garin Bader will show you the deepest secrets of unlocking your power, your undeniable speed and the strength that is just edging to be unleashed. You have the power my friend, make it happen and perform at a level that you have been dying to have.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tips For Boosting Testosterone Without Steroids

          Many athletes today use those dumb and overwhelming dangerous steroid methods to boost their career stats, recover quicker, heal faster yet it’s slowly killing them. This isn't just for athletes but with men and women, who want to look better, feel like their invincible and will help them get noticed quicker because of its “anti-aging” affects. Why rely on something that is dangerous to your health when there are ways to boost yourself naturally and more safely.

            Your Willpower is like a steroid if you learned how to use it right, when you put your internal strength at a level that gives you that boost of adrenaline, fire and the desire to create instant magic. Imagine being able to create thoughts and make them into actions that can help you be successful in just about every endeavor you desire. As an athlete, you want to boost better running, jump higher, recover quicker, hit more homeruns, score more touchdowns and even win a medal at the Olympics. In fitness, being strong and fit is a major desire for just about everyone but some prefer one over the other. To be strong and fit, you think into what you want, use what’s called Theater Of The Mind to picture yourself as if you were watching your own movie, a movie that has a story to tell, that breaks into the very core of what you want to achieve. If you learn it right for you, you can create just about anything you want.

            One of the key ingredients to successful testosterone boosting is using the strength and power of your legs. Your legs are the very foundation for a youthful body that strives to become not only fit, but crazy strong. When I talk about leg training, I’m not referring to jumping up and down on a Taebo or a P90X video; I’m referring to building strong and powerful legs through basic elements that give you strength, stamina and flexibility. Squats are incredible and with certain ones especially that fit to your interests and your structure, you can boost levels of natural growth hormone you never expected to get.

            For men, picture having strong and mighty legs that can go distances, have strong tendons that can carry over to lifting and/or carrying heavy objects, climbing with ease and have endurance like crazy, for women, picture having sexy and head turning legs that are lithe, beautiful and strong that can make you outrun most men if you’re in danger, having great flexibility that even gymnasts would be impressed by. It’s all within your reach if you want it bad enough, to develop that mind/muscle connection internally without ever needing something dangerous can kill you more than help you in the long-run (pun intended).

            For some, people use cardio to get fit, others use high intensity training. I feel both are essential but yet the shorter the better. They each have pros and cons but each one has more to offer than you realized. I’m not talking about walking on a treadmill or running 10 miles a day, what I want you to know is that cardio can mean different things for example, if you’re doing circuit training for say like 30 min. and it keeps your heart rate at your peak levels, that’s cardio.

            High Intensity Training is a bit different, your workouts are shorter and you bring more of the muscle fibers into play that normally won’t work in the cardio sense. An example of this would be Sprints, you run at a high speed for a certain short period of time say like for no more than 30 seconds. You won’t be running at full 100% of your speed because that can last only for a couple seconds because everything that is fired in won’t have that long to tangle with. Doing sprints at 4-10 sets is great and you don’t need to do them everyday, no more than 2-3 times a week and this alone can burn fat faster, boost metabolism, raise your growth hormone up to 10 times more than the latest steroid injection or pill.

            My last tip for now is the use of Cold Showers. This method has been used for countless centuries and for good reason. You see, hot water back in the old days was more of a luxury than anything else because unless you found a place that has hot water like in the springs or something, you would most likely have used cold water. Let me rephrase the first thing here sorry, I meant to say Cold Water Therapy. Cold Showers is more or less than a couple hundred years but Cold Water like Ice Baths or being under a waterfall or jumping in a cold lake/ocean is more likely to happen. This method helps your body in more ways you can imagine.

            It sucks jumping into cold water or has it poured on you but it builds mental strength just as much as it could help you in a physical sense. When you’re cold water, your body heat shifts into overdrive and unlike hot water which hits the skin more, cold water hits the skin but your body heat shifts more to the organs to keep you warm. When you feel like you’re having a heart attack and you’re breathing heavy, that’s what the heart and lungs are doing to keep you warm. When this breathing happens, it feels like you’re going through hell and like a workout it puts you into another state of mind. Deep breathing in Cold Water brings a whole new way of thinking into your body, letting it work for you and feeling like you can take on the world. Cold Water can help you burn fat; lose weight, build definition in the muscles because of the involuntary muscle contraction and it teaches you to build your body internally. It’s very relaxing afterwards and it gives you a sense of clarity and peacefulness, also it wakes your ass up quicker than a slap in the face.

            Treasure these tips, not many want to reveal these to you because they feel if they keep it to themselves they’ll feel like they’re better than you and you’re inferior to them. I don’t want to do that to you, I want to help you and give you ways to help yourself and build strength in as many ways as possible naturally and without doing anything dangerous or put you in a state of fear. Be smart but also be tough and have fun.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

For The Lovely Ladies

            It is your right to be beautiful. You are a gorgeous person inside and out but at the same time; you have trouble realizing your full potential so at times you go from extreme to the next. I've known some kick ass women in my life and all have a common thread and that’s to be noticed for who they are, not what someone wants them to be.

            For women, becoming fit and healthy isn't easy and most I've seen tend to find the next big fad that will have them drop weight just like that and magically reinvent their entire image on the outside. To be fit on the outside, you have to start from the inside. Look to yourself and find out what you want to accomplish. Some take it to extremes like being bulimic or anorexic to lose weight or believe they’ll get too bulky because they lift weights. There are options that are far healthier and far more adventurous. You don’t need the next big diet fad or watch and “move” along with some instructor on a DVD that doesn't know how to give a proper beginner demo.

            In my opinion, ounce for ounce I believe women are stronger than men in some physical sense, think about it. Women have the ability to carry a shit load of groceries and hold their child at the same time or carry a baby for 9 months. A lot of women are more intelligent than most men (sorry guys, it’s there and you have to accept it). You are awesome and you can improve yourself through healthy measures by being smart about how you train, eat and what gives you a challenge that you want to conquer and not have to resort to major extremes.

            Be smart about getting fit. Sculpting doesn't always mean bodybuilding. It can also mean sculpting your mind, body and spirit all in a single method or variety. Don’t resort to those crazy ass female celebs that get breast implants, those that are skinnier than your whole leg and definitely don’t ever resort to making yourself sick just so you can look healthy, it’s dumb and it won’t make you any happier. Self-Image is far worse now for women than in any other time in history. To become a powerful woman, it takes guts, standing up to become something great.

            You don’t need to be great to start, but you have to be willing to start to become great. It takes patience, it takes practice and it takes loving who you are and not let those dumbass people take you down just because they might poke fun at you or think that you’re a no good for nothing bitch, you’re better than that. You have more power to make a difference in yourself than you can ever imagine. Be awesome, be daring, be smart and be healthy. Don’t throw yourselves to the wolves because some people believe you can’t do something, screw ‘em, they have nothing on you and don’t ever let it stop you from doing something you’re proud of or want to make a change for the better.

-If you wish to enhance your self-image I suggest you read this book called Psycho-Cybernetics.

-If you want a fitness course that is not only designed for women but has very basic, simple to learn exercises that will enhance your fat burning, build strength, develop flexibility and transform your body that is healthy, lithe and toned to your structure than I believe Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises For Women  is just for you.

            There’s always room for improvement and you have the power to make it happen. I believe in you but don’t take my word for it, the only person who you should believe in, is you. Stay beautiful, be awesome and keep strong ladies, because there’s nothing more precious than a beautiful woman inside and out.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Striking Into The Heart Of Your Goals

            To really shoot for something, it’s not going through the motions; it’s not taking it easy, it’s taking the time to make things happen. Hammer your way to what you want and not just strike with a few dings, take down the damn door like you own it. Sometimes it takes a few days, some have goals that go on for months and others slowly work up to building years of a goal but it’s still within yourself to take down what you want to do.

            For most when they start out, it’s tough, it’s not something they’re use to and when they can’t handle it, it wasn't there at the right time or they just give up. Sometimes in life not always, you got to be aggressive and fight for it. It’s not always just training for something or getting motivated, it’s a feeling that you crave and you are eager to get something done come hell or high water. When I broke my legs, I didn't want to spend the rest of the year in a wheel chair and hope and pray that it will get better; I had to fight with everything I had and set my mind to saying “You’re fucking walking sooner than anyone expects you to.” When I was cleared to walk again, I was determined to make something happen, not just walk but become far stronger than I ever was in my teens. I hated some of those workouts but I pushed myself. If you want something bad enough, you got to do it for you otherwise what was it really worth?

            When you take on certain challenges, some look at them as a prison sentence and if you do your time you’ll get out of it, I say bullshit. Real challenges take you out of your comfort zone and challenge your mind more than your body. You have the power to make your mind say “You know what; it’s tough but god damn it’s fun as hell.” Very few get that mindset and that’s where you learn to be at your toughest. You may not always like it but you want to make that goal bad enough, you’re going to hit some crossroads. Sometimes you may end up failing and you know what it happens. You can’t not fail all the time otherwise where is the challenge, where’s the excitement? Challenges can be overwhelmingly fun but you got to put that in your mind, no one else can do it for you.

            I personally believe that if you want to do something great, something that is worthy for you to accomplish, it is your responsibility to make it your personal mission and don’t be afraid to fail if it happens. Never attempt to fail on purpose, it just doesn't seem right. I have failed on many things in my life but each time it happened, somehow I both came back and won or I switched to something else and I got it done and was proud of it. None of us are perfect and our goals will always be different but it’s our ability as an individual to find that spark, that thing we want to accomplish no matter what it is, we have the power to define what others say is impossible. For years I never believed I could deadlift over 400 lbs. I even trained for it at one point and it never came, one day it did and it just lit me up like only those who have experienced it understand.

            You want it, you go get it and do it for you, don’t do it for anybody else otherwise you sell yourself short. Strike into the very Core of your goals and make them happen in the best way possible that’s positive, confident and challenging who you are to become better.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Weapons Of Strength

             In Mythology, there are specific weapons that can wreck havoc but at the same time, they define the strength of the person that holds that weapon. Zeus’ Thunder Bolt is one of the all-time mightiest weapons and it puts destruction into wherever he throws it but it gives him the ultimate power over all the gods. Thor’s Hammer is the muscle weapon of Norse Mythology, like the Sword of Excalibur; only one person is deemed worthy to hold it in his hands and it gives him strength that excels over anything else and brings manly power in its grasp. Poseidon’s Trident is just flat out surreal when it’s been used at it’s maximum power, it can devour oceans, destroy ships within a snap and puts you at a stand still to how it is unmatched by just about every other weapon.

            One of the most underrated stories in American Folklore is that of John Henry and the Epic Sledgehammer. In a time where race was feared and those of different color got the shaft just for what their skin holds brought a lot of hardships, hard ache and the struggle to live among other people. Henry brought struggle to light by the use of his mighty hammer and taking on an obstacle that is practically impossible to do, he turned it into triumph and the will to fight for what he felt was the right thing to do. With the swing of his hammer, he symbolized what the weight of the world felt like and fought with every breath of him with swing after swing; he built hope and internal strength that has been long forgotten. Although he was physically gifted and was a might of man, he used the strength of his heart to conquer the demons that roamed in that time.

            The most powerful weapon is nothing physical, nothing you can see with your very own eyes and it’s certainly not a weapon that is to be underestimated and that’s the power of your mind. How we use our minds determines our strength on another scale. The way we think creates a chain reaction that pits you against the ultimate opponent and that’s YOU!!! We build thoughts, emotions and solving/creating problems by how we use our minds, the stretch of the imagination is limitless and with practice; we can devour obstacles, conquer challenges and fin solutions that have logical correction. By understanding who you are and how we perceive ourselves and change how we think we can build success and live the life that was meant for us. By projecting your Self-Image, you learn to create success that brings you happiness, love, protection from negative energy and can even create financial success with the right attitude and using your imagination.

            It’s not something to just jump in and think it’s an instant snap of your fingers. If you want to build your weapons, you need to step up and take it step by step by finding what you want to do whether it’s to build strength, lose weight, build functional muscle or even just want to build a better income; project yourself with a thirst for a positive attitude, be organic, don’t be afraid to fail and be responsible for what you want to accomplish. Nobody can create success for you; no one has your body, your health or your dreams. Be bold and look to things that give you guidance, learn what gives you purpose and how you can make yourself into a happy and high self-esteemed person.

       Watch the movie Field Of Dreams sometime and look to the biggest quote of the movie “If you build it, they will come.” What that truly means in my eyes is that to truly be successful, you need to build yourself from within and they (meaning the universe and your imagination) will come to you and guide you but it’s up to you to make the effort.