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An Epic Review

This is a special treat because I rarely ever write reviews for a certain product so today you’ll get an un-cut and uncensored review of the Epic Sledgehammer from Stronger Grip. Granted in this review I will not hold back how I feel about this Hammer and why it is one of the most awesome tools in no nonsense grip strength and conditioning that it is not to be underestimated.
            When you have a Hammer of this size & power and you have it in your hands; it strikes into your very soul because its beauty is without equal and its strength is unmatched. There are many great tools in the world of strongman but like with Highlander, there can be only one that hits you with ferocity and the power to take you down if you don’t have the guts to withstand it.
            It is not to be underestimated. Sure it looks awesome and has a mystic to it that even the folk legend John Henry can smile about but at the same time, you will either be handle it or you won’t and if …

Taking It To New Heights

You my friend are far stronger than you believe. It’s within your DNA to have great strength whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual but yet you can have all of those if you apply to your goals and admiration. Strength is not always being tough and macho or one upping anyone, real strength comes from your attitude and your character as a human being. Being physically strong has its benefits but it’s the strength of your loving soul that endures more and grows.
            When you progress in your training whether for fitness, health, strongman, lecturer or whatever you choose to do, do it at your own pace. People assume when you start a fitness progress it’s push and push as hard as you can when in reality that can get them more set up for injury than to get fit. I understand the feeling of wanting to push someone to do their best but yet you need to let go of that ego trip and be giving and sharing info. Basics are key to training and they lay the foundatio…

More On The Hands

Having powerful hands can be life saving. The grip power and strength you build from different methods gives you that raw and ferocious power of being able to lock anything within your grasp. When you bend steel, you wrap up the nail, wrench, screwdriver or whatever; you squeeze with everything you have and you work the wrist along with the whole body and you give that object no mercy. Ripping a deck of cards gives you that mighty twisting strength in your hands and your wrists while taking your body to a whole new level. Gripping a odd object and doing whatever you want with it, even though it’s awkward, it gives you the strength that forces you to stabilize the muscles and tendons.
            Not all grip work should have a focus on strength because if all you do is strengthen the hands and lower arm, you’re missing out on creating graceful and supple hands that can create magic within the flick of a wrist or using your fingers in the way a ballet dancer gracefully us…

Ideas From A Traveling Strongman

There are strongmen around the country who travel to schools, churches, prisons and occasional corporate offices upwards to 300 days a year. Some travel all over the world, some just in the U.S like my friend Bud Jeffries does. Now what they do is not always the same, I've witnessed first hand two very distinctive differences in their performances. Some do what’s called Junk Feats where they’re feats that seem legit but really are as fake as you can get, an extreme few are legit. The other is called the Real Deal where they take certain objects and although the feat may seem like a fake it’s really a legit one like bending steel, tearing a deck of cards right out of the package, hammer levering and so forth. A traveling strongman has to be creative and learn their distinct patterns for a performance. This can be ideal for your training.
            Some strongmen perform the same feats in a show where there’s a pattern or routine for them that sets their mind to think…

Everyone Started Somewhere

When you see a great looking athlete or a powerful lifter, most automatically assume he’s been that way all his life when in reality he looked completely different and didn't always seem to have the strength or genetics to be that great looking. We all started at someplace in our lives when we began training. Some started at a young age; others began when they’re much older. I for one was never the muscle guy or someone that believed one day could rip phonebooks and bend tough steel, I was once very skinny as a preteen and also the fat kid when I was a teenager and didn't have much muscle to show for.
            To most who have rarely if ever trained, it feels discouraging sometimes seeing people who can do things rather easily and yet you can’t even fathom being able to do them. The thing to do is to create building blocks. Learn to find an exercise or fitness program that you can do that gets you on the path to becoming fit and healthy/strong. It doesn't …

You Are Your Own Trainer

Many people like to follow others’ programs, use their advice and form a pattern as a follower. I believe in learning certain things but once you get a hold of them, use them to create your own program. When you build your own set of workouts, you learn how to develop your creativity and find out what you’re really capable of. The exercises you really like will be your calling and they will bring the most benefit.
            Every body is different and the way it functions to that individual, when some trainers just push the body and don’t really know how to stop or keep going because that person’s body can crash at any time or it can keep going without anything going wrong. To understand how your body works, you learn to move in ways that find meaning. Some can’t do a certain push-up or a squat because of something in their body that prevents them but they’re capable of doing other things others might not be able to as well. The purpose of becoming your own trainer is …

By The Beard Of Zeus

Sorry I had Anchorman man on the brain this morning. If you’re a fan of Will Ferrell or Awesomely Stupid Comedy watch Anchorman & it’s sequel. Whenever Ferrell (who’s character is Ron Burgundy) is in shock or whatever he says a random set of words instead of holy shit it’s like “Sweet Odin’s Raven” or whatever comes up. I find it funny but I still like the god himself.
            Funny things aside, you can harness the power of Zeus if you apply the thought, your action and your imagination of super strength and speed by using simple techniques that can create strength by three fold. It’s teaching you to harness your strength that you already possess within you that just needs a key to unlock the door. Believe me I was skeptical at first too and I've been learning all kinds of stuff for years but I decided to put my skepticism aside and just test it, see if the guy who was teaching it was bluffing and full of shit, I was dead wrong and was in for a whirlwind.

Tips For Boosting Testosterone Without Steroids

Many athletes today use those dumb and overwhelming dangerous steroid methods to boost their career stats, recover quicker, heal faster yet it’s slowly killing them. This isn't just for athletes but with men and women, who want to look better, feel like their invincible and will help them get noticed quicker because of its “anti-aging” affects. Why rely on something that is dangerous to your health when there are ways to boost yourself naturally and more safely.
            Your Willpower is like a steroid if you learned how to use it right, when you put your internal strength at a level that gives you that boost of adrenaline, fire and the desire to create instant magic. Imagine being able to create thoughts and make them into actions that can help you be successful in just about every endeavor you desire. As an athlete, you want to boost better running, jump higher, recover quicker, hit more homeruns, score more touchdowns and even win a medal at the Olympics. In fitn…

For The Lovely Ladies

It is your right to be beautiful. You are a gorgeous person inside and out but at the same time; you have trouble realizing your full potential so at times you go from extreme to the next. I've known some kick ass women in my life and all have a common thread and that’s to be noticed for who they are, not what someone wants them to be.
            For women, becoming fit and healthy isn't easy and most I've seen tend to find the next big fad that will have them drop weight just like that and magically reinvent their entire image on the outside. To be fit on the outside, you have to start from the inside. Look to yourself and find out what you want to accomplish. Some take it to extremes like being bulimic or anorexic to lose weight or believe they’ll get too bulky because they lift weights. There are options that are far healthier and far more adventurous. You don’t need the next big diet fad or watch and “move” along with some instructor on a DVD that doesn&…

Striking Into The Heart Of Your Goals

To really shoot for something, it’s not going through the motions; it’s not taking it easy, it’s taking the time to make things happen. Hammer your way to what you want and not just strike with a few dings, take down the damn door like you own it. Sometimes it takes a few days, some have goals that go on for months and others slowly work up to building years of a goal but it’s still within yourself to take down what you want to do.
            For most when they start out, it’s tough, it’s not something they’re use to and when they can’t handle it, it wasn't there at the right time or they just give up. Sometimes in life not always, you got to be aggressive and fight for it. It’s not always just training for something or getting motivated, it’s a feeling that you crave and you are eager to get something done come hell or high water. When I broke my legs, I didn't want to spend the rest of the year in a wheel chair and hope and pray that it will get better; I had …

Weapons Of Strength

In Mythology, there are specific weapons that can wreck havoc but at the same time, they define the strength of the person that holds that weapon. Zeus’ Thunder Bolt is one of the all-time mightiest weapons and it puts destruction into wherever he throws it but it gives him the ultimate power over all the gods. Thor’s Hammer is the muscle weapon of Norse Mythology, like the Sword of Excalibur; only one person is deemed worthy to hold it in his hands and it gives him strength that excels over anything else and brings manly power in its grasp. Poseidon’s Trident is just flat out surreal when it’s been used at it’s maximum power, it can devour oceans, destroy ships within a snap and puts you at a stand still to how it is unmatched by just about every other weapon.
            One of the most underrated stories in American Folklore is that of John Henry and the Epic Sledgehammer. In a time where race was feared and those of different color got the shaft just for what their …