Wednesday, January 8, 2014

For The Lovely Ladies

            It is your right to be beautiful. You are a gorgeous person inside and out but at the same time; you have trouble realizing your full potential so at times you go from extreme to the next. I've known some kick ass women in my life and all have a common thread and that’s to be noticed for who they are, not what someone wants them to be.

            For women, becoming fit and healthy isn't easy and most I've seen tend to find the next big fad that will have them drop weight just like that and magically reinvent their entire image on the outside. To be fit on the outside, you have to start from the inside. Look to yourself and find out what you want to accomplish. Some take it to extremes like being bulimic or anorexic to lose weight or believe they’ll get too bulky because they lift weights. There are options that are far healthier and far more adventurous. You don’t need the next big diet fad or watch and “move” along with some instructor on a DVD that doesn't know how to give a proper beginner demo.

            In my opinion, ounce for ounce I believe women are stronger than men in some physical sense, think about it. Women have the ability to carry a shit load of groceries and hold their child at the same time or carry a baby for 9 months. A lot of women are more intelligent than most men (sorry guys, it’s there and you have to accept it). You are awesome and you can improve yourself through healthy measures by being smart about how you train, eat and what gives you a challenge that you want to conquer and not have to resort to major extremes.

            Be smart about getting fit. Sculpting doesn't always mean bodybuilding. It can also mean sculpting your mind, body and spirit all in a single method or variety. Don’t resort to those crazy ass female celebs that get breast implants, those that are skinnier than your whole leg and definitely don’t ever resort to making yourself sick just so you can look healthy, it’s dumb and it won’t make you any happier. Self-Image is far worse now for women than in any other time in history. To become a powerful woman, it takes guts, standing up to become something great.

            You don’t need to be great to start, but you have to be willing to start to become great. It takes patience, it takes practice and it takes loving who you are and not let those dumbass people take you down just because they might poke fun at you or think that you’re a no good for nothing bitch, you’re better than that. You have more power to make a difference in yourself than you can ever imagine. Be awesome, be daring, be smart and be healthy. Don’t throw yourselves to the wolves because some people believe you can’t do something, screw ‘em, they have nothing on you and don’t ever let it stop you from doing something you’re proud of or want to make a change for the better.

-If you wish to enhance your self-image I suggest you read this book called Psycho-Cybernetics.

-If you want a fitness course that is not only designed for women but has very basic, simple to learn exercises that will enhance your fat burning, build strength, develop flexibility and transform your body that is healthy, lithe and toned to your structure than I believe Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercises For Women  is just for you.

            There’s always room for improvement and you have the power to make it happen. I believe in you but don’t take my word for it, the only person who you should believe in, is you. Stay beautiful, be awesome and keep strong ladies, because there’s nothing more precious than a beautiful woman inside and out.

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