Monday, January 6, 2014

Striking Into The Heart Of Your Goals

            To really shoot for something, it’s not going through the motions; it’s not taking it easy, it’s taking the time to make things happen. Hammer your way to what you want and not just strike with a few dings, take down the damn door like you own it. Sometimes it takes a few days, some have goals that go on for months and others slowly work up to building years of a goal but it’s still within yourself to take down what you want to do.

            For most when they start out, it’s tough, it’s not something they’re use to and when they can’t handle it, it wasn't there at the right time or they just give up. Sometimes in life not always, you got to be aggressive and fight for it. It’s not always just training for something or getting motivated, it’s a feeling that you crave and you are eager to get something done come hell or high water. When I broke my legs, I didn't want to spend the rest of the year in a wheel chair and hope and pray that it will get better; I had to fight with everything I had and set my mind to saying “You’re fucking walking sooner than anyone expects you to.” When I was cleared to walk again, I was determined to make something happen, not just walk but become far stronger than I ever was in my teens. I hated some of those workouts but I pushed myself. If you want something bad enough, you got to do it for you otherwise what was it really worth?

            When you take on certain challenges, some look at them as a prison sentence and if you do your time you’ll get out of it, I say bullshit. Real challenges take you out of your comfort zone and challenge your mind more than your body. You have the power to make your mind say “You know what; it’s tough but god damn it’s fun as hell.” Very few get that mindset and that’s where you learn to be at your toughest. You may not always like it but you want to make that goal bad enough, you’re going to hit some crossroads. Sometimes you may end up failing and you know what it happens. You can’t not fail all the time otherwise where is the challenge, where’s the excitement? Challenges can be overwhelmingly fun but you got to put that in your mind, no one else can do it for you.

            I personally believe that if you want to do something great, something that is worthy for you to accomplish, it is your responsibility to make it your personal mission and don’t be afraid to fail if it happens. Never attempt to fail on purpose, it just doesn't seem right. I have failed on many things in my life but each time it happened, somehow I both came back and won or I switched to something else and I got it done and was proud of it. None of us are perfect and our goals will always be different but it’s our ability as an individual to find that spark, that thing we want to accomplish no matter what it is, we have the power to define what others say is impossible. For years I never believed I could deadlift over 400 lbs. I even trained for it at one point and it never came, one day it did and it just lit me up like only those who have experienced it understand.

            You want it, you go get it and do it for you, don’t do it for anybody else otherwise you sell yourself short. Strike into the very Core of your goals and make them happen in the best way possible that’s positive, confident and challenging who you are to become better.

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