Monday, January 20, 2014

You Are Your Own Trainer

             Many people like to follow others’ programs, use their advice and form a pattern as a follower. I believe in learning certain things but once you get a hold of them, use them to create your own program. When you build your own set of workouts, you learn how to develop your creativity and find out what you’re really capable of. The exercises you really like will be your calling and they will bring the most benefit.

            Every body is different and the way it functions to that individual, when some trainers just push the body and don’t really know how to stop or keep going because that person’s body can crash at any time or it can keep going without anything going wrong. To understand how your body works, you learn to move in ways that find meaning. Some can’t do a certain push-up or a squat because of something in their body that prevents them but they’re capable of doing other things others might not be able to as well. The purpose of becoming your own trainer is to figure out what works, how it puts stress on the body that’s comfortable and challenging. I learned that there are certain exercises that I can’t do due to my body structure like Hindu Push-ups hurt my shoulders in a certain form of the exercise so I need to adapt and work with my structure to make the exercise work for me.

            We all have a creative entity within us. Those who believe they can’t be creative tend to be great at it later on if they applied it right and those who are creative develop a sense of intuition and imagination to find things that suit them for their goals. The mind is a powerful tool and sometimes it can our greatest ally and other times it can be a pain in the ass because of either stress or something that doesn't seem to go away or whatever, sometimes it’s best to step back and reflect on what can be useful within your own personal creative element.

            You are not destined to be weak and think that there’s nothing for you to learn and feel you can’t get fit and strong. What you can do is dominate your destiny, prove to yourself you’re worthy of taking on some of the toughest challenges yet still come out stronger than when you came in. When I was in a wheelchair, I did at times feel I will never walk again or at least walk in a way that was strong and vibrant. Just about every single person including doctors told me to just rehab and build my legs according to their rules and standards, push myself according to the way they felt was right to do. I decided to make my own destiny and risk a lot by rehabbing myself and learn exercises and methods that I felt were right for me to do, I got a ton of shit for it but I stuck with it because it made me feel good, it gave me hope and I wanted to desperately get crazy strong, supple and become a downright machine.

            Build what you want to do, even when others tell you that it’s not possible, they don’t believe it cause they won’t do it themselves so they have to tear someone else down. Take a chance and bend the rules, create what you want for the reasons that give you strength and the will to make it happen.
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