Thursday, January 2, 2014

Weapons Of Strength

             In Mythology, there are specific weapons that can wreck havoc but at the same time, they define the strength of the person that holds that weapon. Zeus’ Thunder Bolt is one of the all-time mightiest weapons and it puts destruction into wherever he throws it but it gives him the ultimate power over all the gods. Thor’s Hammer is the muscle weapon of Norse Mythology, like the Sword of Excalibur; only one person is deemed worthy to hold it in his hands and it gives him strength that excels over anything else and brings manly power in its grasp. Poseidon’s Trident is just flat out surreal when it’s been used at it’s maximum power, it can devour oceans, destroy ships within a snap and puts you at a stand still to how it is unmatched by just about every other weapon.

            One of the most underrated stories in American Folklore is that of John Henry and the Epic Sledgehammer. In a time where race was feared and those of different color got the shaft just for what their skin holds brought a lot of hardships, hard ache and the struggle to live among other people. Henry brought struggle to light by the use of his mighty hammer and taking on an obstacle that is practically impossible to do, he turned it into triumph and the will to fight for what he felt was the right thing to do. With the swing of his hammer, he symbolized what the weight of the world felt like and fought with every breath of him with swing after swing; he built hope and internal strength that has been long forgotten. Although he was physically gifted and was a might of man, he used the strength of his heart to conquer the demons that roamed in that time.

            The most powerful weapon is nothing physical, nothing you can see with your very own eyes and it’s certainly not a weapon that is to be underestimated and that’s the power of your mind. How we use our minds determines our strength on another scale. The way we think creates a chain reaction that pits you against the ultimate opponent and that’s YOU!!! We build thoughts, emotions and solving/creating problems by how we use our minds, the stretch of the imagination is limitless and with practice; we can devour obstacles, conquer challenges and fin solutions that have logical correction. By understanding who you are and how we perceive ourselves and change how we think we can build success and live the life that was meant for us. By projecting your Self-Image, you learn to create success that brings you happiness, love, protection from negative energy and can even create financial success with the right attitude and using your imagination.

            It’s not something to just jump in and think it’s an instant snap of your fingers. If you want to build your weapons, you need to step up and take it step by step by finding what you want to do whether it’s to build strength, lose weight, build functional muscle or even just want to build a better income; project yourself with a thirst for a positive attitude, be organic, don’t be afraid to fail and be responsible for what you want to accomplish. Nobody can create success for you; no one has your body, your health or your dreams. Be bold and look to things that give you guidance, learn what gives you purpose and how you can make yourself into a happy and high self-esteemed person.

       Watch the movie Field Of Dreams sometime and look to the biggest quote of the movie “If you build it, they will come.” What that truly means in my eyes is that to truly be successful, you need to build yourself from within and they (meaning the universe and your imagination) will come to you and guide you but it’s up to you to make the effort. 

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