Monday, January 28, 2013

You Have Great Choices

Confused on what to get?

I knew a guy that hated going to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. If you're not familiar with the place the idea was they had 31 different flavors. This guy hated it because he didn't know what to choose. He'd rather go to a smaller ice cream place that only had ten flavors.

Well with these workshop videos you might be feeling the same. There is something for everyone, but there just may be too many choices.

To help you narrow it down this is what's most popular:

#1 The whole set (this makes it easy, no need to pick, just get it all)

I have to say the crowd has made some pretty good choices on this one. 

Ben Bergman

Friday, January 25, 2013

Get the Complete Super Human Workshop Videos

There’s about 15 hours worth of training information available here!

Go Here To Find Out Why

This includes from the massive and massively strong Dru Patrick:

8 Day a Week Program for Massive Strength and Muscle
Bench Press Secrets from the Raw World Bench Press Champion
Pulling a Monster Deadlift

For you bodyweight guys Logan Christopher taught his most complete info ever on:

Front and Back Lever Training
The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups

The amazing Bud Jeffries covered what he does best…stuff no one else is talking about

Extreme Power with Isometrics Volume 2
Myofascial Mobility: The Next Evolution of Mobility Training to Unlock Your Body
The Mind Force Training Behind Big Bending (which largely futures his son Noah Jeffries)

And then Eric Guttmann showing you how to stay young and healthy by going outside the box

Agility and Explosiveness Workout
Moving Freely for Life: Full Body Mobility

There is something for everybody and that’s the great thing.

Learn It All Here

With workshops in the past they’ve only released the whole set. Either buy it or not. Those where your only choices.

Now Logan has told me they’re trying something different.

You can pick up any one course (complete by itself) you want. You can get two, three or five if you want too.

You can also get the whole shebang for a substantial discount.

Not only that but for those of you who like DVD’s they’re available. For those that want to pay less and be able to download the videos to your computer there’s that option too.

There’s a lot more details over here so check out this page.

Check It Right Here

Ben Bergman

P.S. Also rest assured as everything is backed by a 3 month money back guarantee. This is a limited time deal so you’ll want to act now.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is this the next evolution of mobility training?

Mobility training has been popular now for many years. There are lots of teachers.

I personally like to use it for loosening up the joints and ligaments to keep my body flexible and supple.

But the truth is, besides maybe a few adaptations and maybe some new exercises, there hasn’t really been anything new in the field for years...

Until now!

I’m certainly intrigued by this idea. Go watch this video to find out all about it.

Ben Bergman

P.S. Is it a way to get better in tune with your body and better correct or prevent injuries?

You be the judge.

Monday, January 21, 2013

RARE Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight training is all the rage these days.

Some people teaching it are great. Other not so much.

Logan Christopher fits into that first category. In this new video from him you’ll get to see him do advanced back lever exercises and more.

But more importantly he teaches you have to use different variations of the lever (including one dynamic movement that can be done by people of all levels).

Plus there’s a handstand pushup variation that I’ve never seen anyone do before!

Check out this new video here.

Ben Bergman

P.S. Seriously go watch this video and then try out the moves yourself. You may be surprised at what you feel...

Ridiculous Bodyweight Training

Add 100 lbs. to your Deadlift with One “Common” Isometric

Actually that’s a lie...

Doing this one exercise Noah found his deadlift go from 350 to 550 lbs.

Badass Isometric Training

It’s covered at the end of this great video on isometric training.

And it’s just one of the several isometric training ideas you’ll find here.

There’s another great one for the deadlift, and other moves, using a burst style of isometric.

Isometrics aren’t used all that often, and when they are, unfortunately they’re not being using to the beneficial effects they can be.

Bud Jeffries has probably experimented with isometrics more than anyone and you’ll catch a glimpse of his knowledge in this brand new video.

Check It Out

Ben Bergman

P.S. This stuff works for beginners and advanced trainees so be sure to check it out.

The Strongest Man You Never Knew...Till Now

150 lb. dumbbell side raises...WOW!

25 modified handstand pushups at a bodyweight of 320...CRAZY!

5 time IPL Raw Bench Press World Champion...

Do you know who this is?

Meet Dru Patrick.

In this video you’ll find all about this man and the training cycle he created which has led to massive size and strength while easily avoiding (and sometimes even rehabbing) injuries.

No sign up required (but if you want even more you can grab more at the bottom of the page).

Ben Bergman

P.S. I don’t know about you but watching this makes me want to lift more and get ridiculously strong!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let’s Go Clubbing

            And you thought I was going to tell you to hit the bars, go dancing and have a night on the town. Wrong again. Having fun can be one thing and there’s nothing wrong with going out and having a good time but for right now, health is the focus point here and I’m going to share with you some history, training, ideas and things to try on to get you up to a higher level of strength, flexibility and super power in the joints and muscles.

            The club wasn't originally known as a group of people or a fitness place to go to or even the name of some pampas ass rich people’s venue. This club or series of clubs was the training tool for wrestlers in the middle east for their sport called Kushti, similar in style to our Greco-Roman but still can use the legs for take-downs and such. Each morning a typical coach or Guru would have his athletes get up before dawn, run a couple miles, come back and do warm up drills, wrestle, eat/drink and get back to training until the day was over. In the middle of these sessions, the wrestlers would often swing what’s called the Jori or the Gada/Mace in various weights and proportions. These tools would help the wrestlers learn to move weight in various movements mostly circular.

            When the British colonized in various Middle Eastern countries such as India learned the skills of club swinging and other exercises and took them back to the English colonies in Europe and eventually to the Americas most notably in Northern America and trained with these very same tools for battle during the American Revolution and other wars soon after. It became a hit in the late 19th and early 20th centuries as you had Physical Culturists from one side of the earth to the next teaching the various movements of the Clubs. Unless you were an advanced athlete, you had to get a weight heavy enough to work but the majority of Clubs used were very light in weight no more than 10-20 pounds and even less than that. The less weighted clubs were used to aid and strengthen flexibility in the arms, shoulders and elbow joints of the upper body giving you that awkward but effective range of motion if you were an athlete or just an average guy looking to be in shape.

            The most famous Wrestler of that era in India was The Great Gama, if you ever read my articles you would know who he is by now. He is considered by many to be the most feared wrestler of his generation, not even the legendary grapplers Frank Gotch & George Hackenshmidt wanted to face this beast of a man. At 5’7 and no more than 270, Gama was at his peak the best conditioned athlete, although his numbers are exaggerated by any stretch he like many other students at that time wrestled, swam, did hundreds of calisthenics such as squats and push-ups and being on a diet that the majority was vegetarian. At times during his 5000 undefeated winning streak, Gama would receive a basket of tropical fruits and vegetables as a championship trophy in his honor as a vegetarian. One of the most famous pictures of the legendary grappler is of him standing with a massive club on his shoulders. This club wasn’t used for training but was considered a Trophy for a big time championship. The club is said to have weighed at 80 lb.

            Club swinging when done properly takes strength training to a whole new level. You can lift as many weights as you want but if you tried to swing a 30 or 40 lb. club you’d getting your ass kicked in the first minute. With lighter clubs however these can help strengthen the joints in your upper body to peak condition. Clubs have been used by top MMA athletes, Football players, baseball players, strongmen, gymnasts, wrestlers, war vets as far back as the Civil War. Some Clubs are made out of natural wood but you can also get them steel made or with very hard rubber. Two guys I can think of that have really cool versions of the Club are Ryan Pitts at and Scott Sonnon at Each of them have their own style of swinging and one of them believe it or is used in Yoga to get that extra edge from doing free-handed postures.

            Like with everything else, it takes skill and practice different movements in precise dynamic fashion but they’re a lot of fun to do. I can’t wait to get my own set of clubs that I can play with but for now I’m settling with what is just as fun and even cooler than the clubs and that’s a couple Thor Hammers that I have. The Thor Hammer is just as effective as a regular club for swinging but the extra benefits of hitting it with a tire and the fact that the handle is much thicker than a regular hammer or club makes it that much more effective for grip strength, hand/eye coordination, tendon and joint building and the ability to just hold it for a period makes it a hell of an isometric exercise. Get your hands on your own sets of clubs or hammers and jack up your strength and conditioning faster than ever before. Keep it interesting and have fun, that what it’s all about.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Warming Up Like A Warrior

            You know those miracles that happen often in this world? Some people come back after major injuries, horrific experiences and yet they still find a way to fight to keep living. One of my dear friends has done just that and beyond. In our group of friends he’s known as Duke but as of late he’s gone by another nickname that has become a hit in the undergrounds of Physical Culture known as the Garage Warrior, his name is Tyler Bramlett.

            After getting injured by getting hit by a car, Tyler wanted to find out how to get back into shape in ways he never thought of before. I've known Tyler going on for well over a decade and when he sets his mind to something he’s going to find the best strategy to make it work. He’s done the bodybuilding thing at a time, lifting weights like the great builders of yesteryear and buying the crazy supplements and doing workouts from the magazines, but something wasn't working.

            During his recovery phase being in pain that was excruciating at times, he tried a few different things like Kettlebells, Bodyweight, Gymnastics, Odd Object Lifting and some of the oddest training methods you can think of, believe it or not they worked. He began combining different elements of training instead of just picking random exercises, plus testing out nutrition strategies. He gained some muscle and came back stronger than ever. The lethal combinations of workouts he devised became practically fool proof strategies that transformed him into a near superhuman warrior.

            We all have the warrior spirit within us, it’s our nature but very few of us know how to unlock it from within and release it for strength, health, power and wellness. It doesn't matter if you’re a male or female the principles still apply while learning our own styles of how to bring that spirit to life. He has created one of the most unusual ways to train to help fight with that warrior spirit and no name is more perfect than the Warrior Warmup. It combines different elements of exercise that gives your muscles a run for their money whether it’s for strength, endurance, flexibility or just to get in shape either way you’re going to get them all in one complete package.

            You know they say you warm up before doing a really big workout, well it won’t be long before you start noticing a few things from the Warrior Warmup, hitting muscles you didn't know you had, progressing a little easier in some of your other workouts and your body will change for the better because you’re giving the muscles the fuel they need for the hard stuff later on. Another great thing about this is you don’t need to use it as a warmup, you can use it for a workout in and of itself. You can choose however you want to do it but with the advice and legit expertise of the Duke here, you’re in for the ride of your life and your body will love you for it. You will never look at a warmup the same way again.

            Last thing before I make this Father to be blush is that he’s not one of those guys that just takes programs and tries to rip them off as his own, he gives credit where it’s due and he’s one of the coolest dudes on the planet and I have enjoyed being friends with him. I’ve trained alongside him many times from doing hand balancing to gymnastics, from lifting heavy weight to using some gnarly ways to do Kettlebells and he’s the first guy that got me into this crazy world of physical culture. Changing my life because of him would be an understatement.

            He’s practiced a numerous amounts of things and is literally one of the strongest guys on planet earth. He embodies the warrior spirit and will do whatever he can to help others achieve a level of potential they've never seen before. If there’s one guy to that knows his stuff it’s my boy Tyler. Now that I've made him blush, have fun and let him help you, it’s what he does best.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Animalize Your Exercise

 What do a tiger, a gorilla, a spider and a kangaroo all have in common? Every one of them is super S-T-R-O-N-G. Do you see a gym anywhere in the wild, no and so how do these animals stay fit and powerful? Simple answer because they have to be for survival and to take down what their food is for the next few days. They scratch, claw, climb, maneuver and have super strong tendons to boot. If there’s anything we should imitate it’s the strength of a wild animal.

 Am I saying weights aren't worth it, of course not they have their place but unless you have a truck, I highly doubt you’ll be able to travel with heavy equipment. Animal training is the type of fitness that can be done just about anywhere at any time. To get the best out your training, start where you’re at even if it’s taking little steps, you learn to progress. Once something becomes easier, challenge it at that level. People talk about doing 30 minutes of cardio and an hour of weights 3x a week and maybe throw in some of that aerobics crap that has god awful club music in the background.

 Want to know how many hours a week I train for the things I do, it’s not 10 hours, not 6, def not 4, it’s less than 2 hours and this goes on all week long. Training with this type of duration gives you rest, plenty of time to recover and still be able to do things you love to do, isn't it fun to gain than the average person?

 Kids today have it worse than when I was a kid. Back in the 90’s, there were issues like heart disease and such but obesity wasn't at a high level of concern, once I left high school, that’s when the obesity generation blossomed, it’s not on adults anymore, more and more children and teenagers develop bad habits. When I graduated high school almost a decade ago, Ipods barely were getting off the ground, ipads didn't exist, Myspace was the top social network and texting wasn't that big yet, today these kids have way too many privileges and don’t have the right sense of earning those privileges.

One of my biggest concerns for these kids is the way they socialize, half the time they’re texting friends but when their sitting next to them, they get bullied on Facebook and deal with pressures of having the newest cool gadget while trying to look cool for their peers. Damn sad if you ask me. Teaching the kids how to exercise not for punishment but for fun and learning how to push yourself productively and safely.

One of my mentors Matt Furey let his song Frank watch Winnie The Pooh but Frank had to earn that privilege so Matt tells him “Do your exercises first, pick ones you want to do an how many reps and when you’re done you can watch your movie.” Frank was hesitant at first but he did it and was proud of himself and was so excited to finally put on the movie. That to me is wicked cool because you’re not punishing your kid or forcing him to do it but if he/she wants something bad enough, sometimes they’ll have to earn it but encourage them to choose what they can do. It teaches how to accomplish something, it sets boundaries, rules and structure without making it look like you’re in hell.

 A child is already fit when it’s born, it’s very flexible and is learning on it’s own to strengthen themselves. As we get older, we lose sight of how we can stay fit and healthy; you start eating too much junk food, not enough exercise, no play time and rarely socialize anything with a pulse. Teaching the Way Of The Animal at a young age can set the tone for what they can develop, better brain power, strengthen muscles, define motor skills, productive competition, learning a sense of accomplishment, bring up self-esteem if you’re depressed, more relaxed if you’re hyper and create a better physical, emotional and spiritual state.

 Another component of training like a wild is something we've all striven to find, freedom. You’re out in the open and free to move and have fun while building your body to its natural state of muscular development and breathing deeply for a higher form of super endorphins. There are many ways to train like an animal, you can play tag, roll a dye, treat them as cartoons, train for 5 minutes or 1 hour it’s up to you that are true freedom. A key to freedom is to not analyze the workout hell don’t call it a workout call it going out and play, pick the way you want to do it and run with it, don’t worry how bad you are or if the other guy is better, just have fun and imagine yourself in the wild.

One of the beauties of being human is that we have a certain set of hormones. Men have Testosterone, Women have Estrogen and we learn how to balance these hormones for optimal results. As we get older, our hormones begin to go down by as much 5% a year by age 30, I still think its 25 but I could be wrong. In order to keep a balanced hormone levels we train according to our levels some people train hard and fast, others train mostly with for form and endurance but the principles still applies and because of Animal Training, it helps build those hormones we need to keep looking naturally young, have a spring in their step, live with confidence and happiness and if you’re looking to keep that spark with your significant other, it’s not a bad idea to train like an animal and fool around like an animal.

A lot of people look at exercise as a punishment or something they feel they have to or just don’t do it all. This type of thinking is why people hate to exercise and feel they won’t get results. Instead of thinking this way, shift gears a little just a little. Start with what you can do, instead of going through the motions like a robot, think as if you were that animal, you’re either running from a predator or catching your prey, picture as if you’re a gorilla defending your community, an ibex climbing the highest of mountains with ease, feeling graceful like a heron and one of my favorites a Mandrill just looking it was carved from granite with powerful washboard abs and the strength to break a man’s wrist if you grabbed it. Imagination is a beautiful thing to practice and using it with animalized training makes it that much more fun and exciting.

Last but not least about the great benefits of moving like an animal is that it’s very simple, just imitate as if you saw a wild animal at the zoo or on TV. Granted there are moves far beyond our limits but the ones we can use can give us strength that the average human can’t fathom. Never need to over analyze how you should move and which arm or leg goes where and if you can only move either straight or sideways, just do go with it, you’re learning to use muscles you normally don’t know that are there. Simple is better period. Give it a chance. Train with kids if you have them because whether they know it or not they crave structure and want to learn how to be better people and this can help that in ways that I can never explain. Have fun, be yourself and get your ass happy because nothing is more sacred than being happy.

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Great Workout Is like Writing A Great Song

 Some of the greatest music in history is not even written by the artists who sing them. I get that some Record labels have lyricists to help certain groups or an individual who doesn't know good song writing but come on. You’re in a band and you’re doing the best to your ability to make it big, a key factor is to do well to great songwriting. It’s the same with exercise, if you want to unlock your potential; you learn to create your own style.

 What do Black Sabbath, Lady Gaga and Metallica have in common? They write their own stuff and it’s made them legends. When you write a song that works not only does it make you feel more alive inside but to share it with the world is a phenomenal experience in itself. Sure you’ll get haters and people trying to shoot you down but in the end if you can create something that are worth it, nothing people can say that will make you feel less than larger than life.

 In the realm of fitness, people will try to sell you what’s right with certain things and what is wrong, there’s good stuff to use but if it doesn't work to you specifically than you need to change that. I've seen a lot of people come and go and how they want results but expect too much of themselves or the program that’s written for them is what they really want. It’s not wrong whatsoever to learn the principles of how an exercise is used but the order and structured way to do them should be up to you not the person training you. Being trained is one thing; training for you is a very different experience. Most of my adult training life has been on my own, looking at exercises from different courses and DVDs and mixing them together for one complete program, its never the same.

 Like writing a song, you want that perfect sound, that melody of each instrument working in harmony and raising the level of not just the lyrics but the emotional content that goes into the lyrics. The tune that just hits you and pulls you back in at the same time, it’s not just you making magic it’s building inspiration for others. It’s the same thing with an exercise or a series of exercises, you want to be able give your body that great shape, doesn't have to be perfect but you do want to build a foundation, play with the basics, progress and use your imagination. The movement is great for your structure, it’s fun, its exciting and gives you a reason to shoot for a certain goal.

 Granted in some cases in music there are terrible songs, lyrics don’t go well with the riffs or beats and sure as hell there are some bands you have no clue what the hell they’re saying. Exercise has it’s fair share of some pretty horrific ways to train, bad routines, injuries occur, too much too soon and the ultimate sin of all, using the no pain no gain bs. It’s important to challenge yourself to progress to a higher level but you don’t have to be better than everyone else, hell I can name at least 5-10 guys that are far smaller than I’am in both height and size and I have no aspirations to do the certain things they do, its out of my reach and I’m good at what I do. Learn to use your imagination, build something for yourself that no one can match no matter what size or shape, you created it and nobody can take it from you.

 Music and Exercise have many similarities, they both share creativity, they build foundations, they have harmony when everything flows and they both have a sense of magic that can’t be explained, they have their flaws sure but in that moment where everything comes together, there’s a twinkle in your eye, your body feels invincible and you know right then and there it’s just perfect. Moments like that don’t always happen, but its fun to practice finding it and building up to it isn't easy but it’s worth every single second of what you put into it.