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You Have Great Choices

Confused on what to get?
I knew a guy that hated going to Baskin Robbins for ice cream. If you're not familiar with the place the idea was they had 31 different flavors. This guy hated it because he didn't know what to choose. He'd rather go to a smaller ice cream place that only had ten flavors.
Well with these workshop videos you might be feeling the same. There is something for everyone, but there just may be too many choices.
Superhuman Workshop DVDs
To help you narrow it down this is what's most popular:
#1 The whole set (this makes it easy, no need to pick, just get it all) #2 Extreme Power with Isometrics Volume 2 #3 Myofascial Mobility #4 Advanced Bodyweight Exercises
I have to say the crowd has made some pretty good choices on this one. 
Best Choice
Ben Bergman

Get the Complete Super Human Workshop Videos

There’s about 15 hours worth of training information available here!

Go Here To Find Out Why

This includes from the massive and massively strong Dru Patrick:

8 Day a Week Program for Massive Strength and Muscle
Bench Press Secrets from the Raw World Bench Press Champion
Pulling a Monster Deadlift

For you bodyweight guys Logan Christopher taught his most complete info ever on:

Front and Back Lever Training
The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups

The amazing Bud Jeffries covered what he does best…stuff no one else is talking about

Extreme Power with Isometrics Volume 2
Myofascial Mobility: The Next Evolution of Mobility Training to Unlock Your Body
The Mind Force Training Behind Big Bending (which largely futures his son Noah Jeffries)

And then Eric Guttmann showing you how to stay young and healthy by going outside the box

Agility and Explosiveness Workout
Moving Freely for Life: Full Body Mobility

There is something for everybody and that’s the great thing.

Learn It All Here

With works…

Is this the next evolution of mobility training?

Mobility training has been popular now for many years. There are lots of teachers.

I personally like to use it for loosening up the joints and ligaments to keep my body flexible and supple.

But the truth is, besides maybe a few adaptations and maybe some new exercises, there hasn’t really been anything new in the field for years...

Until now!

I’m certainly intrigued by this idea. Go watch this video to find out all about it.

Ben Bergman

P.S. Is it a way to get better in tune with your body and better correct or prevent injuries?

You be the judge.

RARE Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight training is all the rage these days.

Some people teaching it are great. Other not so much.

Logan Christopher fits into that first category. In this new video from him you’ll get to see him do advanced back lever exercises and more.

But more importantly he teaches you have to use different variations of the lever (including one dynamic movement that can be done by people of all levels).

Plus there’s a handstand pushup variation that I’ve never seen anyone do before!

Check out this new video here.

Ben Bergman

P.S. Seriously go watch this video and then try out the moves yourself. You may be surprised at what you feel...

Ridiculous Bodyweight Training

Add 100 lbs. to your Deadlift with One “Common” Isometric

Actually that’s a lie...

Doing this one exercise Noah found his deadlift go from 350 to 550 lbs.

Badass Isometric Training

It’s covered at the end of this great video on isometric training.

And it’s just one of the several isometric training ideas you’ll find here.

There’s another great one for the deadlift, and other moves, using a burst style of isometric.

Isometrics aren’t used all that often, and when they are, unfortunately they’re not being using to the beneficial effects they can be.

Bud Jeffries has probably experimented with isometrics more than anyone and you’ll catch a glimpse of his knowledge in this brand new video.

Check It Out

Ben Bergman

P.S. This stuff works for beginners and advanced trainees so be sure to check it out.

The Strongest Man You Never Knew...Till Now

150 lb. dumbbell side raises...WOW!

25 modified handstand pushups at a bodyweight of 320...CRAZY!

5 time IPL Raw Bench Press World Champion...

Do you know who this is?

Meet Dru Patrick.

In this video you’ll find all about this man and the training cycle he created which has led to massive size and strength while easily avoiding (and sometimes even rehabbing) injuries.

No sign up required (but if you want even more you can grab more at the bottom of the page).

Ben Bergman

P.S. I don’t know about you but watching this makes me want to lift more and get ridiculously strong!

Let’s Go Clubbing

And you thought I was going to tell you to hit the bars, go dancing and have a night on the town. Wrong again. Having fun can be one thing and there’s nothing wrong with going out and having a good time but for right now, health is the focus point here and I’m going to share with you some history, training, ideas and things to try on to get you up to a higher level of strength, flexibility and super power in the joints and muscles.
            The club wasn't originally known as a group of people or a fitness place to go to or even the name of some pampas ass rich people’s venue. This club or series of clubs was the training tool for wrestlers in the middle east for their sport called Kushti, similar in style to our Greco-Roman but still can use the legs for take-downs and such. Each morning a typical coach or Guru would have his athletes get up before dawn, run a couple miles, come back and do warm up drills, wrestle, eat/drink and get back to training until the day …

Warming Up Like A Warrior

You know those miracles that happen often in this world? Some people come back after major injuries, horrific experiences and yet they still find a way to fight to keep living. One of my dear friends has done just that and beyond. In our group of friends he’s known as Duke but as of late he’s gone by another nickname that has become a hit in the undergrounds of Physical Culture known as the Garage Warrior, his name is Tyler Bramlett.
            After getting injured by getting hit by a car, Tyler wanted to find out how to get back into shape in ways he never thought of before. I've known Tyler going on for well over a decade and when he sets his mind to something he’s going to find the best strategy to make it work. He’s done the bodybuilding thing at a time, lifting weights like the great builders of yesteryear and buying the crazy supplements and doing workouts from the magazines, but something wasn't working.
            During his recovery phase being in pai…

Animalize Your Exercise

What do a tiger, a gorilla, a spider and a kangaroo all have in common? Every one of them is super S-T-R-O-N-G. Do you see a gym anywhere in the wild, no and so how do these animals stay fit and powerful? Simple answer because they have to be for survival and to take down what their food is for the next few days. They scratch, claw, climb, maneuver and have super strong tendons to boot. If there’s anything we should imitate it’s the strength of a wild animal.
 Am I saying weights aren't worth it, of course not they have their place but unless you have a truck, I highly doubt you’ll be able to travel with heavy equipment. Animal training is the type of fitness that can be done just about anywhere at any time. To get the best out your training, start where you’re at even if it’s taking little steps, you learn to progress. Once something becomes easier, challenge it at that level. People talk about doing 30 minutes of cardio and an hour of weights 3x a week and maybe throw in some …

A Great Workout Is like Writing A Great Song

Some of the greatest music in history is not even written by the artists who sing them. I get that some Record labels have lyricists to help certain groups or an individual who doesn't know good song writing but come on. You’re in a band and you’re doing the best to your ability to make it big, a key factor is to do well to great songwriting. It’s the same with exercise, if you want to unlock your potential; you learn to create your own style.
 What do Black Sabbath, Lady Gaga and Metallica have in common? They write their own stuff and it’s made them legends. When you write a song that works not only does it make you feel more alive inside but to share it with the world is a phenomenal experience in itself. Sure you’ll get haters and people trying to shoot you down but in the end if you can create something that are worth it, nothing people can say that will make you feel less than larger than life.
 In the realm of fitness, people will try to sell you what’s right with certa…