Friday, January 11, 2013

Warming Up Like A Warrior

            You know those miracles that happen often in this world? Some people come back after major injuries, horrific experiences and yet they still find a way to fight to keep living. One of my dear friends has done just that and beyond. In our group of friends he’s known as Duke but as of late he’s gone by another nickname that has become a hit in the undergrounds of Physical Culture known as the Garage Warrior, his name is Tyler Bramlett.

            After getting injured by getting hit by a car, Tyler wanted to find out how to get back into shape in ways he never thought of before. I've known Tyler going on for well over a decade and when he sets his mind to something he’s going to find the best strategy to make it work. He’s done the bodybuilding thing at a time, lifting weights like the great builders of yesteryear and buying the crazy supplements and doing workouts from the magazines, but something wasn't working.

            During his recovery phase being in pain that was excruciating at times, he tried a few different things like Kettlebells, Bodyweight, Gymnastics, Odd Object Lifting and some of the oddest training methods you can think of, believe it or not they worked. He began combining different elements of training instead of just picking random exercises, plus testing out nutrition strategies. He gained some muscle and came back stronger than ever. The lethal combinations of workouts he devised became practically fool proof strategies that transformed him into a near superhuman warrior.

            We all have the warrior spirit within us, it’s our nature but very few of us know how to unlock it from within and release it for strength, health, power and wellness. It doesn't matter if you’re a male or female the principles still apply while learning our own styles of how to bring that spirit to life. He has created one of the most unusual ways to train to help fight with that warrior spirit and no name is more perfect than the Warrior Warmup. It combines different elements of exercise that gives your muscles a run for their money whether it’s for strength, endurance, flexibility or just to get in shape either way you’re going to get them all in one complete package.

            You know they say you warm up before doing a really big workout, well it won’t be long before you start noticing a few things from the Warrior Warmup, hitting muscles you didn't know you had, progressing a little easier in some of your other workouts and your body will change for the better because you’re giving the muscles the fuel they need for the hard stuff later on. Another great thing about this is you don’t need to use it as a warmup, you can use it for a workout in and of itself. You can choose however you want to do it but with the advice and legit expertise of the Duke here, you’re in for the ride of your life and your body will love you for it. You will never look at a warmup the same way again.

            Last thing before I make this Father to be blush is that he’s not one of those guys that just takes programs and tries to rip them off as his own, he gives credit where it’s due and he’s one of the coolest dudes on the planet and I have enjoyed being friends with him. I’ve trained alongside him many times from doing hand balancing to gymnastics, from lifting heavy weight to using some gnarly ways to do Kettlebells and he’s the first guy that got me into this crazy world of physical culture. Changing my life because of him would be an understatement.

            He’s practiced a numerous amounts of things and is literally one of the strongest guys on planet earth. He embodies the warrior spirit and will do whatever he can to help others achieve a level of potential they've never seen before. If there’s one guy to that knows his stuff it’s my boy Tyler. Now that I've made him blush, have fun and let him help you, it’s what he does best.

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