Monday, January 7, 2013

A Great Workout Is like Writing A Great Song

 Some of the greatest music in history is not even written by the artists who sing them. I get that some Record labels have lyricists to help certain groups or an individual who doesn't know good song writing but come on. You’re in a band and you’re doing the best to your ability to make it big, a key factor is to do well to great songwriting. It’s the same with exercise, if you want to unlock your potential; you learn to create your own style.

 What do Black Sabbath, Lady Gaga and Metallica have in common? They write their own stuff and it’s made them legends. When you write a song that works not only does it make you feel more alive inside but to share it with the world is a phenomenal experience in itself. Sure you’ll get haters and people trying to shoot you down but in the end if you can create something that are worth it, nothing people can say that will make you feel less than larger than life.

 In the realm of fitness, people will try to sell you what’s right with certain things and what is wrong, there’s good stuff to use but if it doesn't work to you specifically than you need to change that. I've seen a lot of people come and go and how they want results but expect too much of themselves or the program that’s written for them is what they really want. It’s not wrong whatsoever to learn the principles of how an exercise is used but the order and structured way to do them should be up to you not the person training you. Being trained is one thing; training for you is a very different experience. Most of my adult training life has been on my own, looking at exercises from different courses and DVDs and mixing them together for one complete program, its never the same.

 Like writing a song, you want that perfect sound, that melody of each instrument working in harmony and raising the level of not just the lyrics but the emotional content that goes into the lyrics. The tune that just hits you and pulls you back in at the same time, it’s not just you making magic it’s building inspiration for others. It’s the same thing with an exercise or a series of exercises, you want to be able give your body that great shape, doesn't have to be perfect but you do want to build a foundation, play with the basics, progress and use your imagination. The movement is great for your structure, it’s fun, its exciting and gives you a reason to shoot for a certain goal.

 Granted in some cases in music there are terrible songs, lyrics don’t go well with the riffs or beats and sure as hell there are some bands you have no clue what the hell they’re saying. Exercise has it’s fair share of some pretty horrific ways to train, bad routines, injuries occur, too much too soon and the ultimate sin of all, using the no pain no gain bs. It’s important to challenge yourself to progress to a higher level but you don’t have to be better than everyone else, hell I can name at least 5-10 guys that are far smaller than I’am in both height and size and I have no aspirations to do the certain things they do, its out of my reach and I’m good at what I do. Learn to use your imagination, build something for yourself that no one can match no matter what size or shape, you created it and nobody can take it from you.

 Music and Exercise have many similarities, they both share creativity, they build foundations, they have harmony when everything flows and they both have a sense of magic that can’t be explained, they have their flaws sure but in that moment where everything comes together, there’s a twinkle in your eye, your body feels invincible and you know right then and there it’s just perfect. Moments like that don’t always happen, but its fun to practice finding it and building up to it isn't easy but it’s worth every single second of what you put into it. 

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