Monday, January 21, 2013

Add 100 lbs. to your Deadlift with One “Common” Isometric

Actually that’s a lie...

Doing this one exercise Noah found his deadlift go from 350 to 550 lbs.

Badass Isometric Training

It’s covered at the end of this great video on isometric training.

And it’s just one of the several isometric training ideas you’ll find here.

There’s another great one for the deadlift, and other moves, using a burst style of isometric.

Isometrics aren’t used all that often, and when they are, unfortunately they’re not being using to the beneficial effects they can be.

Bud Jeffries has probably experimented with isometrics more than anyone and you’ll catch a glimpse of his knowledge in this brand new video.

Check It Out

Ben Bergman

P.S. This stuff works for beginners and advanced trainees so be sure to check it out.

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