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Gymnastics For Super Bodyweight Power

There are athletes that are very strong at what they do. Wrestlers can take down the best of them, some basketball players are very strong down the line, football players are extremely strong when it comes to tackling and pushing past the defense in the running game, shot putters can throw with power but one breed of athlete stands out from the rest when it comes to Bodyweight. The Gymnasts. The way they move and the way they have to use their body is just incredible and its all in their own body.

Their abdominal strength is off the charts and that's because its a major factor and piece of the puzzle that not many people realize. When you have the abs of a gymnast, you are strong everywhere. Strength in the core requires focus, concentration and power.

Most acrobats are originally gymnasts and one of the requirements to be an acrobatic is to learn Hand Balancing. The reason why that is it's because Hand Balancing carries over to a lot of other gymnastic stunts. Being able t…

Can YOU Become A Real Life Avenger?

In many ways, comic books help us stretch our imaginations to places we never thought of before. Read about superheroes that have powers beyond the strongest or smartest of men and takes us on a rollercoaster ride with their travels, adventures and triumphs over those who do harm. Now in the next year of 2012 heroes from those same comics are coming back onto the big screen with The Avengers. You will see your favorites, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man & the strongest of them The Incredible Hulk on the same team. What nerd and comic book fanatic can ever ask for?

I have a personal favorite but I don't want to give it away but who's your favorite? Are you into high tech technology and use it as a weapon for goo like Tony Stark? How about being a god and having the Hammer to destroy the evil that's in your path like Thor? Why not have superhuman speed and take out Nazis with your bare hands like Captain America? Or better yet use your anger in a positive manner and brin…

Unleashing The Wild One

Every one of us has an animal spirit living within. Sometimes we don't even realize when it comes out. We all have some sort of power or desire to be the wild animal that gives us that power and strength.

No matter what someone says we all want to the person that's stronger, powerful and more agile then the next person. We have developed a sense of the beast that gives us great strength and great power and about 99% of the time we don't even know how to properly unleash it with vigor, mind power and overall physical strength. We want to move like a wild animal in the jungle and have the ability to climb like a gorilla or chase down our prey like a cheetah we all want that one way or another.

What if you had a favorite animal that you wanted to imitate and move with power and grace. When you move like a wild animal, you want to become that animal, be apart of that animal's psyche and learn its power and strength. Whether you're a bear, gorilla, tiger or whatever be…

Mastering Muscle Control At Legendary Strength

The art of muscle control has been a lost subject and its very rare seen today by top physical cultrists of the 21st century but Logan Christopher has brought back this dying art to life in a whole new realm at Legendary Strength. No matter how much you think this course won't give you strength then you haven't learned the true arts of Physical Culture.

Back in the early 20th century many of the old-time strongmen performed great feats of strength ranging from bending steel, tearing phonebooks, lifting odd objects, hand balancing and quite a few made challenges to all comers to see if they can lift they're signature lifts like the bent press, apollon's wheels, The Thomas Inch Lift and many more. All these feats were impressive but I feel nothing was more impressive then a real old school bodybuilder performing some staggering and incredible muscle control. These guys were able to move their muscles in ways that just seem impossible to the human eye and many wondered ho…

The Physical Culturists

Now back in the late 19th early 20th century, physical culturists knew the real ways to get in shape, they used deep breathing, muscle control, gymnastics and some form of weightlifting. These guys taught and trained using methods that seemed almost new to the public when they published courses and for sports. Some of the biggest names of the era were some of the most conditioned, well developed and certainly the most powerful men on the planet. Most of these men hardly used any weights to create the perfect body yet their strength was just phenomenal.

If I had to pick the best PC of the time and possibly the best at his sport is Martin "Farmer" Burns. This man was as healthy in every aspect of the word. He trained everyday in deep breathing, muscle tension, bridging, wrestling and diet. At the age of 50 he had a fight with one of the top boxers of the time and champions as well, Jim Jefferies. The fight lasted 4 seconds, the moment Jefferies shot in, the Farmer took him dow…

Why is wrestling more superior then any other sport?

That's a really good question to ask. I believe wrestling is more superior because it takes mental toughness, inner strength, serious conditioning and the biggest key in the sport, balance. In wrestling you have to move your body in every possible angle and moving around in pace where you need control, explosiveness and durability. Its very hard to make it in this sport and what you are taught first is conditioning because if you start doing the techniques first you will injure yourself and you will dead tired in less than a minute in a match plain and simple.
When you do the conditioning learn to teach your body how the animals in the wild work. Work almost like a gymnast as well because if you can move your own bodyweight like its a piece a cake you got nothing to worry about. Wrestling will test you like you never thought before. If you're in a match and you're down to the wire tied in a double overtime and starting to feel the fatigue set in, that's where real ment…

Conditioning & Its Reasons

In every sport or just training in general requires exercise for particular reasons, weight loss, and weight gain, building strength, key flexibility and most important developing endurance. There are three types of endurance: Cardiovascular, muscle and strength. All three must be used at almost all times cause you don't want to get tired easily or you won't get any work done especially in sports like wrestling, submission fighting or judo. You can have all the techniques down to a science but if you get tired in less than a minute you are dead my friend no question. This is why we need to work on conditioning. Moving your body in a variety of angles from every direction.
Best training method to use for all sports is using your own bodyweight. Whether you're 100 or 300 pounds is all you need to work the body like never before. Some weightlifting is OK if that is what works for you but mixing in bodyweight training. The three most important exercises to develop your conditio…