Monday, December 26, 2011

Gymnastics For Super Bodyweight Power

There are athletes that are very strong at what they do. Wrestlers can take down the best of them, some basketball players are very strong down the line, football players are extremely strong when it comes to tackling and pushing past the defense in the running game, shot putters can throw with power but one breed of athlete stands out from the rest when it comes to Bodyweight. The Gymnasts. The way they move and the way they have to use their body is just incredible and its all in their own body.

Their abdominal strength is off the charts and that's because its a major factor and piece of the puzzle that not many people realize. When you have the abs of a gymnast, you are strong everywhere. Strength in the core requires focus, concentration and power.

Most acrobats are originally gymnasts and one of the requirements to be an acrobatic is to learn Hand Balancing. The reason why that is it's because Hand Balancing carries over to a lot of other gymnastic stunts. Being able to stand on your hands is quite an impressive feat because you're not just using your hands but you're whole body. You're in a different state of mind and your body needs laser-like focus to even hold a handstand let alone walking or doing stunts.

Now do you need to go to a gymnastic school to get the best for your buck? Not really because certain schools charge way too much money and if you're willing to pay for it you'd be lucky to even find a good coach and teach you the progressions you need. I went to gymnastics in college and I didn't progress that much especially in hand balancing because you had a coach that had to teach more then one person and it was hard to get real one-one training. You don't need to be a gymnast to get the great benefits of this kind of training. Using basic principles and learning the secrets of the handstand is really all you need to get in great shape for whatever you want to do.

This isn't just for men but women as well. Male gymnasts are strong as hell for what they do but ounce for ounce I feel women are the stronger and faster gymnasts. Yes their feats are different but I see it more impressive a woman holding a handstand then a guy. The cost for a couple courses in Gymnastic Conditioning is far lower then a school and you can have even better progress as they take you step-by-step and give you everything either as a beginner or advanced athlete. If you're a fan of gymnastics but are below the beginning phase and need something to work with don't look no further then here at Basic Bodyweight Building Blocks.

If you're a woman and want to get that beautiful toned figure and be stronger then most guys then get your hands on this Body Sculpting Bodyweight Exercise For Women as this takes the best of basic gymnastics and other methods and can mold you into the woman that's within you and take your fitness to levels that most women envy and without the fear of bulking up because it won't let that happen.  Never get bored with your workouts and learn fun, progressive and powerful ways to become strong, athletic, powerful and flexible. 

So it doesn't take a gymnast to become strong and flexible like one. No more spending thousands of dollars on gymnastic schools. Because of this type of training, you can take it anywhere you want. You can train in a hotel room, house, cabin, at the park, your backyard just about anywhere you want and can still have the workout of your life. Start off doing only 5 minutes a day of exercise. You can squeeze in 5 minutes of your day can you? When you get up in the morning or before bed. If you have kids that are taking a nap, use that time to train. There's no excuse so make an effort and not procrastinate. Training a few minutes a day saves you 2 hours of regular training getting to the gym, changing and trying to find an empty place to lift or use the treadmill. Plus it saves you time for the things you want to do during the day. At best if you have kids, get them to work out with you as this helps build bonds and to challenge each other.

Whats also great about this kind of training is that it doesn't take much time to do and it strengthens the joints and ligaments and doesn't compress the spine like heavy weight lifting does. Learn it and go through your own pace. Give yourself time to do them right and once it gets easy, move on. Progression is key and having fun is a must. If you're not having fun then you're not doing it right. You can do all the exercises you want but if you don't smile and just go through the motions you won't see the big picture. Keep track of what you do and find what works for you best.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Can YOU Become A Real Life Avenger?

In many ways, comic books help us stretch our imaginations to places we never thought of before. Read about superheroes that have powers beyond the strongest or smartest of men and takes us on a rollercoaster ride with their travels, adventures and triumphs over those who do harm. Now in the next year of 2012 heroes from those same comics are coming back onto the big screen with The Avengers. You will see your favorites, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man & the strongest of them The Incredible Hulk on the same team. What nerd and comic book fanatic can ever ask for?

I have a personal favorite but I don't want to give it away but who's your favorite? Are you into high tech technology and use it as a weapon for goo like Tony Stark? How about being a god and having the Hammer to destroy the evil that's in your path like Thor? Why not have superhuman speed and take out Nazis with your bare hands like Captain America? Or better yet use your anger in a positive manner and bring out the ferocious monster that gives you Optimum Super Strength like The Incredible Hulk? Well, my friend you can become one of the avengers in your own unique way. Not like the comics or the movies but you do have the ability to build your mind and body in ways that separates us from the animals.

When it comes to Tony Stark, he's a charmer that researches and develops weapons. When he becomes Iron Man he turns into a superhero with a suit that makes him fly and have super strength. Now I can't help you on how to fly but I can however tell you how you can find your own research and turn yourself into a super being yourself and become far stronger then the average human.

The Incredible Hulk is big, powerful and has strength 100x higher then 10 of the strongest men on the planet and when he gets angrier he gets stronger. How can this apply to you? Well simple really, you can use odd objects like the Hulk and toss, twist, push, pull and press overhead anything you get your hands on. Does the Hulk lift weights, put up machines, no he throws tanks, parts of a building, uses light poles like a sword and just uses his supreme power and strength over anything he picks up. You can learn to do the same thing in more of a practical manner like using Stones, Barrels, Kegs, Logs and Rocks for example. In Bud Jeffries' DVD course Odd Object Lifting Series you will learn the best of lifting some of the coolest things you can find and turn yourself into a Hulk yourself.

Thor is the God of all superheroes and his best weapon is his Hammer. Now back in the Golden Age of Wrestling in India and other middle eastern countries, wrestling was the king of sports and one of their primary tools was using thick looking clubs and whats called a mace where they use a stick with a ball on top. They would use these tools to help their upper strength & flexibility. They were used for hundreds of years. These clubs can help build strength in ways that weights and bodyweight exercise doesn't hit. Now because of Ryan Pitts at he has modified the clubs and the mace and turned them into a nearly perfect version of Thor's Hammer. With this you can train like the God himself and gain strength in your shoulders, wrists, lower arms and whole lot of the upper body in general and take your conditioning to levels even Thor himself will be impressed.

Captain America out of all the superheroes shows real compassion and value's the strength he has. Some guys are very strong and never respect the strength that they have an some take advantage of that strength and use it to bully people who are weaker then they are. Not Steve Rogers though, as a weakling himself he understood the value of strength and unlike other weaklings he never once felt of backing down from a fight. Once he became Captain America he used his new found strength the way it was meant to be used. He used his speed to run down his enemies and used his upper body strength in ways that can be only experienced. You can learn this as well by doing sprints either on a track or on a hill a couple times a week or no more then 3x a week.

Running sprints can build explosive power and amp your metabolism up far greater then you can imagine. For upper body strength one of Chris Evan's exercises when he was training for Captain America was doing Handstand Push-ups. This exercise builds strength like crazy and can turn you into a pressing machine. You can learn this from either Ultimate Guide To Handstand Push-ups or from Gymnastic Handstands and learn the secrets of upper body strength.

Whether we like it or not we all strive to be the hero that saves the day, some help those in need and others want to build strength even when we're weak. I was once weak too a long time ago but I learned the values of having strength now and helping those build it themselves. Learn to be your own Avenger and put your heart and soul into your training because you'll never know when the day comes when you'll need it.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Unleashing The Wild One

Every one of us has an animal spirit living within. Sometimes we don't even realize when it comes out. We all have some sort of power or desire to be the wild animal that gives us that power and strength.

No matter what someone says we all want to the person that's stronger, powerful and more agile then the next person. We have developed a sense of the beast that gives us great strength and great power and about 99% of the time we don't even know how to properly unleash it with vigor, mind power and overall physical strength. We want to move like a wild animal in the jungle and have the ability to climb like a gorilla or chase down our prey like a cheetah we all want that one way or another.

What if you had a favorite animal that you wanted to imitate and move with power and grace. When you move like a wild animal, you want to become that animal, be apart of that animal's psyche and learn its power and strength. Whether you're a bear, gorilla, tiger or whatever be that animal and don't think of anything else. Your results will come quicker and your body will change for the better both in and out.

When you get your hands on Animal Kingdom Conditioning 1 & Animal Kingdom Conditioning 2 you will say goodbye to dull cardio and say hello to real, old fashioned natural human growth hormones. For both courses you will have a total of 40+ animals to choose from. Training this way opens your body to a whole new light as your workouts will be shorter and much more complex as each animal works multiple muscle groups and with the right speed, you will be breathing hard in no time. When you're breathing hard you're turning on the fat burning furnace and building a body that's lean, mean and animalized. With this type of training, you can grow younger and become healthier. Moving this way helps build muscle, strengthen joints, builds stronger organs and best of all, keeps you young. If anyone doesn't any one of those attributes then you shouldn't be human.

When you get your hands on these kick ass courses don't be contend with just one animal, practice them all one at a time and find to frequent in your workouts. Most people contend with just one thing and one thing only and hey its better then nothing but they're missing the big picture. One thing doesn't mean great. Its like a salad, just lettuce won't make the salad look beautiful, it needs different ingredients like tomatoes, crutons, olives, peppers and at times dressing. When you get all that together, nothing looks so pretty. Thats the beauty of animal exercises, you have a varity to choose from and when putting them together you can build a beautiful, strong, lean and muscular natural body. So you going to stick with just lettuce or you going to build the coolest, kick ass salad on the planet? Its up to you.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mastering Muscle Control At Legendary Strength

The art of muscle control has been a lost subject and its very rare seen today by top physical cultrists of the 21st century but Logan Christopher has brought back this dying art to life in a whole new realm at Legendary Strength. No matter how much you think this course won't give you strength then you haven't learned the true arts of Physical Culture.

Back in the early 20th century many of the old-time strongmen performed great feats of strength ranging from bending steel, tearing phonebooks, lifting odd objects, hand balancing and quite a few made challenges to all comers to see if they can lift they're signature lifts like the bent press, apollon's wheels, The Thomas Inch Lift and many more. All these feats were impressive but I feel nothing was more impressive then a real old school bodybuilder performing some staggering and incredible muscle control. These guys were able to move their muscles in ways that just seem impossible to the human eye and many wondered how the hell they can do that. Imagine being to relax and contract your muscles at will and and having one of the ultimate forms of the mind/muscle connection.

I have always believed the true masters of this art were of Maxick, Otto Arco, Matsyek & quite possibly the greatest bodybuilder of all-time John Grimek. These men took muscle control to levels that made them look not only superhuman but made them the very legends that they deserved to be. Just imagine what it would be like to move your stomach muscles in a variety of directions or the back muscles in ways that the average man just can't help be in awe of. The man who first coined the term Muscle Control was Alois P. Swoboda and he created one of the first mail-order courses on the subject before 1910 when Maxick brought out his version of the art. Although Swoboda was the first of his kind his popularity was overshadowed by guys like Maxick & Arco.

Muscle control can be used in a varity of ways but believe it or not it can generate some brutal strength that you never thought you can have. From learning this Maxick & Arco became the first athletes on record to lift double bodyweight in the overhead press in their respected weight classes of 150 pounds or lighter. So don't think for a second this won't help your lifts.

It wouldn't be possible to do muscle control if you don't use your mind. In order to generate individual contraction and relaxation you need to think into the muscles you're using. Without this you won't achieve high level muscle control. This is critical if you're a weightlifter or hand balancer or like Maxick & Arco bodybuilders. You have to think into the muscles you want to contract and relax otherwise you'll just be moving more then one muscle.

Now with all the ways to create strength and have the body of a greek god you can actually build your health through muscle control as well. Because of the contraction and relaxation of the muscles used it helps create blow flow to the organs of the body and helps create nerve impulses that keeps the functioning of the body strong and healthy from the inside out. Not only does your body work like a unit but your organs get stronger too, the stronger they are the stronger your body is overall. Using deep breathing and moving individual muscles you can even make a workout that is not only meditative but also controlling your awareness of the surrounding muscle groups.  This can help with your Yoga training or just old fashioned bodyweight exercise.

With great muscle control and with enough practice you can build a great body. Whether you focus on this exclusively or using other methods, your body will begin to take shape and you will have lithe, good hardened muscle and you can do this all without equipment if you choose to do so. Also I may add doing this form of training is fun to do. As you progress you will find ways to move your muscles that would impress your friends and family. Now this doesn't mean showing off and making yourself look like an ass but if you learned it well enough it can even help you generate momentum and possibly win bodybuilding competitions if you're into that kind of thing where muscle control is critical.

So whether you're into bodybuilding, gymnastics, wrestling, weightlifing, MMA or just want to be healthy and strong Muscle Control will help you get to where you want to go and beyond. If you go to Legendary Strength and go to the products page you will find a picture of Otto Arco in one of his most famous poses in physical culture. Click on the link and this will be your first step to finding a new way to build strength, health and build a newfound love for Physical Culture. Muscle Control has never been done in this type of fashion before and Logan Christopher is the one guy that can bring that rarity to life.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Physical Culturists

Now back in the late 19th early 20th century, physical culturists knew the real ways to get in shape, they used deep breathing, muscle control, gymnastics and some form of weightlifting. These guys taught and trained using methods that seemed almost new to the public when they published courses and for sports. Some of the biggest names of the era were some of the most conditioned, well developed and certainly the most powerful men on the planet. Most of these men hardly used any weights to create the perfect body yet their strength was just phenomenal.

If I had to pick the best PC of the time and possibly the best at his sport is Martin "Farmer" Burns. This man was as healthy in every aspect of the word. He trained everyday in deep breathing, muscle tension, bridging, wrestling and diet. At the age of 50 he had a fight with one of the top boxers of the time and champions as well, Jim Jefferies. The fight lasted 4 seconds, the moment Jefferies shot in, the Farmer took him down and put him in a step-over toe hold and this champion of the boxing world was in his early thirties and was in awesome shape yet an old man beat him to the punch.

The Physical Culturist's of today are no where near superior as the men of yesteryear, these men trained their bodies as a whole not like bits and pieces of different muscle groups. They never isolated their muscles like the guys that do today. They took basic principles and made them the gold standard for pure unadulterated strength, conditioning and endurance. If you don't believe me look them up.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Why is wrestling more superior then any other sport?

That's a really good question to ask. I believe wrestling is more superior because it takes mental toughness, inner strength, serious conditioning and the biggest key in the sport, balance. In wrestling you have to move your body in every possible angle and moving around in pace where you need control, explosiveness and durability. Its very hard to make it in this sport and what you are taught first is conditioning because if you start doing the techniques first you will injure yourself and you will dead tired in less than a minute in a match plain and simple.

When you do the conditioning learn to teach your body how the animals in the wild work. Work almost like a gymnast as well because if you can move your own bodyweight like its a piece a cake you got nothing to worry about. Wrestling will test you like you never thought before. If you're in a match and you're down to the wire tied in a double overtime and starting to feel the fatigue set in, that's where real mental strength comes into play (conditioning as well) and it only takes a second to realize if you've won or lost. Its not just a sport, its part of daily life.

Its the oldest sport known to man and always will be. Some people win some people lose and no matter what happens either way you learn to look at it from a different prospective, there's always mistakes and we learn to correct them and take charge of what lies ahead, that's how we grow and that's how we make minds stronger than before by creating more techniques and developing better strengths. There's an old saying and read carefully as you read this to understand my point here: "Life is more like wrestling than dancing." Put that in your head and tell me its not superior.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Conditioning & Its Reasons

In every sport or just training in general requires exercise for particular reasons, weight loss, and weight gain, building strength, key flexibility and most important developing endurance. There are three types of endurance: Cardiovascular, muscle and strength. All three must be used at almost all times cause you don't want to get tired easily or you won't get any work done especially in sports like wrestling, submission fighting or judo. You can have all the techniques down to a science but if you get tired in less than a minute you are dead my friend no question. This is why we need to work on conditioning. Moving your body in a variety of angles from every direction.

Best training method to use for all sports is using your own bodyweight. Whether you're 100 or 300 pounds is all you need to work the body like never before. Some weightlifting is OK if that is what works for you but mixing in bodyweight training. The three most important exercises to develop your conditioning is squats, push-ups and bridging. Now any of one of these can whip you into shape fast I know that for a fact cause I have gained a lot from them. Gymnasts are pretty much the only athletes that lift their own bodyweight like it was light; it’s scary when you realize what these kids can do. I work on my conditioning every day and it’s keeping me healthier and stronger all the time.

I may go overboard at times but it pays off in the end but like in all kinds of training you suffer consequences with over training, getting injured or not doing enough. This is why you need to train smart and use your brain. Adapt and improvise, teach yourself to make your training more fun and enjoyable but by also keeping your focus on the stake at hand and what you want your body to do.